Caspa & Mr. Hudson.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Love Never Dies


Nisha said...

Is that the guy who sang in Young Forever with Jay-Z? It was a nice video, I like it! And the song is pretty good too, imma have to listen to some more songs by this guy.

Anonymous said...

A Sign From God That It Is My Season! Good Music Yo!!

J said...

yeah it's the same guy who did the collab with Jay-Z. he's got alot of sick tracks out. check out his album its dopee

Anonymous said...

Yeah this is Mr Hudson, who sung "Supernova" with Kanye and "Young Forever" with Jay-Z. He is from the UK, so are Sid and Tizzlem another amazing group!

young spita said...

young forever?????

Nteague1 said...

am i 7th?

Nteague1 said...

O, im getting the matching earrings if ur wondering why..once i saw them, i said unh unh, this is cute.

Nteague1 said...

oliver, blow on my nails. Don't act like a bitch!!! Am I tenth?

Chase said...

Drizzy over a dubstep track like this would be crazy.

Anonymous said...

dope video and lyrics

"Back then it was weed, girls, and its greed, hurt, and alcohol...but love never dies." -drizzy remix soon ?

Anonymous said...

Drake and all rappers, please leave dubstep alone. Stick to what you know. Dubstep is about the music, not about the person talking about themselves. I'm all for a lyricist but you gotta make it sound proper. Don't just come in and talk about how famous your are or how much money you got. Look at what Snoop did when he tried to break into Dubstep, it was just horrible.

Take notes! This is, in my opinion, one of the best Dubstep tracks with an MC over it:

Notice how he talks about Caspa, the track, and brings us through the scene. This shit is proper. If you rappers do it like this, I'm in.

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