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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Are You Still Excited?


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Unknown said...

ABSOFUCKINLUTEY!!! I am new fan but a loyal one... You have influenced my music and the way I approach the game... Thanks for being the breath of fresh air! Happy New Year!

Jillian Johnson said...

haha, Very much so =]

Kiana F. said...

that's a yes.
get your swole on! you and trigga can work out together lol

Unknown said...

Oh and BTW the gym pic is giving me life.... Ha!

Unknown said...

Just make the music you have been making man. Honest, Real, good music.

Anonymous said...
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Tay :) said...

SO EXCITED! :D you keep shit REAL that's why i will FOREVER support you.

geminidragon said...


brownie brown said...

Yes. I can't wait to hear TML. I'm a fan, can't wait for you to reach your greatest potential & show it to the world. Happy New year sir, continue to be great & shine. Love & blessings.

KeVo said...

HELLDAFUCKYEA. nigga hurry up.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Been a fan since Comeback Season. I Cant Wait to Thank You Later in 2010 lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hell yeah i have been you fan since i heard you rap on degrassi havent stopped since

MegYuup said...

OHHHH YESSS! im to ready for Thank Me Later and very excited that you are having much success! people are doubting that you will put out an album cuz u keep pushing it back...but I HAVE FAITH and will continue to have it! i thank you now and LATER :)

Es said...

yeah. but you better drop some dopeshit soon!

Anonymous said...

avid fan!!!

please keep it going!! i keep tellin my friends that you're not just a flame thats gonna die out!! so just help me prove em wrong!!! :)

u & wayne are the truth.

geekeduponphp said...

Hell, yeah! I can't wait for your new album. Lil Wayne used to be my fave rapper, but now you are. You're just good. Hopefully, you do more music like THE CALM, LUST FOR LIFE...

@DamnDrakeFly (twitter)

HeartMe247 said...

Too EXCITED! Ur so fucken dope! Excuse my language...but its the truth. =)

Unknown said...

No doubt, but keep at least a bit of that hip hop element (i.e. think good thoughts) you had back in the day! I know you catering to a totally different audience now (the mainstream) but don't forget about the hip hop purists! On another note, I handed a beat CD to Future last time you were in Club Touch in Jackson, MS, don't know if he got it to you but check me out for them fire ass album cuts yo! FUCK WIT CHA BOY!! check em at http://www.myspace.com/williedynamitefm

Deeziejf89 said...

Im a big fan. i think you headed in the right direction with the music too. going platinum the 1st week is very realistic for you. keep bringing us the dope music. Hio Hop in 2010 is looking good

Unknown said...

Honestly, not as excited as anxious. Wondering if you'll bring back the talent and lyricism expressed before you got signed. You're a brilliant storyteller and I hope you don't waste it.

Anonymous said...

yessss :) I hope you have a great new year!!!! I love your lyrics, I live by your words. Tweet me @green_brittni (: (:

EclipseX0X0 said...

very excited!!!! (=

nvm said...

helllllllll yea! true fans never lose interest :)

Unknown said...

Hell YEAH!!!!! Can't effn wait!

Unknown said...

ima be truthful yea im excited but tha shit takin toooo long...... i jus hope it has the emotion and less cockyness, like so far gone and comeback season

Unknown said...

best rapper alive on some real shit. remind me of that biggie type legacy...its only begun, we understand that.YM lets go!

Tiff.. said...

Are you serious! I cant wait to see what you do in 2010!!..

South African Miami Invasion said...

YEP...... you need to come to South Africa :)

Lively said...
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busted1der said...


Nelle said...

yesssssss still excited...just bring that real raw emotion that u brung to comeback season and so far gone and i swear i'll b more than happy! love uuuuu drizzy boo!

Gregybens said...

