Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Mr.Jones said...

THE best... First btw

Unknown said...

A day when the all time stop and people gave a damn about what was going on...regarding the rap game and violence. R.I.P chris we miss u

Anonymous said...

R.I.P to the man that made me fall in love with HIP GOP... B.I.G

rebeccanorberg said...

r.i.p <3

Nteague1 said...

Never really was a fan..R.I.P anyways

Art said...

Is this the guy who wrote the Ten Crack Commandments...he's sounds pretty uneducated. I was expecting somone with a white beard a crook and a shawl.

PRIMO said...




LiLMeXiCo said...

Yes, RIP Biggie.. forever living in da Hip-Hop/Rap game N in our hearts!! Was bangin Biggie all day yesterday N fixin to bang Biggie sum mo today! F wat u hurrd!!! lol

starr:] said...

He died when I was born, but you know me, Im a old-head, so I listen to him. I actually enjoyed the movie...NOTORIOUS.
My favorite song by him would have to be...Oh, Gimme The Loot! I luhh it.

starr:] said...

He died when I was born, but you know me, Im a old-head, so I listen to him. I actually enjoyed the movie...NOTORIOUS.
My favorite song by him would have to be...Oh, Gimme The Loot! I luhh it.

Nteague1 said...

starr:], lol. I bet you did like the movie. Who was your favorite artist that got reenacted?

Leon Laing said...

Biggie was a family friend. Visit for details.

starr:] said...

It would probably have to be...Lil Kim! She did a great job. Either her, or Faith Evans. They were both good.
Lil Kim was actually hilarious to me, lol.

Nteague1 said...

You know, for some reason..that's what I figured, lol. I like the song him and Jay-Z have. "2 Pac's, get it? 2..Pac's.." AHHA. I love Jay

Anonymous said...
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Nteague1 said...

My teacher just told me there is a travel advisory along the Mexican border for drugs Drizzy..BE CAREFUL!

MsSencillez said...

One of the best to ever do it...

Bobby G. said...

Under by Bobby

Dj Santa said...


Drake - Over (Dj Santa, Esentrik & Sega Refix)


starr:] said...

Am I that predictable? Hmm. Yeah, Jay-Z is actually a family fav. We keep all the NY natives in our hearts. <3
Mhhmm, I cant have you endin up like yo friend. I still luv him though, lol.

starr:] said...

I LOVE iHeartRadio!! Its a app for your iPod, and you can choose local stations or national stations. I listen to Power 105(NY) & 1011 The Beat JAMZ, they are theee BEST. I just love the iTouch, lol. You really need one, Teague. I would be interesting to see what kind of apps you would have. :]

Nteague1 said...

Well..I keep all the Jay-Z shit in a stack IN my bedroom, with a lil' Ye and Drake on top. Gosh, I hate to always bring Ye up, but..that's what love does. Need what? An iTouch? Na, I'm GUUUUD son. Is that how those ignoralies talk out there? My cousin Devin talks like thatSMH

Nteague1 said...

Drake. I.. understand your going to Mexico for NAFTA. And I respect that. But we have a lot of errands tomorrow!!

Rosenberg said...


Real talk, i know other posted "remixes" but THIS is it. Drake, i really dont know why you haven't worked with LYVE yet. This is what you need for your album. GROWN FOLK SOUL. you have to listen to this!

Unknown said...

i know this doesnt have to do with the post but, what the name of the brand with the heart on the left of the shirt, drake wore a stipe black and white one in his concert in new york?

ChrisZfromTx said...

Yo Aubrey, Oliver, and 40.. if you all ever have time Yall think you can mention da RGV (Rio Grande Valley) in any one of da new songs coming out, I be stayin true to ma colors and the law jus keeps tryin to bring us down.. One love bros

Nteague1 said...

Byou look cute with a beanie:)

Anonymous said...


starr:] said...

Lmao, thats mad funny. Most guys do say that though, thats the funny part. Not all of us are uneducated! We may sound dumb, but some of us arent. Key word: some.
Whats your favorite NY word or phrase?

Nteague1 said...

Hmm. Ma. What up ma? LOL. Mad, too. Do people still say that? Like, "this theater mad empty b." Lol

Nteague1 said...

Drake..I wore green eye shadow!! Where is Sprite when you need that commercial you didSMH.

starr:] said...

Well, we dont exactly say "ma", but "what up shorty" or whatever is still in action, lol. Yes! We still say "mad!" & "ODEEE" lol.
Go awn w/ your bad self, wearin green eyeshadow!

Anonymous said...

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RIP was awesome.. his movie was really admirable.. a great rapper.

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