Photos by Jake Schreier.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Away From Home


Anonymous said...

Octibers Very own -D.Blade

Keyyuh said...


Nteague1 said...

U need to go back home! We can IM all night while you in the basementSMH

squeak said...

Wish I could be there:(
Too busy serving our country ... I'll get to go to a Drake concert one day

JUNE 15TH!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw man I wish I could be there front row with my friend, she's going. Too bad being a nurse, they need you on weekends also. But I know for a fact Drake is going to set it off, he better. Have fun Aubrey ;) -Sincere Fan

Visionary said...

Wow these are some amazing shots... I love the artistic perception shown as well as the beauty of the moment...

drewbreezzy said...

I am so disappointed I had tickets for Drake in Orlando and couldn't go....Awesome pictures.

Layna:] said...

Doin it big drizzyyyy I love it and you!!::))
Imma see u at hot jam 9 (yeah man)can't wait

Steffanie said...

ahh, wish you would come somewhere near me :(
I love youu Drakee<33

Anonymous said...

shit, if that was that nite thats messed up. drizzy u bailed out on the lowell show. its all goo. come thro bostonnnn

Nteague1 said...

O boo, my little brat hasn't text me in 2 days. Ok, since yesterday. I am gonna wake her ass up

Nteague1 said...

I'm lying, since Thursday. She threw a tantrum and then said "i dont feel like texting goodbye"

Anonymous said...

thanks for coming to SYRACUSE. IT WAS AMAZING

Chantii said...

ohh man! Syracuse was PACKED! There's no way he can't sell out arenas; no way.

Thank Me Later in 45 days! (excited)

Anonymous said...

COMEE HOMEE DRAKEEE (L)!/pages/Kirsten-Urbas/343407912345?ref=ts!/pages/Kirsten-Urbas/343407912345?ref=ts

Art said...

Optimistic dude

Anonymous said...

i had tickets to the lowell show and i was so disappointed you bailed.. and now i have to look at this? i hope this pic is from before you went on vocal rest ma dude

Leon Laing said...

Check out my story and pics from the April 9 concert at PSU:

Art said...

I do not broadcast i throw up more cash and change the forecast,

akhan said...

This probably won't be read by you but I just wanna say that you were absolutely dooooooooooope show at Tufts today. Got there early and was in the front row. You rocked that shit like no other. Nothing but blessings to you. Mazel Tov, my man

Ms. Riche said...

Much appreciated for coming to SYRACUSE!!!! Sold out completely! Can't wait for THANK ME LATER! Performance was crack! Thank you for going against doctors orders babe :) Always love and support Drizzy Drake!

Nteague1 said...

hi boo. i was spose to study, but came home and knocked out. so happy to be getting more hours :D

kimstylez said...

does anyone know how i can get drakes managers number or direct email?



DC said... Drake, 40, listen to this. i have other songs but since this was a drake beat i wanted yall to hear this one

DC said...

damn, you cant click on the link i posted but you can go to youtube and type in dcoole0410 and my songs will come up. please listen


Anonymous said...

went to this show & came all the way from niagara falls canada! got lots of pics n vids of the show! was amazing!

Anonymous said...

I was FRONT ROW, CENTER STAGE for this concert and OVWs went Hard during this... Calling out all the girls in the crowd one by one, and throwing down a verse from Thank Me Later. Sickest concert ever and thats the end of the story

Unknown said...

drake i love you

ChinkyeyedTati said...

ilovee drake soomuchhhh ! I just saw him last night at bamboozle iwas front row to seee myy lovee wass amazing and he bought birdman out hee wass amazingg:))))cant wait to cop thank ,me later thanks for the beautiful music drake!:)

Anonymous said...

this was an amazing show..came all the way from canada to see it! loved it!! got great pics and vids!

Anonymous said...

Come to Wisconsin!!!

Anonymous said...

That's fiyuh =].. Drake need to get on one of there beats forreal ==>

That would be hot.

Anonymous said...

Just saw Drizzy this past weekend in Boston! Really had a great performance. Shout out to his dad who came up to me asking me how I knew all his lyrics lol :).

Anonymous said...

Drake's performance at Bamboozle was INSANE! LOVE YOU DRIZZY DRAKE!! - Karoline <3

noelle said...

Hi boo..time for Riding #14LOL. It's suimmer so..let's put some Ross, UGK, Wayne & Birdman..UGHHHHHHHHHH

noelle said...

u know this gotta go on there

Anonymous said...