FUCK YEAH! This is goin to be the only album i have bought since lil jon and the east side boyz! i wake up in the morning and to get started i turn you up on my speakers! your music keeps me going day in and day out! Keep doing you, and i gaurantee ya i will stick by your side as a fan til the end!
-@gregybens(twitter account)

hollybabii said...

yes; very excited! :)

Anonymous said...

HELL YES!!!!!!!!

B Harg. said...

random and in no relation to this post-the winner is actually the theme song to my life right now, so thanks and "happy belated" :)

didnt know you had a blog. stumbled on it via a friends retweet. it's a humble way to stay connected. that's peace. be good to yourself.

Anonymous said...


Lidice F Porro said...

I was bumpin your hits when nobody else plaaaaaayed 'em!!!!! I LOVE YOU DRIZZY DRAKE ROGERS!!!! <3 <3 <3 czechgrl

chris said...

Gotta be, its a must, when u loose ur excitement wht are you truly left with...Keep doin your thing bruh, meet u at the top!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my drizzy yes i am ready than i ever been. i know your not gonna let me down because you never cease to amaze me. got so much love for you and your music.

B Harg. said...

PS I agree with Danielle's sentiments in a major way. The world's not bout to change, but you have the opportunity to do something different- so make that happen.

Anonymous said...

More EXCITED than a 5 yr old at his/her bday party...I love your music and I can't wait for TML

Lively said...

If it's anything like So Far Gone, then yes. If it's anything like Lil Wayne messed up on swag, then probably not. cheers

Chinyere said...

I hate your ass.
Why you gotta...
aw fuck, i give up.
sidenote: don't go like, trey status.
because i love you like THIS.
soft, and cut...like a block of sharp cheddar?

Unknown said...

is that really a question?? lol ABSOLUTELY!!! =]

Anonymous said...

Trying to be...for me too much anticipation leads to too high expectations...but i have a feeling you won't disappoint like most.

PunchDrunkLuv said...


and can't wait for u to land in the Hawaiian Islands..we NEEDS us some DRIZZY down here...u know WASSUP!!

Teezy N. Baby said...

Always & Forever.

Team Drizzy <3

Fresh Buzz said...

yessir, but I would really like to see you go back to your roots. :-) I enjoy your new stuff but I loved the days of Room For Improvement and Comeback Season.

victoria said...

Your music isn't just words thrown into a beat. Your lyrics are filled with complex thoughts and originality. You have us wanting and asking for more. Keep doing what you're doing!!

Anonymous said...

Yeahh I'm still really excited, can't wait for your CD to come out. When you go on tour , you should def. come to Boston, MA. All ypur songs are ill just like you so I'm sure this CD won't have anything less than great ")

Lidice F Porro said...


Anonymous said...

YES. that is all.

GammaSig_GammaTheta said...

Man I loved you long ago. Your lyrics on comeback season and so far gone were pure art. Worded emotions at its finest. And though I respect your choices as far as where you have decided to take your career, I feel like somethings missing. I will probably be the first person at the stores in houston buying a copy or several of tml. But I don't know what to expect from you anymore. Comeback season, room for improvement and parts of so far gone were the reason I got up, went to class, studied, worked out, I even met my boyfriend as a so far gone listening party at college...it was great smoking music even lol. I wrote on my blog in March that I used to feel like you were speaking directly to me...as if you were a friend who gave me your demo to listen to. The ultimate personal touch; which seperates rappers from artists. But with the current music youve been on, all I've heard is metaphors. Tml is long overdue. I worry that most of your fly by night followers who think you are new to the game will lose patience with waiting for the album. I know a lot of people gonna be extra salty reading this...whatever. please don't lose yourself in the music [industry] drake. I hope you do read this and not see me as bitter. There are fans that truly see your potential for absolute greatness farther than you could imagine.

neezzyy said...

yes im still excited BUT im tired of people calling you over rated and im tired of getting into arguments everyday telling people that you're the best i need something that i can back up my argument with ya know? jus dont forget about us fans that have been with you from jump, the ones who STARTED the drake bandwagon and didnt just hop on

love ya kid lol :]

Anonymous said...

i will be if u keep it real, im honestly just scared that young money's gonna turn u out in a bad way. just keep it 100, forget the street cred & all the haters...ur a talented beast. never be afraid to show all ur levels...and u'll be great regardless. cant wait!

