Saturday, December 11, 2010

BlackBerry Torch Pics


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'll open my eyes when ever you open urs

Anonymous said...

up in New York...thats where it's at!

Anonymous said...

Drizzy Drake take a picture with Weezy F Baby!

Anonymous said...

they make gully clothes that must be mavado's whole wardrobe

MarlonFlores said...

Drizzy did you write a lil graf?

Blue Aura said...

I love the random-ness of the pictures. Especially the sexiness of the first! Im no groupie, but Damn, you are a sexy man. Much love for ATF, Monica B.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the f'n. FUNNNNNN last night. Let's duck again sooooon.

Anonymous said...

New York! My hometown <3333
you HAVE to have another concert, baby you shut it downnn, downn, downn, you ARE the baddest around 'roundd :) your amazing, meet me in supreme one day? :-*

Unknown said...

shyt fye.. the black berry is one of my favorite phone.

Jordon F. said...

where was the guy that looked like he was covered in mud at?

Chakir Benz said...

wazzup drizzy???

Anonymous said...

Leave NY, come to the Chi!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

u still cant get nikki minaj

candyluc7 said...

To One of MY FAVORITE ARTISTS: Drake I wish I can say something no one has ever said...but i'm even probably saying these very same lines someone already did...I just didn't wanna be like the rest...but I guess you can call me a follower. You a star so I'm gonna follow you around even when your light dims and that can be for a long time...maybe a 100 or so years, but by then we probably be in another world and since there all is equal, i can probably meet you then...

Anonymous said...

I love u!!!!!!!!!.....................

((((DANIELLE)))) said...

Hav u eva saw /met a person don't no anything bout them, think dey so real no u'll prob neva meet to many people like this n a life time ,an u jus luv them to death thats the way i feel about u drake i luv u....muahhhhhhhhh..

Kirsten Reesa said...

Hey i remember the days when you were on degrassi and you went to vaughn road academy.. my friends school down the street = )... no one believes us now. But yess good for you! keep doing big things.. try to represent the black community in a positive light.. i guess just like what you did in "find your love" when you showed the real side of the carribbean that tourists don't see. Thanks for you music. it really inspires me..

- Kirsten Reesa

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! NY my city :D Like the poster in the first picture says, smoking is bad for you. Smokers can get a stroke in 15 years or cancer, so it's important to quit or never start at all. Once you stop, you get healthier everyday. Finished lecturing lol. Overall nice pictures! I have to find where OVO wrote their names on the wall and take a picture next to it :D

Anonymous said...

i love ur music ur so fuckin awesome lol i love u

Chantii said...

Nice pictures. I really like the graffiti-looking ones. Maybe you guys should actually get someone to make that happen and do a REAL graffiti design somewhere? (Just a thought/idea, lol).

shavon said...

Love the first pic .. you're a very handsome man !!

Anonymous said...

If its even possible for you to see this.. Which i hope to high hell you do.. I lost my gurl Meagan Skeens on the 21st of Nov. She was killed y her mom in her driveway.. some deep shit.. but bro.. ive always felt your muzic and i love he work you do.. one of meagans dreams was that she got to see you or Cudi in concert.. she will nvr get to live that dream now.. i just wanted you to know that your muzic means more to some ppl than just gettin fucked up and makin money.. fo resl like lil' bit you did with likki li.. that was our song.. thanks for the love you helped bring into my life.. you lost an amazing fan and i lost my best friend and lover.. this world is crazy.. i swear music like yours and Young Money Records is the only happiness i have now..

Nisha said...

Ayeeee I like these pictures. Especially the October's Very Own one. & well alright photoshoot drizzy in the first picture lol.

Anonymous said...

@ Chriss sorry to hear about your loss. You can always do something in her honor like donate money to charity in her name or hold an event in her honor and donate the money to charity or to a child with cancer. Again sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

you blazin drakey muahhhhhh ct....i cant wait til u come back maybe i will get to c u again and ur tour bus;

Anonymous said...

drizzy love your music jus had to say that and nice pics i really hope you come to trinidad or canada real some muahhhhhhh!love you.

Anonymous said...

please dont look at me like that. trying so hard (alone) to understand whats going on

maccs said...

@candyluc7- i like what you said girl....

Anonymous said...

Hi Drake

Anonymous said...

Drake my name is Jeremy and you are awesome,and still my new favorite Artist

Anonymous said...

this is Jeremy ,i like your song ''Miss Me'',one of my favorites by you here in Wichita Falls,Tx pretty close to Dallas,Tx and whenever i hear your music it is something positive for me

Unknown said...

How long b4 u leave suga?

J. Angelle M said...

LMAO the first pic looks like he stole something and he turned around trying to get you to stop bating out the scene by taking a picture HAHAHAHA hilarious

Unknown said...

Just remembering your degrassi days lmfao .....Love you, (tattie2hottie from Gunpoint,Texas) ;)

Unknown said...

October's Very Own

40 Shebib


xo Nicole

Ale ;) said...

Aubrey Drake Graham :)

I've loved you ever since your days on Degrassi with no cut and your neck-afro :P

Keep doing what you're doing, and just know you have one fan here in Miami that will always be supportive of you; rain or shine!


Anonymous said...

I was kind of lecturing too much in my comment above about smoking mainly because I want Drake to be healthy :D Overall, the first picture is a really beautiful picture because it illustrates the everyday working class life in NYC. It resembles photos that are in the Museum of Modern Art or in those studios in Chelsea where everyday common NYC life is depicted. It really is a beautiful picture.

Bombchell said...

Blackberry Upgrade!!!! woot woot. better pics. but dont u hate how the torch freezes ugh.

Anonymous said...


G said...

made in jamaica LMFAO ahahah

G said...


G said...


J said...

let them think what they want

Ursula said...

Damn always good pix. But I like the old ones betta, more life..& Looks like my "one day of happiness & excitement" is almost the moment volunteering at southside on Lamar as p.a so if opportunity given please contact taco from tocrock pro. Will mean more to me than you think. Always appreciated & forever thankful


ayye hit me up broo imm a bigg fan. i live in Humboldt county where thee grass is always greener. THE THE FRUIT ON MY TREES IS FRESHER. JUST BURNED WITH MA NIGGA WIZZ kHALIFA AT THE WAKE AND BAKE TOUR AT HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY POT CAPITOL.HE BOUGHT A FEW POUNDS FROM THE HOMIE. come through and burn with ya boy. find me facebook. drizzy drake, niko, forty, all yaall ma niggas im trinna get in contact with J. Cole i got big plans for yall!!!!!
dnt sleep on me im going to the top.

Unknown said...

Nigguhhhh !
youu bout sexy as shit thoughhh .

georgiee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
joclybyers.. said...

You need to come to the dirty Mo. Kick it with us. Play a few hands of spades and laugh and kick it. Halla with your fine self

Anonymous said...

No disrespect Drake, but Jaime fucked up Fall For Your Type. You should've kept that gem (and sing it to meeee :D lol).

Hazegotti25 said...

Drake keep doing what you doing.. Haze G. owww

brandy said...

smile a lil bit make everyday brighter, wow beautiful never been out of fla

Tawnya said...


Anonymous said...

love for ya

MAX3d Out said...

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Anonymous said...

Boy..the things I wanna do to u..u r sexy as HELL!!!!

ZyairaSha said...

...when shall we foto graph in Brazil?

G said...


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