Drake & The Weeknd ~ Trust Issues (Gizzle Mash Up) by octobersveryown


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Drake & The Weeknd ~ Trust Issues (Gizzle Mash Up)


Anonymous said...

Good stuff!

Skyhigh Eagles Ltd said...

Youtube Search

Vico - I'm on one (freestyle)

He killed it and hes from toronto
Com'on son we got this tdott

A Princess said...

All I care about is money and the ppl that I love. Imma sip it till I feel it, Imma pop one & I'm gone..I don't really give a fuck & my excuse is that I'm drunkk & I'm only gettin colderrr so somebody shoulda told ya I'm on one..Fuck it, I'm on one, Yeah, I said I'm on one..fuck it, I'm on one, a strong one..Got my water, got my drink, it could be clear, it could be pink..depending on how you sip that shit, yea you get fucked up off that shit..cuz im on one..fuck it im one..oh yea, oh yea..
You know what I like..oh yes, oh yea, oh yes, oh yea, oh yes, oh yea..You know what I'm sippin..& no I don't be trickin..and your the only one, cuz I don't trust these niggas. I don't, I don't trust these niggas. They might catch me slippin..so your the only one, cuz I don't trust these niggas. I don't, I don't trust these niggas...They might, they might catch me slippin & put in somethin different..so your the only one...Cuz I don't trust these niggas I don't, I don't trust these niggas. They might catch me slippin so your the only one..oh oooh trust issues..ooh ohh ooh trust issues..

A Princess said...

Trust issues..i go em badd, cuz im a female..a nigga would fuck me over b4 a girl would..unless you callin the niggas a bitch lol..yea u should only trust sum ppl 2 watch ur back when ur fucked up..i feel you

A Princess said...

One of ur friends stole my phone @ kod..if i didnt notice, i wonder if he would have gave it back..you would be the only one I would trust Drake if we had hung out...

Diz said...

yo this mash up is tha truth!

TAKE.CARE.~[OVOXO]~ ta tha Death of me

Shona said...

Love this. Kind of feel like Trey Songz should be in it lol just by the tone! but I do like this.

Adam Bookie said...

Hey I am not anything big yet.. but my name is Adam Turrell Tabler people call me bookie.I am from and live in Akron and if this message could really get to Drake then I just wanna tell you that keep doing what you doin.. I know how it feels to be at a point in your life where you just wanna sing and you just wanna say real things. Some people dont understand but when you stay true to you regardless of any other opinions then you are not betraying yourself you feel me. I have grown up without a dad and things in my life is meant to be sung and heard and it is hard getting breaks and stuff when people are just gonna look at you as another black kid talkin about bull or trying to make it. You made it soo stay up and encouraged, because people are misunderstanding you. You are the truth Drake and remember that you are putting music out for yourself so others can be blessed off you, you are not only putting music out for others because people change. Do what is in your heart and people misunderstood or not will feel you bro. Me and my poetry is my outlet to touch and bless other people. I may be 18 but I see your vision man. I'll see you on the other side.

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Drake your always at K.O.D. Lol ima be a dancer there when im 19<3 && btw this music is AMAZING, everything yhu make, i likeeeee. i cant WAIT to meet yhu so we can REALLY get to know each other. I Love yhu Aubrey :)

AmyLovesTune said...

^^ I sent them an email pretending to be www.twitter.com/jbarbie20 & they NEVER responded.im about to harass them from that gmail and make her look BAD lol.

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

i ddnt expect them 2 reply 2 me bc i was so young buht they told me 2 inquire when im 19.! Lol && what did u say to them.? omg yhur gonna make them roast her ass.!

AmyLovesTune said...

i wana strip im a sexxy bitch on deeeeeck!

my beautii and my booty aww lawwwwwwwd owwwww! im a be the sexxyestbeeeetch at the club i wana wuuuuuk dere so i can throw my pussayyyyat the menz and suk ya dik if ya let me hve ah jawb dere...

&& sent them 11 pics of her

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

^^^^^ Wtf yo.!!!!!!!! Lol #YourWrongForDat .......smh. && of course dere not gonna reply 2 her, noone wants 2 see her dance O_o anyways text me....

courtney miller said...

hey inspiration: wondering where you will be for the 4th of july? hopefully i will finally be in nyc....and also i know its a long longshot,,,but ima try to go to richmond afgain tonight and see my brother play baseball....i dont want to go solo...every1 looks at the ground or is fake...u know im real....help?? ok and can u email me-(still jealous of the justin B-angels video ..you sang to him)-courtney miller(girl on ground-watching planes)-millerc1981@yahoo.com or call me please...757 567 5390...............oh and in august when my apt. lease ius up-can i rent like 2 rooms from your miami house-u know i can cover it...please-i love all your windows...dont laugh at m y honesty man,.oh and tell weezy that i appreciated his new song-how to love-shows a softer side of him n its "sweet"-glad to hear he can be like you...lol...-XOXO- oh and everyday people in my hometown mention you. oh and did u know in court my dad mentioned that i went to phille-used it against me-and im sorry i havent driven there yet-i never know if you'll be there-but i could stop there on the way to nyc-...let me know-u know i say this stuff out loud---

D said...


Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Drake, i love yhu babii, OVOXO ME AT YHUR NEXT SHOW.! Yhu looked so cute when yhu said iht.buht i g2g get dressed bc im going shopping for new clothes 4 the 4th of JULY. yhu can see it in my eyes-----FIREWORKS.!!

Chris said...

Where can I preorder Take Care?

Aubrey's rose said...






Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Drake yhur the effin best :) Oh && ive been googling about stripping && i have a good idea how 2 be one---my MOM wont let me wear stilettos && im almost 17.!!! #ThatsNotRight :( anyways can wait 2 dance 4 yhu at K.O.D.!!! This Pussy is yours<3

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

i <3 yhu Drake

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

She mad bc i look 5568633588973112+ times better than her. everyones ALWAYS jealous of the pretty brown skinned gurl with big ass & titz. stop HATING on MEEE im 16 ur 48-_- #BitchBye

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Dat bitches head is slow.......

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

How yhu gna be jealous of ur sixteen year old just bc shes pretty && yhu aint.? #ThatsNotWinning -_-

Anyways Aubrey, love yhu big daddy wit ya sexci ass ;) ttyl Drake

K.P. said...

This version isn't as slow as the other one, but its still good. I like it : )

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Ok Drake, im deleting those posts cause they werent nice.
i Hate my father so YOURE my daddy now. :)
&& i love yhu....when u call me babii lil babii i call yhu papi.!!

Devyone C said...

This blog was left up on my laptop by a friend... so far I can dig it,.. guess Ima fan now.. lol.. offically:) Anyway take care and.. IF you really read the comments on this blog follow me on twitter handsome.. @ThatATLChick..xoxo

Burnzy said...

Amazing music. I strongly believe that Drake and The Weekend have the perfect elements of music: realism, creativity and emotions spiced with the needed mixture of authenticity that is difficult to find in many artists.

I've always admired Drakes work and see him as the ideal artist. I am learning more and more about the mysterious artist The Weekend and love House of Balloons. He has such a different take on his music that hypnotizes me into listening to his material all day.

Thank you to the both of you if you are reading this on the amazing music you both created!

K.P. said...

@Burnzy well said I concur : )

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Erotc Tale Time :) Ps:if ANYONE that isnt drake RESPONDS 2 this post negatively u must be fat, ugly, && lifeless.

bc iht has NOTHING 2 do with yhu :)
Pretty gurls NEVER hate even ihf there lifeless
Erotc Tale Time after i workout!! Thys time itz gonna be about me at a show with my boyfriend...ovoXO<3

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

@KP get ur uhgly azz off thys blog yhu obese BITCH -_- i told yhu NOT 2 come on here u BUMMM

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...


Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Im listening 2 Houstatlantavegas :) throw yhur ones up in the air

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

i <3 Aubrey Drake Graham.

Anonymous said...

"Some Dude's Room" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrWsQTyUTKc

Marvin's Room remix

SPdaFuture said...

Best Version so far, it blends perfectly, The Weekend's Verse after Drake's second verse thru me off for a second when they switched up the beat, but it came together well.
Dope as always!!


Dj Ray G said...


Anonymous said...


RealFan said...

Why are most the comments not talking about the song...I think its crazy and I don't even see the point of listening to the original or the Weeknd's remix cuz this feels complete. Like this was supposed to be the song in the first place. When I first heard the original I was like the first verse sounds a lil bit like the weeknd so when I heard there was a remix with weekend on it I was happy as fuqq. But now this, this mash up feels like its it. Like the complete package. Whoever still listening to the original is crazy. This is it. Shout outs to Gizzle...Ovoxo

EdSayHa said...

Drake Ft. The Weeknd- Trust Issues (Remix)(Not Mass Up) http://get.hulkshare.com/g393zm5bhnu5

Munite said...

Love this song! Host your remixes for free at www.munite.net!
Gain Exposure!

Tyler Wade said...

Drake youre really making some great music lately.. Truly inspiring for young artists and everyone who has followed you. Keep it up bro. I can see why you stand behind The Weeknd. He is a hell of an artist and really hope I can hear some collabs from you two in the near future. OVOXO the rest is for the birds

DJSkizNaz said...


smoother than any remix or mash up that i've heard to date. and downloadable.

Anonymous said...

u guys neeeeeed to make a song together this is amazing, your voices compliment each other so well! drake + the weeknd=saving music!

Dj BLAK said...

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Dj BLAK said...

This is DJ BLAK of DJ BLAK RECORDS,Drake song is crazy hot!! it will make it on radio play.I give it a 10.www.myspace.com/djblak2

dreia527@gmail said...

All I care abt is u and its unconditional/My mind tells me Im a fool/No chance for a reciprocal /so I turn ur music up lift my skirt and begin to touch /with my.fingers getting bolder/fantasizing that. I'm holding you /I want some /baby I want some/2 smooth hands rubbing down my love/so hot 4u cant get enuf /thinking of u gets me so wet /how much slicker can it get,,,sung dis 2 my man and he dumped his mistress.lol

Erin said...

Love it! Such a great tease for the Fall. I knew there was a reason that Fall is my favorite season. :) OVOXO "Your girl at my next show. Ayeeee!" lol

I love Drizzy.


Zach said...

sounds good Drizzy!

Zach said...

Sounds good Drizzy.

Edgar said...

Listen to my remix of Trust Issues.

Chris Uhl said...

Trust Issues (Dubstep) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21fD60h_1IY

Wicked Games (Skrillex Mashup)

Edgar Limaa said...


Trust Issues Remix- Drake Ft The Weeknd

Mark Mars said...

who makes beats?

Anonymous said...

drake will NEVER dump his mistress for you.....he loves how freaky she is and theyve already fucked

Drake T Shirts said...

Nice mash up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Sony Laptop Batteries said...

I like the weekend,too.

D said...

Trey Songs wright LOL The tone but nothing else Love it

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