Tuesday, August 17, 2010




Interesting to hear the story behind the production, except for this guy's awkward demeanor.

Nisha said...

Ah, Francis and the Lights, I've been meaning to start listening to more of their music, because they produced a great song. Karaoke is one of my faves off the album. I kinda wanna hear the song that Francis had been working on before he sent the beat to Drake too. It's nice to hear the background story on this song.

Anonymous said...

this site is dope thanks to olivers posts. Well rounded with both fashion and muscial aspects, 2 things i live for.
Sick interview here.
For anybody still sleeping check older posts for the Big L 98 freestyle. Haven't heard this since 19 fish n' chips.

good call on this one "O"

Planet Koda said...

Really diggin it (:


Anonymous said...

least favorite song on album, i would assume every1's least favorite...good ass album tho

ItsMeB said...

hey ovo, come and check out my first blog http://julysveryown16.wordpress.com/

Kristle said...

I LOOOOVE this song! idk why, but it made me cry! Its raw, beautiful, and a breath of fresh air. Francis and the Lights made history with that track. They should work together more often, album is sooo dope!

young spita said...

i'll be waiting 4 tha video,but i wanted to see a video to"shut it down"or"unforgettable"

Anonymous said...

follow me:


J said...

ill fuckin song, got a lot of meanin behind it

Brittney said...

@ as posted above. I feel kinda bad cause its my least favorite song however i get it and its dope if youre into its genre. And yea that guy talks wayyyy too slow haha

FraNcis James said...

It was after Oliver posted "The Top" video, that I really started to pay attention to them. Saw them at The OVO Fest and I'm looking forward to seeing them next time they're in Toronto

Anonymous said...

listen to my goals by francis n the lights!!
soo good

Anthony said...

dudes hella awkward. one of my favorite songs on the album. looking forward to the R&B mixtape.

djbaps said...

my fave song on the album its deep i luvvvv it so much.... TML album of the year .... drake is one of the best

Kyoudai said...

Favourite song on the album. Everytime it plays I envision chillin at karaoke bars at night during a Japan tour and an airport like Kanye's all falls down during the raps

lisa said...

loving the your songs keep them coming you have something special god gave you use it to make your dreams come true god bless an keep them song coming your names gonna get bigger i can see that ...

P h i l s k i ' 8 2 said...



Anonymous said...


Nteague1 said...

hi oli

South said...

How stoned is this dude? At least wear some sun glasses if you're going to make the interview that awkward.

KRich said...

Is there really a Video for Karaoke coming???

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Adam said...


kill smith da fresh prince said...

is it me or his he like super coked up besides tht love the song drizzy

Elsa said...

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