"It’s important to have a sense of occasion, which people have lost. There’s a great book called Sex and Suits, by Anne Hollander. She talks about tuxedos and says if all the men in the room are wearing dinner clothes then instead of making them all look the same it actually emphasizes their differences. I think people really miss that, not formality, but having a standard. It doesn’t make you a victim if you’re wearing a suit and tie."
(Aka The Style Guy).

Via ACL.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Conversation With Glenn O'Brien


Unknown said...

well said

Anonymous said...


oh and drake.
I remixed "Its Been a Pleasure". So dope.


"Haters aint in our league, so I don't consider them opponents"

Unknown said...

true very true

Dess Marvelous said...

that's right i understand

The Heap said...

A lot of men don't wanna wear a suit because they feel like it's cheesy. What they don't realize is that a man in a suit is immediately respected just because of his appearance. Look at thugs, gangsters, skateboarders, etc; who the hell respects them with their sagging pants and cocked to the side hats when they enter prestige/upscale environments? If they walk into a place of business asking for an application someone is liable to say, "we're not hiring at this time" just to not waste an application on them. Dudes really need to think about that.

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