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Monday, June 28, 2010

Lose My Mind Remix


LUKE tracks said...


Anonymous said...

link broken

LUKE tracks said...

lol usershare error -__-

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Racey was born RaSheedah Aq'ueelah Muwwakkil and is a lyrical phenom hailing from South Sacramento California. Born October 25th in Washington D.C. to devout Muslims she is the fifth of seven children as well as nurturing mother.

Around the age of five Racey's family moved west landing in the Los Angeles Watts area housing projects before relocating to the Oakland/Berkeley regions of the Bay Area. After the dissolution of her parents marriage she'd move for a short time to Placerville CA. to reside with Maternal Grandparents, later being inducted into the States childcare system and sent to the South Area of Sacramento CA. where she's continued to make roots.

Having experienced both the good and bad that life has had to offer Racey is a natural leader with a true rebels Spirit, who's personality is very engaging, bubbly and positively vibrant. She deals with serious subject matter, tackling tough issues and addressing society's ills in her music, Racey writes songs that reflect a deep understanding of life, love, struggle and perseverance from the perspective of a Muslimah reared in the ghettos of America and raised by the Golden States defunct childcare system.

Racey is an all around talent who's voice is more stirring than a sirens. She attacks Hip~Hop, R&B as well as Jazz tracks with a vengeance, lashing beats with vigour and a tongue that is almost venomous. With grace and poise she commands attention with her spoken word, always telling it like it is. Rah writes with wisdom beyond her years, printing a bit of her Soul on each page dealing with topics that are both challenging and provocative. Racey has everything it takes to be a Star!

RaSheedah Aq'ueelah Muwwakkil aka Racey has been blessing the Sacramento spoken word scene for the last 12 years performing at open mic venues, poetry slams, cafe readings as well as civic events, always to great praise. Racey is lyrically captivating and has worked with some of the most promising local producers and artists such as Young Meek, Studio-Ton and opening for Goapele as well as sharing the stage with Kevin Sandbloom, Lady of Rage, Antwone Fisher and others and is ready to bring her brand to the masses!

Steven said...

check out this link here

they have same post, their link is not broken!

misselisak said...

I like it. Drake your verse is hot, kinda funny to hear you rap like that but it's still hotness ;) Love October's Very Own XOXO

Brittney said...

Drake killed it at bet awards doing this remix

iamatthewriley said...


kinda sorta!

Anonymous said...

drake♥ killed it again his lyrics were great nd hes mot gonna stop!!!!!his lyrics r not for fun there here to show the world his life nd for the listners out there try to understand wheres his coming from nd wat he wants from us as fans!!!!!!!

Robert said...

One word. Versatile! R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop all sound great

Steffanie Flores said...

haha, I love Drizzy TOO much <33
this song is beast. <3

KH said...

ok drake! i see u goin hard. lol :) u held ur own with jeezy

Montreal InFashion said...

Luv it! You are ruling the world! Drake stands for Do Right And Kill Everything.

Unknown said...

So what I'd like to know is between Drake being @ the BET awards this Sunday...N performing this jamm is where was he FRiday, June 25th? My friend said he supposedly met him @ the taste of Chicago Friday but he was jus enjoying the taste in line gettin some food... N noone recognized him?? Nor did my friend know who Drake was.. So I'm eager to know if this was fact or fiction!!??

Jazz-B said...

yo oliver! dog btw im a big fan of ya work on the blog,,, can you post these remixes on here as soundcloud things so we can just click and listen??? BTW please check my production id love to work with drizzy,,,

Anonymous said...

Remix, more like redone.

So much better now.

Anonymous said...

40 is a stud

youngkidd said...

drake ur dah beast in these streets

youngkidd said...

drake u ah beast

yung06chick said...

That's what it do!!!!!!!!
*Much love sent your way*

Unknown said...

Drake, your performance was AMAZING! Your energy is incredible.

I ♥ you!

xo Nicole

NAE1031 said...


Christine said...

Drake its Great .. Keep up the great work...

Anonymous said...

"All-seeing eye, my eyes seen it all"

Forreal? You're a stupid illuminati puppet too drake? I used to love your music but best believe you've been unfanned by many now.


Willy Hernandez said...

Damn big ass DRAKE name on top of plies. lol

Any significance?

drake.takes.over. said...
check out hot freestyle


Anonymous said...

Who in the HELL is on this BITCH Nicki's writing team??? I sure wish these fake ass so called female rappers would stop allowing their weak ass writing teams to stop stealing from real FemmCees such as Rasheedah's youtube video called "I, in this very moment" opening up for Goapele in Cali in 2010 video which sounds like Nicki's new track "Moment for life" Rasheedah wrote "I in this very moment" a LONG ASS time ago and these no account, no talent having muthafucka's jacked it and don't even have the manners to bread the real writer ~STOP PUNK ROCK BITCH THIEF~ :-/

youtube Rasheedah's "I, In this very moment" I'm just saying...

Unknown said...

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