Lidice F Porro said...

I'm soooooooo EXCITED!

AP said...

Yes, which is why I want you to hurry up with this album, have an amazing tour, and don't lose yourself to the pursuit of money and fame.

Bonita_Applebaum said...

I would say yes , but PLEASE give us music that makes the brain actually THINK and lyrics that INSPIRE.
We all know you are filthy rich and can get with beautiful women.

P.S. Im not hating you are one of my favorite rappers and I truly enjoy your music so INSPIRE AND DONT DUMB DOWN!!!!

Love from the U.K X

TheDeF said...

still excited...still hoping the album lives up to the hype....and still thinking you're uber handsome.

LoveLife said...

You have an amazing gift. I believe you'll have a phenomenal album. Its all love.

Rob L said...

your insane, and your lyrical art is amazing
keep up the good work, can't wait for the album, we are young money was amazing, now show everyone your true potential.

Chaucer said...
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Chaucer said...

i never cried when BIG died... but i probably will when drake does...

for anyone to ever 'represent me' - i'm proud to know that when someone asks where i'm from and i say "i'm from toronto" - "DRAKE" comes to their mind.

please keep it up!

1 love


Anonymous said...

also you're mixtapes were greattt. . .soo keep up all the good and hardwork you put into your music. . .btw the pic you posted wee cute.

Anonymous said...

also you're mixtapes were greattt. . .soo keep up all the good and hardwork you put into your music. . .btw the pic you posted wee cute.

Anjanette said...

LoL, OF COURSE i am still excited. I have been a huge fan of yours since degrassi,when i found out you were becoming a one of 2009 hottest rappers; you have Thank Me Later coming out next year; i almost fainted. Oh by the way you look VERY SEXY in your workout outfit.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Drizzy!! I feel like a bopper but I can't wait. I just hope you are ready.. You are going to have a lot of folks doubting you but once that record drops they'll be stepping up their game.

DorothyMarie said...

I can not WAIT for Thank Me Later...
My iPod is constantly playing SOMETHING Featuring Drake
be it a Cover and Original or a feature if Drake is in it its in my iPod.
Please good sir, Continue to stay true to your self and make music we can all relate to. Because I buy in triplicate if it tickles my fancy.

Happy New Year.
Peace, Love & Blessings

spareld said...

the answer to your twitter drake.....yeah you can get it

Unknown said...
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spareld said...

i'm going to buy it for the picture

BRIZZY said...

Ay Aubrey doing it big
i'm really admiring your work, ever since you put out that first mixtape, that song closer was just inspirational to me
thanks drizzy now you basically have many of the best things in life
please if you can man, please message me i ain't trying to be weird i just need some motivation you know because im only 14 but im gonna pursue my dreams just like you did

thanks drizzy

peace - martin

doreeen said...

YEEEEEESS!!! Been excited and still am!

Jojo said...

Ohh yess :sigh:: Getting Swole and Looking better is that even possible? Love those picks! <3


Bombchell said...

tsk tsk tsk smh, everyone else ss talking about the same thing, but im here thinking who are the kids in the pic, and did drake just get sexier??? maybe we'll see some shirtless pics,, oooh i wanna be in that video scene.

...ok taking my ass to bed lol

dcc731 said...

haha of course!
just hurry your ass up and stay true man. :)

Nk said...

YUPPPPP (in trey's voice)

Blackmagic5 said...

HELL YEAH but hurry the fuck up bro, Jay Elect and J.Cole is coming for your title. You are one of the best artists out right now.

