Thursday, May 26, 2011


charliepoll said...

Too sick- can't wait for Thursday <3 XO

C***** said...

your girlfriend at my nexttt show, #ovoxo, thursday is gonna be crazy, dope oliver

HeatAllTHEWAY said...

this is dope as hell Oliver. The Weekend got next. I just came across these cats that are pretty sick too they don't sound like anyboy out right now.

Zachary Moller said...

Smooth as you like! keep this shit coming

Anonymous said...

Every note that escapes him is such an honest, powerful emmision. It almost sounds like it's not deliberate and that it's just something he simply can't bare to hold in anymore once he begins recording. And his lyrics, so creative but they have such a truth about them that causes them to cut deep inside of you and penetrate your soul. The production alone tells such a vivid story in itself. The story of every song I've heard from him to date. It's incredible. (Excuse the elaborate out-pour; I'm in the moment.)

Anonymous said...

...the same applies to my spelling.

vigoronline said...

this song is sick. Replete w/ emotion.

@stankyfinger said...

@oliver - pussy ass bitches :) hahaha ; **jewish pussy ass bitches**

@drake ... jewish LOL

Ravi S said...

XO till we overdose... Amazing shit

All that needs to be said is...Thursday. Take Care.

Josh said...

dope..the weeknd is on another level...OVOXO

Tara said...

Reminiscent of the vibe that Maxwell brought in the 1990's. Something different you can relax and mellow out to. Can't wait for the other two mixes to drop.

MaNnIeFrEsH said...

GREAT Song. Cant Wait To Hear More From The Weeknd...... OVOXO!

Sami said...

Yeah this shit is dope and as HeatALLTHEWAY mentioned, i been listening to fortunate ones for some time now, they play em out here in Jersey on college radio. The new shit album they put out is pretty fucking awesome, check it out Oliver.

Anonymous said...

I like....who is this guy?

AngelaB. said...

sick. glad i stumbled across this, you can just let the whole mixtape ride #noSkips

Anonymous said...

I want to sleep with this dude and make him sing like that to meeeee : )

RENERZ said...

I liked this track- really simple,mellow but still captivating. nice

Nayo0o said...

Forget the next best thing, TheWeeknd is here and he's here to stay #OvoXo we support you!

Chantii said...

I love this song so much. The Weeknd is so talented and I can't wait for this next mixtape from him! :D

Anonymous said...

xo. stylus would agree.

Anonymous said...


theres a guy behind u,
and hes got a camera!

Anonymous said...

so apparently..

back in 2007/08 before he was known as "The Weeknd" (and releasing a trilogy of r&b mixtapes), this guy abel tesfaye used to work in part with a songwriting/production team going by the name "The Noise"? and they went on to release a 6-track ep called "The Noise" a few years back(which is now floating around on the internet)

..explaining where drake got all his catchy hooks/ballads from

Anonymous said...

loved the song

bobby james said...

Rolling Stone Instrumental Beat:

Kara said...

What a beautiful song!

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What a stunning video! it leaves me almost breathless!

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Love alwayz

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