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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chopped Not Slopped


AV said...

Drake chopped huh?
i wann see someone chop "november 18th" hahaha thatll sound so low

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Drake is part of the "New Wave". Doing things other artists are scared to do because of criticism. Props! My CD "Backpack Journey" hits iTunes and Amazon mp3 January 3rd stay tuned! @Juniorkos Yeeaaaa

Jackie said...


e.rodrz said...

whaaat? now women like drake for them sons! hahaha kinda sweet...yeah! ur doing your thing DRAKIE hahaha

surge713 said...

@AV michael watts chopped up november 18th

gwen said...

luv da way u give h-town props.luv u drake

Anonymous said...

drizzy exceeds expectations again, don't you love how hes relevant for being him & not cause of the shit he drink or cause he gets high. thats rare ass shit.

Anonymous said...

I remember back when "Replacement Girl" was the New Joint on 106 & Park... Now it's come to this... Something so big, it just can't be brought down. Ahhhh... Drizzy Drake forever & always. <3

Anonymous said...

another great mix. this shit is VERY well done and cuts smooth like medium-well steak tips lol.

B0SSLady said...

drake really up there his flow type serious like in the morning w/j.cole that shyte go in! drake keep doin yah damn thing!

IN TERMS OF ME said...

Must have..

Nico (Official) said...

this sick bro...keep at it bro!

Mikeyboy said...

November 18th was also chopped and screwed by DJ Mr. Rogers... He C&S'd all of so far gone actually. But Mike Watts version was fuckin whack

Anonymous said...

drake run da whole shit...bitch,diz is drakes town so...bithiez stay down cuz drake run da town

g said...


annababy said...

Ugh, this is taking like an hour to download.

annababy said...

ok it was worth the wait....

Kiki.S said...

drizzy come to scarborough i really love you and go on my website type in these exact words:

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you made this mixtape!!!

Hey I definitely want to drop you this line so please reply to my message via myspace!


Blue Aura said...

Im so lovin' this mixtape! Thanks for the freebie. Im with Mrs. Momma ^ up there. Come to Oklahoma again! I went to the Wayne "I Am" tour concert in OKC, and you were on stage maybe half a second. We'd love to see you again! Much love for ATF, Monica B.

Mandizzy said...

Anonymous said...

Yea, I'm feeling the way y'all are moving, making major changes in the game aka trend setters baby, not much of us left.

Anonymous said...

Been faithfully following you since room for improvement...Its good to see that the ones who deserve it, can still actually get it(referring to proper recognition)... Yeah, & also thanks for showing H-town some luv...

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