All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire. - Aristotle

I must say that the reasons I love Drake as an artist is because he incorporates all of the above (Aristotle's quote) into his music and performances....

June the date!!

Sabrieee said...

Come to CT please and thanks.

Anonymous said...


Big up from lisbon , drizzy

Shayla said...

The tour is amazing. I'm not so pumped about the opening acts (though I liked K-OS), but Drake knows how to please a crowd and perform, he's got that down...where are the pics from Lexington????

Can't wait until you're back home, Drizzy, at UK...and hopefully next time I can meet you and Oliver and 40 and...okay that just sounds groupy-ish huh...well never mind...

Anonymous said...

concertttt wasss crazyyyyyy

Musik & Lyrics said...

Thanks again drizzy for coming to my home town bumpin to the lyrics while you throwin down your own sound
I found in myself who your music really speaks to. The music when I dance it really moves me and shows how life can pass by suddenly. I didn't really know you till you tore it out at ucf and brought that chick on stage. And the stuff you said. I know mad girls were hella jelious I know I was but it didn't phase me I still got some great picks heard some kick ass songs and got to see one of my fav artists up close. So all in all I had a great time hope you do another concert again in Orlando. Duces. 

Musik & Lyrics said...

Oh and when Birdman came out I was so surprised. I've never seen him in real life. But the funny thing about it is I was singing the same song he sang while I was waiting for the show to start and when he came out and started singing it I was so suprised. My jaw just dropped. I was in shock. And I just laught and sang along. I must be psychic.

Anonymous said...

yooo drizzy whatd goody my dude, you in my city tonite son Bmore peir 6 on the water...the sun is out its feeln great ima need you to bring them ladies out tonite.. Ya Boy Riley Moheeze

Lourdes Montes said...

Drake I love you and not just from the outside but from the inside, i love your look on life and the way you express yourself. I cried when you died on Degrassi even if it was fake [lol]. lots of love!! :]

Anonymous said...

i was there at SU tenth row and Drake was amazingg!!! best night ever!

yung06chick said...

Thats whats up. It's packed and looks like ya'll doing the dang thing!!!!! Have fun, cause please believe everyone else is (your fans, and/or anyone that supports you)!!!!!

*much love sent your way*

jessjmcnabb said...

I am on a mission to see you, let me explain:

I bought tickets for the Michigan concert and couldn't go cause my grandma had a stroke... so then bought tickets for the Kent State concert and I arrived late and they wouldn't let me In. I am going to try to get reimbursed or have my tickets exhanged for either the cleveland show or cinnci show cause if I don't then... Well idk whats gonna happen but it wont be good. Any help?

Anonymous said...


Jess said...

Sooo there are 6 tickets left for you're show in Cleveland and I have 2 on hold for me and my girlfriend. I am so excited! I have gone through hell to come and see you! But it is so worth it, csn't wait!!!

Jess said...

There are 6 tickets left for you're Cleveland show and I have 2 on hold to get tomorrow. I am so excited! I have gone through hell to come see you, but it is so worth it. Can't wait! You must really love Ohio :)

The Rev said...

i dont kno if ur in the biz of making other's rap dreams come tru yet; i'd understand if not seein' as how i'm sure u've got alot on ur plate at the moment. but i have to give it a shot regardless...

u have the power to rearrange my life and make my dreams a reality with but 2 minutes of your time, if that. my underground name is The Rev, & i can unconditionally guarantee you that if u were to dedicate that 2 minutes of ur life to me it would not be in vain & i would dedicate whatever portion of my life necessary to reciprocate the favor. Take a chance, please. You won't regret it. If curious, please email me @ and Ill hit you back ASAP with my material. I pray that this isn't just wishful thinking on my part.

~Winston Crite aka The Rev

Unknown said...

yaay cuse! best concert I've been to, hands down.


Malcriao said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Malcriao said...

aight so, nice shot but.. i think its kind of grimes how Drizzy cant perform in Lowell, MA, but after he postpones the concert, a WEEk later, hes able to perform in Worcestor ? and now coming to Summer Jam in Boston ? ... im a HUGE fan of Drake but damn, way to let a city down, you know what I mean ? I put this money down to support the hustle, but if its not going to whats important, the benefit of the fans, then I would definitely like my money back..

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