Smooky with another classic. SOUJER.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Zan With That Lean Part 2


hustleGRL said...

no no no.

Nisha said...

lmfffaooo yes Karla please let him know 0_____o

MegYuup said...

LMAOOOO yes karla please let him know! haha *flatlines and nisha what you on here commenting for o_0

Nisha said...

lmfaooo excuse me cyattie I'm allowed to comment when I want. Relax yourself ma'am. >:D
and go that way talking about you gon put me on blast lmao Aubrey you see this girl's rudeness? hmp

MegYuup said...

Was that directed moi? CANT BE they must be talking to themselves Drake...hands free! lol lol

Gina said...

ohhh Drake & Soulja boy collab ? i guess lmfao

Nisha said...

No it was directed at you heaux. I WILL roundhouse kick you.
Aubrey watch out for this heaux she tryna keep it in the family if you know what i mean.

AyeeChalice said...

Whaaaattt?? #Random420Video

Ashley said...

oh boy.... what was that?

Nino said...

This shit is horrible...Drizzy Idk what you was listening to or if your just supporting Soulja boy as your peoples but Idk even understand what son is saying. I give every artist a chance and I know that soulja boy is creative as far as writing songs for other artist. But soulja boy is using throw back images and imitations of artist and thinks he's going to get respect and that's not the case. This shit needs to remain in whoevers ipod that thinks this shit is ill. word up

NB said...

I'm with NINO.

This is really brutal.

Use your platform for good not evil.

This song may have just given me pink eye.

Anonymous said...

Oh hell no.

This is terrible. Drake if you want to have a long, legendary career, then you better stay the fuck away from Soulja Boy. When I saw the photo for this video, I thought Drake was collaborating with Soulja Boy. I'm so thankful that he's not.

Unknown said...

wow drizzy iv bin looking 4 this blogspot so long . . .crazy bwt ur music nigga. . .gugs 4rm south africa , cape town

Anonymous said...

I used to be one of those people that would hear the name "Soulja Boy" and bust out laughing. Then I became increasingly aware of the fact that anytime one of his songs came on the radio I'd be rapping every word, searching for it on the internet. (Don't judge me.) Everyone knows that he's not a lyrical genius. But he is good at what he does. He can make a catchy song. Songs that don't get old even after you've heard them every other minute on the radio. (Dallas radio stations at least. I don't know if the same is true for you or not.) But in that way, even if not speaking traditionally, Soulja Boy does make classic record after classic record. And even if you don't particularly care for it, the ear for music with that power and versatility is something to be respected. At least in my eyes.
-Stacey Laine

Steven S said...

Its garbage like this that corrupts the young minds of americans! What is this bullshit! No wonder the US is going down the crapper.

Sean Yates said...



Anonymous said...

Let him know Karla. lol

Anonymous said...

Y'all obviously don't get it...It's all about the vibe. Soulja's there and it seems as though Drizzy's putting his unlimited supply of Sprite to good use as well, there's nothing wrong with that

Racks on Racks said...

#SWAG..Nino you sleep how you cant understand what he saying.. you aint real than

Anonymous said...

Can't lie did not appreciate at first, but this is def something to have a drink to and get "Zan with that Lean"

ArielTheBarbie said...

Drake i love you more than anything && watever music u like i'll try to like it LMAO......i still want my boobs signed by you, && to marry u wen im 18.&& sorry but i like ALL your friends (not like that) except karla.shes envious *Kanye shruG* idk but #AnyWayDoe.......ijust wanna show YOU love bc i know where gonna b together 1 day since i have wat ur looking for ;)

Flippa said...


~Arlene~ said...

Hoe's goin crazy when i'm on da scene.... haha!! looove it!! REPLAY ALL DAY.

Anonymous said...

sojaboy is a joke, dont do a collab wit him

jennifer said...

Drake if u ever in buffalo,ny hit me up and i promise ima show u a good time!!!!!

Behnjamin said...


Anonymous said...

For all you lame to the game a** ppl out there, dude is sayin mix zan with that lean. Xanax with lean (codiene and promethazine). It's a drank song, like a smoke song but a drank song. It ain't supposed to be hard and gutta. Anyway, can't explain nothin to you youngster.

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