One more thing, keep it OVO/ATF always Drizzle(lol), that is your true family.

P.S. Can't wait for the single coming early next year and maybe you will drop another mixtape.

Anonymous said...

looked around the site for a means to send this through,

friend of mine in chicago put me onto this group from boston, ma that cover houstonatlantavegas on their album.. aside from that the music is dope anyway, little dragon-esque. theyre called sonnymoon.

sonnymoon - golden age

thought you should hear their stuff :)
season's greeting and all of that from new zealand.

Anonymous said...

is that even a question?!
you are an amazing artist and im so excited to see what the new years brings to us from you and Young Money!

Unknown said...

Forget Thank u Later...I i'm Thanking you Right Now!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Good music is good music. Stick to what you know and most importantly go with what you feel/believe and people will continue to listen!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course! I have literally been a fan since the very beginning and I've converted a lot of non-believers who cannot wait to hear more from you. I think I've never been more excited! I can remember waiting all night for So Far Gone to hit the net, refreshing my page constantly, missing my first two classes the next day to get a proper listen. But now an album! Best believe I will be first in line when it drops!

Unknown said...

YEEESSSS!!!!!!! (:

krista.alana said...

hell yes.

Unknown said...

I am soooo fuckin excited like yuh dnt even no!!!!! Iv been followin u for like 2 years and you have inspired me sooo much iv been writing my own raps and music and iv started to actually get out there!!! I luv u sooo fuckin much I even wrote a verse from one o your songs on my wall!!!

Anonymous said...

...your name is Drizzy and ain't nobody realer.

And the answer would be: Off course!

I know we gotta thank you later but again, thanks for bringing honesty creativity back in music.

Peace and happy new year to all Drizzy fans and the whole crew of OVO. Be safe!

tonguencheek said...

Just don't let the fame take over your definition of success. What's up with Slakah The Beatchild?

White Knight said...

Keep it up my man you've opened my eyes and inspired me to start rapping just for fun. Whatever you put out ill cop it, I got you're back bruh ill always support you. TML

embracingemily said...


Samantha said...

Very Excited! Wish you would come back to Houston to perform again.... Excited to see what you bring in 2010!

YUELZ said...

I only got something to say;

I'm still Exited no matter all the crap that's going on.

I always have faith in you.

Anonymous said...

hellz yea im still excited! ive heard sum rumors bout u but i dnt blieve them! i support u nd ur music 110% u already kno i luv u! nd i hope 2 meet u one day. which brings me to my question...when are u gunna b preforming in boston?

Unknown said...

YESSSSSS!!!!! shouting from the roof top, hell yes baby!!!! Is it possible that I'm more excited then ever! I literally cannot wait much longer for your music. I know that it will be more then amazing. Because you are amazing, period! Also can't wait to see you in concert I will be in the front row.
You look good in that gym photo too, didn't know you had that going on.

Anonymous said...

2010 the year of the Drake.
We all loyal fans. Rep'n you and the rest of the team to the fullest.
Happy Holidays & New year

Anonymous said...

damn drake looks yummy..lol..him and riri should just be together..fuk a chris brown..lol..drake will treat her better..imjustsaying..i luv drake..

LiLMeXiCo said...

U awready know baby! I know thas rite gotta start 2010 3 steps ahead yao ming lol and Yes, Xmas and Thanksgivin food will do that to ya lol

Anonymous said...

oh i'm definately still excited, 100%- but at the same time i feel like the hype is kinda dissapating- give us something, work with us- for the people who dwnloaded all three of the mixtapes long before the co-signs started rolling in- for us, its been a while and the time that spands the realease of SFG and TML seems to just be growing and growing... obviously its not like you can just drop TML willy-nilly, a lot is ridding on this, but seriously reconnect with us...thats all i'm saying!

