Saturday, December 13, 2014



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Tito Nixon said...

Solid delivery by TOPSZN again. Thank you OVO and Reps Up for blessing us with these tunes.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love you Drizzy!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Seriously this is beyond amazing !!

Anonymous said...

Love it

Anonymous said...

What the fuck was this recorded with?! A fucking potato!?

Anonymous said...

ay yo drizzy u should cut your goatee and rock the long sideburns like Roy Ayers on the Virgo Red album cover..

Anonymous said...

love it, this is sooooo fire!!! Love it!! .

Anonymous said...

I am a big OVO fan but i have to admit this song was not appealing, it sounded like a disney channel anthem rap song. Lyrics were ehh beat was fire but maybe the topic was wack. i don't know but i hope the sound gets better because the last three drake put out was straight fire. again I am a huge OVO fan so I am not hating, but they need tighten up after this

Dade county said...

disappointed from Drake and OB's lyrics almost surprised that P reign had the dopest verse, OB Needs to stop repeating the same words in different context, drake lyrics were not even good wtfffff. OVO you better than this. P reign adds the gangster the hip hop to this song straight up,

Anonymous said...

you negative commenters can't make OB be anyone but himself. He is he is being himself from what it sounds like in each song he is in. Let him B... OVO I love this, it's awesome!!!

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

That's a nice song. #ovo

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

He said Free Breezy lol

{OVO} said...

The other night I went to Lloyd Banks crib
He had some advice for me
Told me you ain't gotta be a G to have unity
That's my old head
Reminder that they don't really love me
Yea, I know you don't love me
In this game they lie and wait on the opportunity
Ruin the reputation that you built yourself
All about the wealth, know your worth, know yourself
Put family first, the harvest comes right back
Mad cause they ain't have it like that
Pouring Red Stripe out on the strip down in Vegas
Take a breath
take a sec
to forget
that your famous
Never set my nigga up no matter how bright my shine gets
Cause it could be over by the end of the night if you let it
My nigga leaving with half of what he came with
Tip said this shit'll either boil over or burn
Well I'ma be the one to chef up the pot on my turn
Like we schemin up in the club on a Tuesday I learned
Never to friend a new nigga over a loyal one, my concern
Is a couple old bucks tryna be young money like you never heard
It's YM CM B gone with your sorry ass from out my Earth


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honeyrasta said...

This song is 🔥🔥as usual a p reign killed this y'all keep doing your thing 👌💋

Anonymous said...

You're ugly and you're songs are fucking garbage. Go die, Drake. I hope you read this comment and commit suicide, you ugly faggot son of a bitch.

Foku Me said...



Foku Me said...

Go kill yourself, Drake. You're a worthless faggot. I will expose your gay ass.

Foku Me said...


Foku Me said...

I am glad Puff Daddy punched you for stealing his song without permission, Drake. I hope you die next, faggot.

Foku Me said...

Stop saying "nigga", Drake. You're 99% White. You look and sound more White than anything. You're only 1% Black and you never grew up in the hood, white ass faggot. You're not Black enough, white ass faggot.

Foku Me said...

You're not Black enough. Only Blacks and Hispanics can say nigga. Go kill yourself, faggot white ass Drake.

honeyrasta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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Anonymous said...

Fuck Drake, fuck his money, fuck his life, fuck his garbage songs, fuck his garbage lyrics, fuck his mother, fuck Lil Wayne for signing him. He's gay and garbage. I hope Drake and his mother dies.

Here's proof that Drake is gay:

Anonymous said...

Drake is so fucking ugly and he laughs like a faggot.

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Anonymous said...

Drake is nothing. He's just got famous for making garbage, corny emo records and having millions of dumb, retarded fans. His voice is so annoying. Drake should retire and kill himself lol.

Anonymous said...

Drake never worked hard and struggled. All he did was get on Degrassi and get $2 million dollars for signing with Young Money. He never had a deep past. No one envies him and no one wants to be him. He is only a feminine, corny overexposed R&B singer with a whole bunch of flaws and a oversensitive, bitchy, haughty attitude who tries to rap hard. He's just a nobody and a overnight C list celebrity and B list rapper from Canada. He's not a A lister and he's not worth over a $100 million. He's never been in big movies and never had a worldwide hit song. He only gets recognized in cheap Hip-Hop magazines, charts, headlines and shit like that because that genre is dead and he has millions of dumb, braindead fans who are delusional and think he cares about them because they live nonsense lives and don't know shit about him. Drake doesn't rap right and his singing voice is off pitch, shaky and too soft. I hope this sick, retarded faggot Drake catches a STD from a prostitute, stripper or pornstar and dies.

Anonymous said...

Drake is such a fucking pussy. He doesn't even know how to rap. His songs are so garbage. He's ugly too. He looks like a duck. Why do people like him? Is he doing black magic, signed with the Illuminati and Freemasonry or something for people to like him for no reason? Lol. Shoot yourself, Drake.

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