Lebron 25th Birthday...YM CTE Four Horsemen all day.

Friday, January 1, 2010

La Familia


Alph-a-BiT said...

YEAA MANE..2010 is the year to handle business, the suits are appropriate off top!

Check my music vid out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSHxyXDtzgo

No disrespect just doing my thing, thought ya'll would appreciate it. Much love!

nah said...


mu5um4 <3 said...


AyeitsChey said...

owww, you guys looks really nice in a suit ") damn drake flyy

spareld said...

aaawww look at my baby in his suit

Patrick said...

is that Fab and Bun B?

Sophiaful said...

you're even sexier in 2010.

PunchDrunkLuv said...

"Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man."

CheezyDoDo said...

My nigga said Bun B tho lmao thats Young Jeezy sporting the facial hair

This pic is Money thats what it should be called,too much of it on this mothafucka

foxxy said...

i did a triple take lol, that did look like bun for minute and a half..

SheReeTah said...

lol @ a minute and a half

dapper, though i dont dig the bowties.

Gabriela said...

Looking dapper, all of you.

Lelan said...

What has been the biggest challenge in making this album so far?

[Long pause.] I want people to be able to relate to it. I don’t want to be braggadocios. I am not trying to make an album about how I am rich now

Thank you drake.

LaTosha said...

Very flashy Drizzy ......I'm loving it, No ONE Does it better than YOU Drake your truley one of a kind......And Lebron waiting 4 u to take it all baby you deserve it......Love you guys stay fresh to death.......LovinDisCaliLife. TB

Nteague1 said...

I'm not a stan or anything, but you look HOTT!!

Nteague1 said...

Nice blaza.. ;)

BLACKkatemoss said...

Yu guys look handsome & well-dressed.

Angel said...

tooo clean lol

NyAsia said...

Drake, it looks like you rang in the New Year right... with people you love! Best wishes for 2010 - though I am sure you already know its yours. :-)

**QuietStorm** said...

can we go chill and smoke a blunt lol...nah but fur real tho

Solo Dolo said...

man drizzy ur fadddedddd.. and whatsup is that a double chin coming thru??

egoins23 said...

you look yummy damn wish I could have been there for a split second then disappear to reality like a tracker. :) Seeing your face is like Luke hearing his father is dark vander, so crucial.

Drakehead said...

Everyone looks so clean!

The Heap said...

Happy (b-lated) b-day Lebron. Didn't realize he was so young.

Tima Chanel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dre' Dollar said...

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Tima Chanel said...

happy to say that i was there... small town girl in a big city party.. you can believe it was CRAZY! Check out the blog though.. latest one is of drake!


marilyn said...

So unbelievable handsome! Man in a suit= Big Turn on =D =D =D

Mister. LaBeach said...

Drizzy! Man, you have been my inspiration for everything i do, i have been bumping your music every since Room For Improvement and Degrassi. Everything about this blog is Dope man. If you have time could you check my two blogs? Im trying to get it in early in the year!! lol



Hadelicious said...

y'all lookin' FLY!

LiLMeXiCo said...

Pero mira que chulos!!!! :o) yesssir, lookin hella good N Bron, welcome to the quarter century club baby! lol I still got bout anotha year n half or so, but lookin forward to that big 25th baby lol much luv!

MIZ5STAR said...

LOOK AT MY HUSBAND(DRAKE)u r too sexxi daddy

yoli said...

wow. you guys are waaay too clean! either the party hasn't started or thats one hell of a boring party.

ehsking09 said...

An Silvia B Tellin Tez Damn Drake Fly N He Juh B Like Silly Muhfucka I Knw!!!...Clean Az Hell Drizzy

Shayla said...

I think I'm with yoli, looks a little boring, but when you're so far gone I guess that's okay...

Cute pic though, I'd rather Drake be by himself, but I guess I can't have him going all selfish on me...so I'm good (maybe)...

and Drizzy, I'm loving the UK shout out! C-A-T-S, Cats, Cats, Cats!

Tyla said...

I've never blogged before, but I'd do it all day for Drake.

You're a great rapper and singer. Your music is real. Some of my favorite songs are, "Sooner Than Later," "Say What's Real," and "A Night Off.

I had doubted your talent when I had first heard that you were making music after growing up watching you on Degrassi and knowing that you were a Jewish Canadian. I was proven wrong. I have never heard anyone with more talent to say such truths without fear of how it may make you look. I see you in the best of lights.

Even if you did drop out of school, I can tell that you're really smart by your lyrics. That is sexy!

Better believe that when you go on your own tour, if you come to Milwaukee, WI, where I go to school or Chicago, IL, I'll be front row.

I hope you stay real and don't become someone that you, yourself hates. Best wishes for your personal life and career.


Ray Cheselka said...

that party must have been insane.

amiii86 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
amiii86 said...

hey drake ........ur so fly in every way....

Ana said...

Dear Aubrey,

It is 3:26 am here in New York. I wonder if you're in the studio at the moment. I have insomnia and I'm laying in bed wondering if you even read what people write to you. Yes you are humbled by your fans and your success but nowadays you're such a busy man that you probably don't even have time to sit back and appreciate all the blessings that have been given to you. Your success to me is bittersweet, considering the fact that I've been watching Degrassi since my teen years and I am still wondering whether or not Jimmy was going to walk again lol. But, I cannot deny that I love your music so I guess I can live without knowing what will ever become of Jimmy Brooks. You are such a talented artist and I am so happy for you because you're finally getting what you've worked for. Don't ever let people make you feel like this isn't where you belong, because this is your spot, the spot that has been waiting for you for so long now, it was a position that only you could fill being at the top. Its is your time to reign and you've taken the throne as though its been yours all along. You're definitely taking over in the industry, people are paying you obscene amount of money just for you to pop up in their videos, you know you've made it when you don't even have to say a word lol. I just wish I could make you promise me one thing, and that one thing would be don't get lost. Its easy to get lost in the world that you're in. It would really disappoint me and all of your fans if you ended up being the stereotypical rapper because that so isn't you. You're not the in the club signing boobs kinda artist or the type to do drugs and I would hate for you to become that because that would be a waste of your talent. I can't wait for you to go on tour. Can you believe I'm 22 and have never attended a concert in my life. But, as soon as tickets go on sale for your tour I'm going straight to ticket master, so hurry and drop that album already and get to New York. But anyways... my comment is getting extremely long and you probably have people who update this for you so you won't even end up reading this. God Bless you and may 2010 bring you happiness, health, love and much success, you deserve it!


Maiyya said...

omg i love you guys so much! :) you and lebron

lovebug77 said...

Very sexy, liking you a lil bit more...
happy bday to lebron, still a couple months older than u...omg.

the good music conference said...

drizzy, 2010s your year

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Anonymous said...

my 2 husbands-Drake and LeBron! lol they are so cute!

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I had doubted your talent when I had first heard that you were making music after growing up watching you on Degrassi and knowing that you were a Jewish Canadian. I was proven wrong. I have never heard anyone with more talent to say such truths without fear of how it may make you look. I see you in the best of lights.

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Gigi said...

Haha! I bet u were excited Drizzy huh? A bit of a dream come true! <3

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