Choyce said...

cant wait homie keep up the good work. its bout time u come to the Bay Area tho ,whats up wit that

Choyce said...

aye Drizzy it looks like u trying out for a Star Trak role in that bb pic

Stephanie (: said...
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Stephanie (: said...

YES! i can't wait!! i love u sooo much since Degrassi♥! the training pic is beautiful! xoxo

Unknown said...


enough said

Chantii said...

man, I BEEN excited! lol. I can't wait for TML. 2010 is "Year of Drake" lol. =]

pippa said...

of course we are silly!
keep on doing what your doing.
your such a hard worker. we love you,
and your man pout- lol at the second picture <3

pippa said...

of course we are silly!
keep on doing what your doing.
your such a hard worker. we love you,
and your man pout- lol at the second picture <3

Unknown said...

You have NO idea!!!!! =)
you truly are an inspiration to many people by the way you carry yourself and not to mention your phenomenal lyrics. hands down your the best rapper, you speak the truth!!

Unknown said...

Yes I'm excited...you have a unique wisdom that is sweet to your soul; never loose the LOVE you have for your work you do so well and you will always be successful...trust yourself before anyone else ...dont let others destroy what you work so hard for...Never forget some friends are just frienemies in the closet....becareful in the new year...

egoins23 said...

Of course baby. You make sure you do ten more extra push-ups for me today :)! Good luck on the new years eve show in washington too!

Aphrodite's Opus said...

what type of question is that DRIZZY? uhhhh,yeah.Can't wait to see what you got for us in 2010.

Unknown said...

I'm always going to be excited when it comes to you. I'm counting down the days til TML comes out. It's gonna be an epic moment. And years down the road, I'm still going to be excited!!!

Anonymous said...

Drake be on his shit, he need a pamper on. Toilet paper on the side for example...

Shaun said...

Yes, but the suspense is killin' me man.

Hey Shae! said...

Yuuup! Definitely so.

Drakehead said...

And I'll still be excited even you drop that shit after 10 years!
But these are cute pictures :].

The Superneauxva said...
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Dayz said...

I can't wait!-- im in love with you----re voice (lol)
kisses from NC

KLFP said...


You are so right. Listen to room for improvement and then listen to this new stuff. It is garbage in comparison. I do not plan to buy TML. Drake needs to get his crap together. He is losing real fans to people who will turn on him in second.

Unknown said...

It's Coming. But when?
I just can't help but predict a Dr.Dre and Detox kind of wait. Its hard to prefer perfection or nothing at all. Nonetheless, when it arrives, I expect nothing short of perfection. Yes, two contradictory statements..its a tuffy.

La'Saundra said...
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La'Saundra said...
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SouthernBelle504 said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for blowing me the kiss boo :)

Nteague1 said...

Drippy, what..what is this.

Nteague1 said...

You Imaginary Playa....lol

Unknown said...

of course im still excited!
TML will be beautiful I can feel it!

Nats said...

cute like always!

Jackie said...

YES!!!!! What MOFO wouldn't be excited!!!!!??

Unknown said...


La'Chandretta said...

YES!!! I am still excited and always will be with your music. Honestly, I've never been dissapointed musically from you, you always bring it to the table.
Thats why I love and appreciate you as an artist. I've been listening to you since "Room Form Improvemnt" tellin people "Yall need to check out this kid Drake he's dope", Now couple months after "So Far Gone" dropped they think they starting something huh lol. Shoot I can still remeber the first time I saw "Replacement Girl" on The-N after watching my fix of Degrassi lol. Like man, I was already crushing on you when you was on Degrassi. Look at me going back with these little memories. I know this is long but I'm not saying this just to gas you up, just to let you know I really appreciate you. Just put that emotion on the track it gets me through alot. But, I still love the stuntin music too,gets me hype and feeling good. I'm a beliver, so lets get these naysayers to believe. I definately copping the album, so you can "Thank Me Later". (PS. COME TO CLEVELAND!!! Went to the AMW show you didn't come (I understand why) so you have to come now, ok I'm finally done.!!!

