Sunday, April 17, 2011


Stacey (@virgosister) said...

I get excited when you have the Blackberry pics. The guy's hand, ouch! The OVO Clique, all of you FINE as hell. THE TEASER of TAKE CARE, YES - Can't wait!!! All the pics are amazing, really tells the story of the journey. Between these and the tweets, thank you <3 <3 <3 9/13/11!!!

Anonymous said...

can't wait for this a collab. with The Weeknd or something?
bring on Seeeeeeeeptemberrrrrrrrrrrr :DDD

beyleriang said...

I'm so pumped for your new album. The Weeknd are amazing, I'm always excited when I get to hear or see any new music. Thanks man, you've helped me out with your music when I am down and out. You really do inspire people, keep doing your thing.

charliepoll said...

Teasing us with those Take Care pictures..nice of you

LGW said...

Wow, that hand looks like a bad spider bite. That's FU! I admire your work, gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

I adore this. That is all. :)

Touche' said...

Holy smokes & gee whiz *Rick James voice* These cryptic posts get me hype! Lovers of mystery unite!

TakeCare: I want fresh, color, boldness, creativity, sexy...I truly dug that "Made Men" swag so gimme some of that too, please! If you can't deliver all that & the universe, just gimme some, introspection & rawness...roll in that deep, Drizzy, and I swear I'll roll right w/you till the end.

Anonymous said...

Owww September!!!!!

Nice pics. good to see yall do wat it do. My niggaz came a long way, in a short time. ha!

Drizz drop that line on a song for me lol.

Mad love for yall. TAKE CARE

Bombchell said...

Blackberry really needs to step their camera game up. I hate my bb pics.

Love the pic of everyone in black.

*_* at the paper, with the stuff on it. whats's that stuff.

Nice post!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly i wish u guys came out with a reality show not a corny scripted one. A real day in a life of the ovo crew.The Ups and Downs..the traveling, the concerts,the comradery of u guys..honestly from the outside looking in u guys seem like the best of friends.and coming from a person that had some fucked up friends. its good to see a tight click like urs..i have a idea would it be a problem for 40 to post some of those homevideos he has from his camera...i would love to see u guys just be you..ur friend!/ would mean the world to me if anyone from the ovo crew would gave me a shout out on twitter ....thanks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

drake appears to be a fine gentleman. maybe one day when he is mature enough to move on from past pain, he can find a woman of standards like his mother...less like the injected, weaved out sluts we tend to catch him with.

Anonymous said...

Hey can someone tell me what is that medicine bottle in the picture?

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the gentalmen ^^^
you obviously don't see that it's your energies he's sucking on. Riding on your thoughts, and photobucket pics and quotes.
Not to mention he had to give weezy a blow job just to get in young money officially.
His career is falling slowly but surely. Karmas a bitch huh Aubrey? I told you, this was gonna happen, I know you know the secret.See You Soon.
And to answer the guy ^^. The only reason they dont have a realty show that is un-scripted. Is because not everything they do is meant for the eyes of the public. Like how Aubrey fronts like he gets mad women on camra and then sends naked photos and meets up with a couple of guys. Yeah you get the picture.
He's in a syndicate but you dont steal others dreams and expect that the originator wont shut you down.
Aubrey look up split souls then you'll understand, or maybe you already do.

Anonymous said...

Someone please tell me what that bottle is!

bLaq said...

my man drizzy always got me looking forward to the future

Anonymous said...

Haha...somebody's pressed, huh? Loves it.

I see it for Drake. People keep running their mouths about YM but he just killed as host of Junos, did a fundraiser for Pres Bill Clinton, did a spot to stop sex trafficing etc. Hell, before he dropped out to work on Take Care, Drake woulda been in a movie with Al Pacio. So clearly YM's "thugged out" image isn't holding him back. He's still that versatile artist we know him to be.

Looks like some are pressed & scurred he's putting that laser focus on his new jawn. Well, stay pressed.

Anonymous said...

Is that last pic supposed to basically say "stadium status"??

Can't wait for "Take Care". I'm hyped knowing that this CD won't be rushed.

