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Monday, March 14, 2011

Nepenthes Japan Relief


Anonymous said...

yo wat the FUCK is dis shit

where drizzy

Anonymous said...

"dis shit" is to help all the people who got there family and homes fucking wrecked by the tsunami and earthquakes.

Anonymous said...

I know there are more immediate efforts for food and shelter. One of the reporters over there had one meal in 36 hours.

Anonymous said...

lol that nigga who put the first comment probably dont even know what happened...smh

Anonymous said...

Definitely support this, it's important to help Japan.

Anonymous said...

I Hate this shit.. Like, look, check it. They say japan is used to earthquakes, and tsunamis so why is everyone sooo sorry for them, when they grew up around a place like that, and still choose to inhabit it. MOVE. Human beings tend to in habit areas with a history for natural disaster, why do they choose to do it anyway?

Anonymous said...

Wow really you dumbfck who said why are we so sorry for them? You must be black huh? No offense to others, this is only directed to the person who posted the anonymous post. I bet when haiti hit you were in full support of them but when a person of different color gets hit with a disaste, you are no where to be seen. You even have the audacity to say why we feeling sorry for them.. wow. It shows that the only reason you were in support of haiti was because of race. You dont care about people in general. You mind as well call yourself a racist.

Anonymous said...

i could give two shits what happens to dumbfuck ppl like them tell bill gates to put half his fucking furtune in or fcking apple to give money why the fuck to they ask america the state filled to the rim with debt!?..fucking idiots i would never support such a cuase they asking the wrong ppl

Anonymous said...

you ignorant piece of shit, i wanna see ur pussy ass in a situation like that. they are used to it??? are u fucking kidding me??? they dont have earthquakes every week u dumbfuck.nobody gives a fuck if u dont give a shit.

Anonymous said...

your right i really dnt give a shit i live in cali we get them as often as you taking puppy shits stupid and if i was them i would have enjoyed the ride lol you stupid shit you think your money will make a fucking difference to naturals disasters!? man your self righteous morals make you think that by donating 5 dollars you made a difference and thus you can sleep comfortable?..stupid shit for brains even your argument is stupid let them cope with it a million dollars wont bring back their dead families and having a new house wont make them happy bcuz you helped piece pf shit person im sure your white washed in some sense or another

Anonymous said...

Hope all went well.

hiphone said...

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They say japan is employed to earthquakes, and tsunamis so why is everybody sooo sorry for them, once they grew up close to a location like that
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