LD said...

Cute gym pic =D im looking forward to taking some of those tml tracks to the gym with me! =)
not to put any pressure on you, lol =b
i wonder if you even read all these comments... haha
if so, I hope you're coming to NorCal this year! that'd be tight, i might have to pick up some vip tickets for that but iiii dunno =b
you're cute A, hoping to see you soon. xoox, ecogirl2010

Anonymous said...

Of course!!! Your music is inspirational, fun, etc. I can listen to your music and feel every emotion possible...keep up the amazing work. And try not to get hurt anymore (haha...had to take a jab at you =)). But you are still BEAST!! Much respect <3

LD said...

p.s. are you a time traveler?? loll =D

Unknown said...

HAha Nice.. Getting ready for new years too..2010 chick..And btw the little kid at the bottome is frikkin adorable :* have a dopetastic new year i know that i will

blessedlibra said...

I'm sooooooooooooo excited. I'm not even a big rap fan but I love all the music you've put out. I just hope you don't let young money influence you too much (the drugs that wayne is on and feeling the need to overemphasize how hood and street they are). Just keep doing what you're doing and I will definitely be supporting your future endeavors. Happy new year!

Unknown said...

SO I been searching hard for Drizzy's Publicist contact information. Simple email & office Phone number. If someone could let me know how to get that I would aprechiate it. my email antonio.irizarry@gmail.com

Millz said...

Yes, Patiently Waiting.
Love the baby pic..too adorable, I get my son like that all the time hahaa.
Got the Gym wear poppin lol -

official.drakeaholic said...

soooooo ihavent commented on here in 4eva bt im doin it now. mah answer. yes. lol.

lovin duh bod in dat sec pic btw.

who's duh kidd???

Unknown said...

Thought the whole OVO TEAM WOULD LIKE THIS


*OctoberBaby*ScorpioLady* said...

Hellllllll ya. Hurry.

Kristen said...

Most definitely excited!!! Take your time on TML, I know it'll be worth the wait. Also, I hope you do some promo shows soon hmmm maybe in LA...!

Millz said...

What happen to Chanukah ?

somuchbeautyindirt. said...

i could listen to you for days kid. your words. how you've grown as a writer, an artist. to hear your music makes me smile. has just taught me to say fuck people who tell you what you're capable of. and to just go hard.

so yeah,
you could say i'm a little anxious.

Unknown said...

Ottawa, IS CRAVING FOR you drake
Please swing by like were dieng!

tamara152 said...

I can't wait. I have been a fan since Degrassi and have loved all your work. Have a Happy and Safe New Year.

Anonymous said...

can't wait for feb 14th i already told everybody i know that feb 14th is bigger than valentines day!
<3 the gym pick lol ;-)
and ur great w/ good work ethic and you're very personable
i wish you the best
and i <3 ur music
theres a drake line for every situation in life<--#realtalk lol!

Jacie Sullivan said...

HOW COULD WE NOT BE? We are all still eagerly awaiting it's arrival. My hubbs likes your style of rap and I love to hear your sweet sultry singing voice. Keep it comin. We found you on the internet and have been fans ever since! Happy New Year!

julie said...

haaa the pic with the lil kid n all that food passed out is halarious...damn i been followin since back when...its crazy to see ppl on here who used to show love now they dont....oh well thats life...haaa ALSO just heard that joint deceiving....thats my shiiiiit...had to finally leave a comment on somethin

Art said...

All TML has to be is the Hip Hop Version of this:



The Heap said...

The only thing I seen was that big bowl of food in front of that exhausted lil girl lmao. That food looks good as hell. Wonder what it is? lmao

julie said...

actually read what GAMMASIG had to say some deep shit ....thoughtful...but he gotsss thissss!!! lol

Lolita Love said...

OMG how did you get that baby picture of Jas Toooo efin cute oh and obviously that question was retorical!! Duuuh a better question is "Are we even prepared???"

