Drake for Virgin America

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Air Drizzy


Jonathan Kates said...

oh man...

Unknown said...

That must feel great to have. Congrats homie, u deserve it...

Anna said...

that's ballin' statues right there.

Amrit G said...

Incredible. You really are gonna go places!

Nisha said...

Wow I wanna ride on that plane lol you know youre big when you're album is on an airplane haha congrats to him haha that's so cool

Montreal InFashion said...

That airflight is tight!

Montreal InFashion said...

That airflight is tight!

Angelique said...

I like, if you love. ♥

ELMAN said...

DRIZZY doing big things!

AndrewNMartinez said...

where can i get a ticket for that "successful" ride? lol

Mad props Drizzy
Good Job Homie

Anonymous said...

That's the ballinest shit I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

That airplane is fresh.

KayKay said...

that is tight as shit yo!

Fallon C said...

Congrats i ride your flight as long as your on it

Anonymous said...

you deserve it drizzy,, you the fuckin best. the next jayz,, the U.K loves you <3 xx

Imani said...

tightttttttttt! that must feel so exciting :)

Anonymous said...

Biggups to drake,
but you gotta think that its just advertising. he probably paid virgin airlines alot of cash for just that picturee.
but if you think of it, its sorta bad idea cuz who's gonna see that from miles and miles in the air?
maybe through the airport window.

i dont think that picture would make me wanna buy his album

Unknown said...

I love it!!! Keep up the good work babe :)

B. Laesch said...

Well said, Jonathan Kates. Well said.


Anonymous said...

Love it!

You need more shows for the UK, they all sold out! :(

K xx

Beneficent Allah said...

Heyyyy Drizzy,

This website explained ALL of the lyrics on Thank Me Later LINE BY LINE! Hella-funny, just click on any song and then click on a line to explain it..


Planet Koda said...

Thats Crazy

Anonymous said...

now thats amazing

Anonymous said...

Ballin' statues? Stay in school Anna you need it.

Christine said...

Wooowzers... Drake cant belive it all started with Degrassi

ShelRock said...

LOL thats crazy AD's on plans now smh.. thats wassup!! keep it up ATF...

AedioN said...

thats wassup drizzy!!!...lol.. ya'll are just lookin at the tail of the plane.. the whole flight your probably bumping "Show Me A Good Time"..lol. poppin Rose... The restroom is most likely a small studio..the in flight movie is his better then good enough documentary .. the seats are packed...lol..and while your all telling drake thank you .. you know he's saying ( Oh My Goodness Ya Welcome) ...Free Weezy .. Drake come and shake the hand thats lesser then you *points to myself*- )2oMe

Anonymous said...

u ballin hard!!
Kazakhstan luves u xxx

Anonymous said...

Who do you think you are? Lil Wayne made you famous. You stll need to earn your fame yourself. Not cool.

VNN said...

haha, seriously, that's so awesome.

DJMajor said...

I digg dat, very unique and I see y they keep hatin on ya brah...Jus keep doin you big dogg!!!

Flipper213 said...


Fanatic26 said...

I'm really loving this, good work Drizzy

Gigi said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! <3 I'm sure you enjoy the love! :D I'm glad that you have become so big that u need advertisement in the clouds! :D Enjoy the love :D

Nteague1 said...

this nigga

Drake said...

That's TIGHT!!!!!!! Iloveit and I love Drake!!!:]

Drake's#1fan:] said...

Hey i put "Drake" on accident I meant Drake's number one fan!

Nteague1 said...

drake, lets do it on the plane! O..wait. U have fans..that REALLY wanna see you, dern.

Nteague1 said...

i mean, I wanna see you, too!! I'll be good, but remember.. "we can do it AnYwHeRe" bu t u ain't got no hair. Wanna grow it for me, please :(

Violet said...

haha... that's what's up! Thank your PR person for that one. lol

Steffanie Flores said...

