Thursday, December 23, 2010

BlackBerry Torch Pics


Beauty said...

I love that table!! & who has the "Do right & kill everything" tat? its nice. -Lyrikal Beauty Follow me on Twitter @Lyrikal_Beauty

Unknown said...

I <3 Drake!!

r4yyy said...

is that big sean?

Anonymous said...


Blue Aura said...

Did I see that correctly? Drake has ink? Hmm, I like, I like very much ;-) Stay Sexy, Monica B.

Amarrvelous said...

Loved you in San Jose!!! Your passion for music definitely comes thru your presentation...

Liz said...

You've always been handsome, but in a suite you look absolutely admirable ;)

mr best said...

drizzy u doing a good job, there is a tattoo in your arm.

CrU ThicK said...

DRAKE is the best rapper!! ever.


Anonymous said...

Future The Prince went skydiving! It looked like you had a lot of fun! I also see palm trees! I <3 palm trees lol. I always admire them whenever I see them in person. Drake looks nice dressed up! I can't wait to see The Moment For Life video now. I was in Hallmark on Tuesday buying Christmas cards and Moment For Life came on and then Aston Martin Music. I was happy, I was like Drake!! lol Your music is everywhere! Hope you have a more successful 2011!!

Jordon F. said...

Do Right And Kill Everything!!!! And the chocolates, ummm....not my cup of tea., but the furniture was hot. And nice TUX!!! Where were you for that?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to comment on your ummmm, well I like the way you wear your ummmm pants! yes I like yo pants, young mann

IN TERMS OF ME said...


Unknown said...

love the tuxedo pic!!! looks like you are having a ball!!!

Anonymous said... - drake parody! soo funny! :L

and drake hasnt got that tatoo, its a fan or somethingggg

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hand was a bad choice for ink... Ppl look at drake for being a nasty rapper/singer with class, manners, and "Jewish" lol (last one's sad but true) No crazy chains or baggy ass clothes. ink below the elbow is against all that class n manners, much worse, ur hand..... But u still my fave.

Just dnt go Yeezy crazy lol

Anonymous said...

when is its never enough mixtape coming out ?!?!?!?!?

g said...


g said...


g said...

wth.all that chocolate is gonna give u a stomache.ahhhah

g said...

cooltho:)matches everything! lol

g said...


g said...

that's amazing those flowers are reallynice.

Anonymous said...

Haha he looks like what i used to look like.

Anonymous said...

love the table

Anonymous said...

I love youuuuuuuuu

Anonymous said...

Love you drake

ChiCitySwag said...

That ovo letterman is SICK

RunawayLove said...

Drake 2011 New Years Resolution:

1. Must make a smahing Concert in Canada preferably in TORONTO :D

...Now thats what sup ;p
Keep up the good work!
"I'm living inside a moment, not taking pictures to save it"

Nisha said...

Ahhhh Future looks so cuteeeee and happy <33333 aha I love him theaux. lol he wore his ovo jacket while skydiving...SWAG.

Zionlion50 said...

Drizzy when do the Fans Get our OVO jackets come on man you know we all want them you could start a army just start selling the jackets please!

Unknown said...

i love your music Drake! happy new year rrrr

ZyairaSha said...

Meu amor voce!!!

Meara said...

<3 the pics babe! ;)

URSULA said...

MISS ME? :) damn i love chocoalte covered strawberries!! wanna dive in it lol!
nah but dign the pix..& say...2011 ma year to shine! i gotta do it kus i dont got much time mite hear from me less & see more of me...but will always keep in touch..maybe we could do a collab. lata on dis year :) I DREAM BIG TO CAKE BIG!

Unknown said...

O.V.O Click, shout out to Young Money, illest team out there............

JaePee said...

where can iqet an OVO jacket .?

G said...


G said...

lol more strawberryz nCHocOLatez the more CakEz!

G said...


G said...

lollol .

D.N.A said...

join & be a follower :)

shayda said...

Drake, I absolutely adore you!

Please read my blog post about you:

Sandee said...

if any of you were really Drake fan you would know that Drake is never getting ink

Unknown said...

Do Right And Kill Everything

xl pharmacy said...

Great post! Drake looks so elegant. Drake it's definitely one of the best singers.

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