Tuesday, August 17, 2010



Chantii said...

Been waiting for this song for a minute, styll. I love it and how it references from "Belly". That movie was so raw and amazing. Good look, P. Reign & it's nice to see Drake in the video, too! :)

"When it Reign's, it pours." aha

Nisha said...

"Styll?" I cant with tour Toronto terms Chantii lmaooo I'm waiting on that Toronto slang dictionary.. But back to the video. I love this song, and I've been waiting for the video. I like the video and message it's trying to send. And the ending was unexpected! Great video.

Chantii said...

LMFAO, Nisha! Soon time, man. I gotta get my boy Jason on it, styll (LMFAO. SHUT UP!)

Nisha said...

Lmaooo Chantii again with the "styll" hahaha "I gotta get my boy Jason on it" that made me laugh for some reason, idk why lol but yesss y'all should get on that :) haha

Planet Koda said...



Nteague1 said...

so he's really Drake's artist? Wow, it just rained..

Anonymous said...


b said...

hey guys check out the 2 minute teaser of drakes video miss ft lil wayne http://julysveryown16.wordpress.com/

Nteague1 said...

i WANNA watch this =(

FraNcis James said...

Love this record and the video. Its got that vibe that should appeal to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Great message, Great song, Great lyrics, Great Video!!! Hes not drakes artist, but he definitely deserve to be, either way he'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

did nas have a video that was exactly like this... with the kid on the bench, the narration, the kid with the gun smoking a blunt.. im pretty sure nas had a video like that.. the name of the video escapes me.

T.T said...

at first i wasn't shure. cause that whole opening scene was from one of Nas's Video's so i wasnt shure that i would like it. but the song is hot. it was a good video. i liked that dude from belly was in it. i also agree im really feeling the message that the video portrayed and the unexpected ending.

T.T said...

Its from belly originally. but 40 or oliver posted the scene that was redone with Nas's song One Love. So hence why we think its from a music video.here is the link

Anonymous said...

the acting sucked, the song was ok, but the message was good

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Lmaooo Chantii again with the "styll" hahaha "I gotta get my boy Jason on it" that made me laugh for some reason

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