TOO sick ;)
im'a be on that plane one of these days ;)<33
I love Drizzy :D

lovebug77 said...


mike genao said...

thats how you know you've truly got the world listening, congrats and thanks.

Party with a K said...

I expected nothing less :-)

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Wish Drizzy would fly on over to Australia

Anonymous said...

I love u Drake, I wish I could ride on that plane when u r there. Anyways congrat baby , we doin it real big huh

Anonymous said...

so cheesy..........................

Daniel said...

Holy shit... give it to me when you release the next album!

JDG said...

Dang bro your almost at uncle jay's status .. how does it feel?

Lightskin32 said...

Having your own plane is one of the first signs that your doing big things, keep it up drizzy

-Reggina said...

thts the best commercial airplane i ever saw!!! :)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha em outsold you first week, fuck you ovo

Nteague1 said...

DRIZZY give out your number

gitoya said...

that's the way you ride if we'd where to go out sky's the limit impressive

Hebz said...

ok i'm gonna go on a little rant here cause I'de be lying if I said I wasn't really disappointed.

Radio station was giving away tickets to this tarmac party with Drake yesterday for virgin airlines. I almost got fired trying to win the tickets because I made everyone at the office call in. annnd i did win! I absolutely love Drake and I was so excited!!!
So we arrive at pearson for the arrival, and it is very exclusive...maybe 40-50 people majority being media. Besides me and my friend we only spotted 2 more sets of fans who had won passes.

Drake arrives...steps away from us...(he's so adorable and even cuter in person)...now we were told he would perform which didn't happen, thats fine I guess we were misinformed with that. He did a few interviews and his team were anxious to whisk him away immediately...which is also fine he's a busy guy i'm sure...now they walk down where his cars are and 2 other fans flag him down he gives them autographs and my friend and i are right behind them (no one else at this point is waiting for an autograph we were the only fans there!) take out our Thank Me Later albums for him to sign...my friend yells out"DRAKE"...he looks right at us...gives us this "wish I could, but I gotta go" look...and just WALKS AWAY!!!....If a breaking heart made a noise I think everyone woulda heard my heart break:(...He ended up sitting in the car for 10 minutes before they left...You know I would have been so happy with just a hug! Anything!...I still love Drake...but I just can't understand why he couldn't have taken a minute of his time to speak to just TWO fans! :(

-Heartbroken Drake Fan

Anonymous said...

lol, oh wow, air drizzy ready for lift off, yeaaa !

Niki said...

I wanna plane with my pic on it tooo! LOL.....loving Drake.

Nteague1 said...

So that's your graphic plane, forever?

Anonymous said...

that's cool but that still ain't going to make people buy your album though :/

all that hype and Eminem doubled your sales.

Angelia W said...

Awesome man! Unlike some folks on here, I can say that without a backhanded comment at the end. Keep ya head up and DO YOU! =)

Unknown said...

you know you made it when your face is on a PLANE!!

Anonymous said...

drake bcoming bigger like i expected

Andrew Ross said...

If you want to see these & more coverage of AIR DRAKE

GEL Media Coverage

Unknown said...

shits crack.Drake worked everything he has,success st8 to the top smile and laugh ma nigga you doing too good.

Sheriff Brad said...

Man this isnt a private jet this a private plan I hope that my goup reaches fame like this one day...Much love

Killa_Cam0x said...

Are you serious... lmao...

T. Marie said...

Drake, I hope that you read some of the comments on the blog site. Sometimes it's worth it...Forget the negatives. There are so many positives. I think the advertisement on the plane is awesome and an excellent marketing tool. I haven't traveled recently, but I am sure that if I saw a plane like that one this would prompt me to buy your CD--which I already own by the way. You're not only artistic, you are brilliant.

yung06chick said...

That's what it do!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Much love sent your way*

Unknown said...

drizzy you know youve made it when your face is on your jet . keep on doin what youre doing drake and congratulations on all your success ! love you always and forever .

Anonymous said...

Airplane is fresh!!

