Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where it all starts...


JusSeeks said...
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hustleGRL said...

The future is in your hands, lol.

JusSeeks said...

40 you're so fn cute

chickenleg said...
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chickenleg said...

tru tru

emmes3 said...

OVO is seriously grinding, and it gets me excited because the harder they grind, the better TML will be.

Angel said...

man 40 you make awesome beats like for real haha
thanks for the add on myspace

Bombchell said...

I agree with JusSeeks!


Joycelynn said...

its about time u posted a lil sum 40 lol

james said...

I see u 40.... lets get it started ;we starving

Lochnes said...

what is that??

CheezyDoDo said...

He looks tired lol

Crown Vik said...

40! whats goin on man.immma 16 year old artist/producer/beat maker... and ive noticed the quality u project when u finish a track.. the way you mix it makes it sound incredible!.. i wish to one day learn how you do this.. your an incredible engineer.. if u have the time.. add me here.. .. appriciate it and wish you nothing but success fofr 2010 and years to come.

Playa Rabbit said...
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Playa Rabbit said...


PunchDrunkLuv said...

rumble young man, rumble.

Alph-a-BiT said...

technology is incredible...keep doin your thing i support good music! I'm guessing ya'll do as well..check me out!!

No disrespect just want to be heard..shameless plug i kno lol


jweezy225 said...

I don't think people actually realize what it says... That contains 1TB of space! If that's all for Drake, that's nuts, lol. I'm sure it's to hold other production files too, I hope, because I couldn't imagine one man having a terabyte of music... shit, I think I have too much music on my 4gb ipod nano lol.

hdesir2 said...

future of music.
Proud to be a fan and a witness of your pure magnificence.


Im not looking for any handouts or a quick ticket to fame.I want to earn it.
But if you, or anyone reading this could help me out.
Visit my youtube and comment and critique my vids, i'll really appreciate it.

Bad Habbit Blog's said...
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Chris said...

ahaha he came wit the glyph hard drive. I perfer glyph over lacie anyways! whats the status on a single or a anything?!

CJ said...

so I'm just gonna keep it simple, and say that if you make a post...I'll follow it...

LiLMeXiCo said...

is that right?! thas wassup then got ur work cut out for ya

BLACKkatemoss said...

"And boy u kno my progression insane.
My engineer is the best n the game.."

SneakerKing said...

Can't wait to hear it, favorite song so far would have to be Man of the Year minus Lil' Wayne's part (he kind of took your glory on that song) let us know when that album drops, definitely going out to buy it and not download it haha

talkmyshitagain said...

jweezy: 1TB probably isn't all that much when you think of how big the files are on there. It's not like they are sharing 192kbps instrumental and vocal track files back and forth on there...

Starr said...

i agree w/ sneakerking, i understand that Wayne is your mentor, but when i listen 2 your songs, i listen 2 it 4 YOU. not Wayne!

i'm still your one & only #1 fan till the end though.

Maiyya said...

haha 40 your so frikkin adorable

Fire Boosh said...



Shawni_Denise said...

Damn, are all Canadians sexy? OOOOOOoooo Mr.'re killin' us. What is it...a 5 hr drive from Michigan? Got my passport. I'm there! LOL!

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lincoln said...

DRiZZY should make a songg wit da "addictive" songs by Truth Hurts.that beat goes hard nd im sure drake would go hard too

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