Friday, March 9, 2018

OVO x Drake Night Tee 2018


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Nice! Great post.

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honeyrasta said...

What we do know is!! You're greater than this situation!! Scorpion about to drop and you're keep doing what you do best and that's being Drake and you're loved for it!!
Do Right And Kill Everything 💖👑

honeyrasta said...

Congratulations!!! Drizzy Baby!!! Keep breaking records and setting the bar anddd who is Resha? you was supposed to say Neshaaaa 😄😄👐💖

honeyrasta said...

That video is pretty dope and it explains alot custom made equipment!! �� aint nothing like that OVO Sound

honeyrasta said...

I lovvvve the visuals for Nonstop especially the scene when you're surrounded by the art 👐👐👐 Dope Asf and then those Owl/Oriole hoodies 👀👀 (I'm a Baltimore native so i know)😄😄 they fresh as shyt Baby!!!! Keep doing ya thing "all summer 18 playing dirty not clean"😄😄💖

honeyrasta said...

Hey Drizzy baby i hope you're taking care of yourself and getting all the rest you need best wishes

OVOXO 😄😄😍💖

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honeyrasta said...

Hey drizzy baby!!!! I am so proud of you for posting those topless pics it was definitely needed for the culture💖 But ummmmm dont get to comfortable showing all my goods off like that ok 😔😅😅😍💖

ShiraQueen said...

honeyrasta said...

Drizzy Baby whats uppppppp i had to come by and show the Blog some love for old times sake it's a genuine kinna ting ya know lol

Best Wishes, Stay Blessed & More Life

honeyrasta said...


honeyrasta said...

Happy Fathers Day Drizzy💖

honeyrasta said...

Ummmm immaaa need you to drop that album Drizzy ASAP but in the meantime I would settle for a 24 month calendar of possible album photo picks preferably (beach,up close,poolside, and shirtless) Lolololol don't pay me mind but i'm serious though....😄😄💖

Anonymous said...

That money in the grave 🔥🔥 Butttt please don't put no tatts on your face Drizzy !!😄😄 But I'm serious 🙁

Anonymous said...

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