My Instrumental Album - http://ytwuniverse.com/2010/07/05/ym-y-o-u-n-g-m-a-r-c-love-lost-instrumental-album/

Anonymous said...

why would any air transportation service do something stupid to put a fool like this on dey airplane?? bad business I say they really overrating and overhyping this 22 yr old forreal.. there are other rappers that are really dedicated and speak the absolute truth that are actually from the south that i can name from the top of my head. Drake is just speaking metaphorically and ghostwrites his stuff when these southside rappers speak on how dey live and acutally freestyle

AedioN said...

the last comment is a act of hatred.. why do people hate on someone else success... drake is a strong investment at the moment .. if you were smart you would bet your last dollar on him.. real talk!!!..and im sure people from the south freestyle very well and talk about there lives.. but nobody i hear at the moment tells it with so much truth and feeling .. drake rhymes like he's spitting from the heart with no intensions of anything in return while other rappers are driven by money .. drake you promised me you will never change ..lol. forget what they say and keep doing your thing ..i know it sounds cliche .. but i mean it ! music is in your blood my dude.. it runs through your vains

Carissa said...

Congrats to you!!!! just want to say that i respect you as an artist and think that you have even bigger things in your future! Of coarse I have your new CD and I am enjoying it, but I have to say that I love the mixtapes the best. Keep doing what you are doing......You seem to have a unique understanding and respect for others that is very admirable:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree with that last comment. I do believe DRAKE is a little too much overrated. I got his cd's and well he use to kill it now he jus fkkn sings and it sounds gay when im bumpin it in my ride or ipod. i dont get this drake style i think its all chump muzik. Waka Flocka will hold it down as well as Kid Cudi from the Double O (Ohio)!

Unknown said...

That's so awesome!! Keep up the awesomeness!!

T. Marie said...

Isn't it funny that anonymous agrees with only himself? There should be no "hateration in this dancery".

Anonymous said...

That is fucking major dude. Mr. Branson don't fucks wit just anybody man. Wow and fucking wow again! So next stop... mars? Take meeeee! U gone need a personal massage therapist to break the atmosphere wit u my dude ;) xoxo

Anonymous said...

yoooooooooooooo my man drizzzz doin 1 thang now i never saw that be4 not even from jay z but i think in like another year he cud have his own building........nuttins impossible

Candice Ferguson said...

I think its pippin to have your face on ah air plane.I'd do it.

Abbas said...

thats sick!

Shannon said...

Your face is on a frikkin JET!

Christal said...

this is christal my email is christallight4eva@yahoo.com Hey drake, i hope this is really you but anyways i wanted to tell you that i think you are a great person. Ive seen numerous interviews and television specials and they have lead me to believe that you are a wonderful person.The way you talk about your fans and your mother is truly touching to me.Last but certainly not least you are amazingly talented and i just wanted to let you know. Well my 18th birthday is coming up in september and i would love nothing more than to be able to come and see and experience what a great artist you truly are. thank you for reading and if im not able to see your show i hope it is everything that you want it to be and more and remember to keep working as hard as you are working.

jamesblackvirus@gmail.com said...

I FLY PRIVATE SO NO ONE TELLS ME TO BRING MA SEAT UP......u really meant t haaaa!!!!! (Tryn to convince maself I found one, makin a mistake I never learn from..............)

jamesblackvirus@gmail.com said...

I FLY PRIVATE SO NO ONE TELLS ME TO BRING MA SEAT UP......u really meant t haaaa!!!!! (Tryn to convince maself I found one, makin a mistake I never learn from..............)

Miranda said...

Congrats! Next up... Canadian version! lol


"i fly private so no one tells me to bring my seat up.."

<3 Drake all the work you put in is definitely paying off. Im so happy to see you doing all of this and making everyone around you happy.

Misha said...

Love it

Stephanie said...

That is AMAZING! I have just spent hours reading through this blog!!! I met Drizzy July 24th in Edmonton....I never got my pics BTW! HA plz follow me on Twitter @Steph420c <3

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