Anonymous said...

so drake is dropping a new song on Thursday? and tell him to get more active n twitter he never takes time to talk to his fans. does he even care about us? when was the last time he even did a ustream?

Anonymous said...

You guys need to inform the readers on what's happening more frequently. Because it seems like you guys live a very interesting life. 'The real life entourage' I remember drake referring to you guys as. Would be cool to "get to know" the other members of OVO. when time permits ay?

Ashley Victoria said...

These pictures are AMAZING! I am a huge fan of you guys! The Weeknd is by far going to be one of my favorite artists!! Cant wait to hear more music, in the mean time I know yall are extremely busy but I guarantee if you hear my voice you will NOT be disappointed, its a soul version of one of katy perrys song acapella! @KiddKraddick please check out me singing one of katy perrys songs!! i GUARANTEE you will NOT be disappointed!!!

Anonymous said...

The secret? Split souls? Stealing dreams?! WTF ???

Anonymous said...

the guy with the bloated hand looks like he has a case of spondlyoarthritis

Anonymous said...

whats rape scare 9/13/11

Anonymous said...

guys hand looks like he hit someone with brass knucks on.. classic. then went back to the lab on his emachines to work on take care, caught a bb pic. rape scare/take care? dont know what that about, n dont care. the pad with mixes, verses, hooks, etc is an interesting look tho.. only cause on the left side, under the dry leaves is "shook ones"? if this is a layout for ur samples, then thats HUGE.

spurs on the west.
celtics in the east.
playoffs where they both meet.

Anonymous said...

What's under the dry leaves, wait a second,is that the Take Care tracklist? Or maybe the lyrics to the 1st single? Please Drake, stop teasin us, and give us a song or sumthin,anything!!!!

Also, what's with the cat and the basket that says "It's Thursday", does a song drop on Thursday???

Anonymous said...

I like cat pic

Erin said...

Not sure about the "Rape Scare" pic.....

But, just when I feel like Drizzy and I are drifting apart. OVO finds a way of reminding me why we came together.


OVOXO....take care :o)


ursula said...

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck are you so classy? Jesus. Drake, you are not like anyone in the music business. That's why I love you. You're so genius that it blows my mind. I mean even this blog. Do you think TI would have a artsy-ass page like this? Fuck no. God, you're amazing.

Tara said...

4 anonymous ( who wuz 2 much of a punk 2 say hiz name )
No matter what these hataz say...Drizzy, u da baddest and u here 2 stay. Niggas jealous cuz u speak the truth and don't front like u perfect. We don't need to know the secret cuz the truth is already out...speaking loud and clearly. The only energy u riding on is the one deep in your soul. Your true fans will always understand that even when u lying flat on ya back, u still sittin higher then these faggot azz maggots. P.s. Drizzy suckin on weezy? Punk that iz your gay azz imagination and for 2 mill plus perks, yo azz would bend ova.

Unknown said...


Jbgfdxcvbgfdsdfghjk? said...

u niggaz is stupid that "stuff" is weed u dumb hoe and that medicine is the all mighty SYRUP.

Anonymous said...

damn hit me up in the bay area next time you need to pick up. i'd even ship it to ya so you didn't have to smoke ugly looking shit like that. nice shit though. keep up the good work pimps

Anonymous said...

Oo I love the pictures :) Wearin my drake shirt today you wont catch me without this shirt my "Do Right and Kill Everything" Shirt. Yuppp Dedicated Fan <3 Much Love

Anonymous said...

TC better have cole in it
Drake and j cole = magic
they sound make a album after TC

Vino said...

That's a tracklist for take care under the sticky of the ickiest...guaranteed. the ride is track number four on that paper and he just tweeted about that. Also, it only makes since to why they made the list like that, with a title on left and what's left to be done with the track on the right side of the list. Just a inference or educated guess

Anonymous said...

[D] [R] [E] [A] [M] [S]

[M] [O] [N] [E] [Y]

[C] [A] [N]

[B] [U] [Y]

dont fuck wit me,
dont fuck wit me..

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