"One time for westside Chris/and westside Louis from the westside too/once upon a time had a westiside crew".

My favourite rapper and my brother...Jizzle...TRAP OR DIE 2 drops Tuesday.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Big Bro Young


Planet Koda said...

Just posted this vid on my blog a bit ago,

Its super sickk,, really feelin jeezy lately.



hustleGRL said...

Ha-haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ©snowman

Shayla said...

I just wanted to say I was at your concert at UK on Tuesday, amazing! I didn't expect anything different. I wish I could have been the girl on stage though...anyway. Thanks for all the love in Kentucky, we love you too! Can't wait for TML, love fireworks...it's like you're in my head...

Anoby said...

your favorite rapper? u got a ton damn, one interview u say jayz now jeezy lol

Chantii said...

Jeezy been comin' out with a lot of great tracks lately. love the ol' skool 80s-90s feel to the beat.

*Fabolous voice* Niiiiiiice!

Bee Michelle said...

Love you Drizzy.. I like Jeezy too. Haven't seen him since election night when he rolled up to Spelman in his blue Lambo & I said to myself "oh.. his rims really are blue too. cool"

anywho, follow me @BeeMichelle

& check out my blog. I blog about Drake at least once a week. Its pretty sad actually but I'm kinda obsessed. :)

Anonymous said...

This is comical.lol But I respect this guy, he has potential. & Drake, you have a billion favorite rappers, cute. -Sincere Fan <3

Nteague1 said...


JusJae said...

I'm hearing voices in my head think I'm schizophernic/Swear they saying let's get it from another planet-Jizzle

Jeezy that dude and Drizzy that man!

JASMINExo said...

"New paint job,
Get cha a new blow job."

most DEF coppin that album tues.

Rubizzle said...

awhh snapppp JEEZZZYY ;)

starr:] said...

Haha, didnt you say something about him in Its Been A Pleasure? (its amazing how I can pinpoint most of his songs w/o hearing it) ;]

Shayla said...

okay, so I didn't get to hear the song or see the vid earlier (at work), but this vid is funny...so real, no matter if you're rich or not this is what dudes do...i love that...leave it to him to do this...


Anonymous said...

Yo Drizzy b4 killin' Thank Me Later, please try getting all the leaders of the new school on one track, not just Lupe and Cole, but a pose cut with Cudi doing the hook and verse from you, Cole, Big Sean and B.o.b, does that not sound like the future? (I know this isn't the place, but lets see if Drizzy listens to his fans, he sure did with his approach towards shooting the video for "Find Your Love.")

Nteague1 said...

Oliver, you sounded good on the other post cussin' niggas outLOL. Oli u keep playin with my mind!

Steffanie said...

Ahh, Love you Drakee<33
this is hott.
Follow me on twitter: @steff_05

Anonymous said...

From Phonte to Jezzy? DRRRRRRRRRRRRROP!!!!!

I guess i'm not aging gracefully
looking forward to June 15th
Thanking you in advance

Lyrikal Beauty said...

I can digg it =) lol

FraNcis James said...

this loooks serious! its got that reasonable doubt feel

Joe Stef - Journalist said...

Yo Drake, I'm doing a research paper for my school and I wanted to know if I can get a hold of you to ask a few questions, our research paper is on Music, and I want to do it on how you changed music forever..Hit me up at JoeStef@gmail.com if I can email or contact you in any way, and all of your info you give me will be completely anonymous.


Drakespeare said...

Drakes Poetry

B.R said...

Dope track I can't wait for his mixtape to drop tomorrow. Peep the new single "Selfish"by B.R ft Gee Moody.


624713NYC said...

completely convinced Gucci still locked up is conspiracy. yet i'll fucxs with the A cause the dollar triples there immediately.

jessjmcnabb said...

I am on a mission to see you, let me explain:

I bought tickets for the Michigan concert and couldn't go cause my grandma had a stroke... so then bought tickets for the Kent State concert and I arrived late and they wouldn't let me In. I am going to try to get reimbursed or have my tickets exhanged for either the cleveland show or cinnci show cause if I don't then... Well idk whats gonna happen but it wont be good. Any help?

Anonymous said...

that jeezy go hard gotta get that mixtape trap or die 2 and definately pick up that tm103

The Rev said...

i dont kno if ur in the biz of making other's rap dreams come tru yet; i'd understand if not seein' as how i'm sure u've got alot on ur plate at the moment. but i have to give it a shot regardless...

u have the power to rearrange my life and make my dreams a reality with but 2 minutes of your time, if that. my underground name is The Rev, & i can unconditionally guarantee you that if u were to dedicate that 2 minutes of ur life to me it would not be in vain & i would dedicate whatever portion of my life necessary to reciprocate the favor. Take a chance, please. You won't regret it. If curious, please email me @ revcrite@rocketmail.com and Ill hit you back ASAP with my material. I pray that this isn't just wishful thinking on my part.

~Winston Crite aka The Rev

The Rev said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have no idea if you look at the blogs or not, & I know you posted this one awhile back, but I found it appropriate to comment on one that you posted, haha. Now to the point; you preformed at UCSB last night. & I missed it. It was a total shit show trying to get to it, & missing it was the cherry on top of a series of crappy events. Despite that my friends & I had a pretty good day. I just really hope that you'll be playing in somewhere near where I live again because I would love to actually see you perform. You're one of the few artists that I actually think deserve the credit you have received for your music. Plus if you head lined I hope you would play some of your older stuff. Sweet ass jams. Especially for some one who came from a teen show. ;)

Anonymous said...

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