Anonymous said...

that's a yes.

Felisha said...

of course

KH said...

YES!! more than you could ever know

IslandChynaDoll said...

Most definitely. My little sister's in Brampton put me on to your music - and Degrassi :-) and as each year passes you have grown. From one Scorpio to another, keep doing what you're doing - its not in us to stop going hard or to fail. Best Wishes and continued success in 2010! Happy New Year!

spareld said...

happy new years drake...oh my god you never wish us a happy nothing!!!!

still can't wait until the album so my question to you are you still excited?

Crystal24 said...

very much excited!!! can not wait till TML drops and you go on tour btw you absolutely must to come to Chicago, that is a demand lol j/k. This is going to be by far the most magnificent year to come. Your album comes out and my 25th B-day is approaching rather quickly, March 25th Aries baby, so if your in Chicago on the 27th please come downtown and have a toast with me at the Trump Hotel for my social gathering it will be thee most fanstastic present I could receive lol (yeah right I know, but a lady can wish, right?). Keep doing what you are doing which is making the best music my ears have ever heard. Btw Try Harder, Congratulations, Successful, Going In for Life, and Closer were all phenomenal and my favorites! Hope to get backstage passes so I can meet the man behind the music...

Alexis97 said...

I think that Drizzy is an awesome rapper, singer and actor. He is also really hansome.

Unknown said...

im ready and waiting!!!!! cant wait for the new album. i know its gonna be great no pressure lol. i see you getting it in with the workout.

My Fave Web Series said...

Simply, yes.

But in the off chance that you actually see this late, but sincere post... I'll elaborate:

You are the wordsmith of today. With that said, I challenge you to put out a project that keeps the avid radio listeners/club heads at bay with catchy beats and choruses. Yet drop track(s) with subject matter outside the norm-- shed light on the human condition as you see it, because some of us actually remember you uttering "chill ma, we can talk about the trials in Sudan". Now, it does not have to be THAT subject, but Im sayin yo give me something more than the run of the mill. YOU can do it, and it can fly under the radar of those who just want to bob their heads.

You were mentored by Slum Vill and Little Brother. You say you're a fan of 3k. C'mon son! The only person wit you right now is Lupe and he's kinda, well um, killin' it! But, I think you can surpass him if done properly.

Either way, I wish you the best. Sorry for the long drawn out post. But, I only voice concern over things I care about. You took me back to the days of "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" when I first heard your stuff... LAURYN!

So, you can do this. And Im excited...


ImJusNikki said...

its cute training for a long 2010.. they told me u'd be busy this year.. Cant wait to see wut u have in store..

Anonymous said...

Hells yea i am excited i am a big fan i have been following you since day 1 on degrassi i was so excited when i first heard brand new and ever since you've been on fire and surprising me with ever song keep up the good work because this is what the game needs.

MIZ5STAR said...


Jonte Marie said...

That gym pic made me smile..you are sooooo friggin GEORGOUS :)

Brittney said...

Whos the sleepy head? :P

amiii86 said...

well gotta say it for the record i am ur #1 fan....n u keep looking good....

Unknown said...

you best belive i am ; ive been a fan of yours since "room for improvement" came out... your amazing and i love the way you carry yourself... "Thank me later" has to be the most anticipated album ever and i love you drizzyyyyyyy

Unknown said...

Most definitely! I love your music and spirit. Continue to make great music your way for the world to enjoy.

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C.Laila said...

*Impatiently waiting for Thank Me Later*...that is all ;-)

Anonymous said...

plz work on them abs cuz you cant be cute with no body!!!!! lol

mostsupportingfan said...

i was thinking what is this talented young man doing at this moment? so very nice of your to share....can't hardly wait, idle hands going crazy, heart beating with anticipation, however so patiently awaiting

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I can not WAIT for Thank Me Later...
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