*Teamwork Makes The Dream Work*

Monday, April 18, 2011


Adventures in torresland said...

Love reading this blog! I am a huge fan of you...love this collaboration you did with Lykke Li so much I made a fan piece for it...

Hope you enjoy


your friendly neighborhood ronnie boy
ron M torres

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hope to See drake in LA on Friday
Weezy goin to KILL IT

jersey boys tickets said...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Passover Drizzy!!

Ashley Victoria said...

I love everything about Drakes music, when I go through hard times and when things just arent going right, or Im tryna get hype Drakes music, back from the first mixtapes, I love it...and when he has vocals going on as well brings the mix up a bit! I love it! I sing soul type music and I know yall are busy but please take just 2 minutes thats all i ask to look at a cover song i have on youtube. I guarantee you 150% you will NOT be disappointed, because I know I have what it takes, I can feel that big things will happen! so just two minutes is all i ask! its acapella as well

thank you regards
Ashley Olivarez

Anonymous said...

Getting that admiration from Lil Weezy...could of sworn he said he never heard your album like 2 weeks ago.

Dude, your music is sick still bumpin all the old hits. Cannonball, take you down, little bit, brand new, etc.

Your my favorite artist man just hope you can always deliver, theres a lot of buzz on youtube about "the old drake" but I'm really looking forward to the new album..I just wish more people in the mainstream understood and knew you for your old stuff so they could appreciate the multifaceted artist that you are.


Kit Kat said...

your tit tots works for everything people should see. Team is a thing everyone strives for, but most can't let go of ones self to complete. Like I always say we all set boundries around us, just to see how far we can make others go to cross them. Instead we should set sights on how to help others achieve what they can't alone. Nice to see titles that could help others see something they didn't before!

Anonymous said...

Paris morton remix_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-h1wV8vKnF4

Anonymous said...

blessing 2 see 2 of my favs on stage 2gether. (singin) YOUNG MULA, BABY!

Anonymous said...

suspended animation says 1000 words... The DARK must come to the LIGHT to be Successful

Jessica V said...

I love Drake's new look. Keep that beard.

I wonder if any of them even look at the comments lol.

Unknown said...

wish this was buffalo!!!

Anonymous said...

convince me to go to treatment :( I'm scared but need it

Anonymous said...

Lil Wayne is very proud of Drake! Your fans are proud of you too!Keep up the good work!

IlysfmDrizzy said...

Drake!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This 4 you!!!!!! You will always be my boy, and your rap goes HARD!!!!!!!11

A Princess said...

You guys are so talented, much love!

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Yes, I believe with you 'Teamwork Makes The Dream Work'. I enjoyed visiting your articles, thanks for sharing with us.

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