Saturday, August 11, 2012

The System - Fry yiy


Alex said...

Aye Niko

Anonymous said...

Is that Wale?? Lol

tiggz said...

haha dope video! Peep the toronto snapback in the video, big ups! The "fry yiy" caption is funny. Yiy dem fry

Anonymous said...

What happened to all of the cute ovo "hookups"-meg and ryan, 40 and chantelle, 40 and caroline?

Sprite said...

Ha! LOL video

Drizzy_Mistress17 said...

Drake, i missed u baby<3 i know this video wasnt about u but this IS your fansite, && I Love u, im your #1 fan && i would do ANYTHING to spend one night with you, your fucking amazing and i kno u got some good dick ;)

Drizzy_Mistress17 said...

*Takes panties off 4 drake* Baby can u sign these.? *Takesshirt off for drizzy* will u autograph my DD's.? lol i love you babii, && i cant wait to b at your next show OVOXO<3

Drizzy_Mistress17 said...

I Wanna get a bra&panties set that either has your name OR face on it Drake ;) If i could spend a whole day with you id make you breakfast in bed then give u s3x && head<3 then i'd wash ur clothes && fix u lunch

then i'd def let u hit it drizzy ;) Then id make u dinner && bathe with you as were sexxing<3

Drizzy_Mistress17 said...

Drake ur the only reason why i wanna work @ king of diamonds so i can give you a twerk show && pop that 4 your sexxxy ass <3 im gonna be YOUR private dancer && your video vixen ;)

cakes said...

Hi nickel backk

Drizzy_Mistress17 said...

Drizzy i just have to say that Take Care was the best album ive ever heard baby ;) i loved practice, Take care, doing it wrong, trust issues, shot 4 me, club paradise, headlines, basically ALL the songs. && i love YOU. if i was old enough id def. take a shot 4 you, all them other guys be doing it wrong thats why there just practice 4 you ;) i wanna dance naked 2 take care just to show my appreciation 4 you Drizzy<3

Drizzy_Mistress17 said...

i wanna show you a gooood tiiime drake<3 && we can be all night getting it on babii ;)

Anonymous said...

haha i like how you used all his abulm titles and used it to express your love for drake too sweet <3

Drizzy_Mistress17 said...

^^^ Thanks Anonymous, i really DO love drake, && hes asweetheart as well ;)

Anonymous said...

The thirst on this blog! Be a fan not a Blog Whore, Smdh.

Anonymous said...

leave drizzy's mistress alone! besides she makes me laugh :D

Drizzy_mistress said...

@Anonymous no YOU be a fan, not a HATER. if you on here 4 drake why the fuck u worried about me for.? #BitchBye -_-
Goodnight drizzy, i love u baby *shakes boobs 4 you*

Anonymous said...

hehe tell em DM :) omg congrats!!!

Drake breaks Jay-Z`s record for most No 1 R`n`B/Hip-Hop songs

Anonymous said...

Remember when Drake was about hip-hop not Pop and Reggae? *sigh*

Anonymous said...

A pretty bitch living in both worlds
A pretty picture painted these words
I looked at yours today
I looked at yours today
It's been a while, the dust has set in
But your still the same

So, why can't I still care?
Drop it off to my place tonight
Lying from the neck down
Take it to the head, take it to the face
Where do we run from here?
Where do we run from here?

The weeks will have gone by
And time leaves scars, leaves wounds

A pretty bitch living in both worlds
Your word's were casual but longing for
For me or is it for someone new
What could have driven you to think of all
I let you go girl with all the tears

So, why can't I still care?
Drop it off to my place tonight
Lying from the neck down
Take it all to the head, take it all to the face
Where do we run from here?
Where do we run from here?

The weeks will have gone by
And time leaves scars, leaves wounds
Tell me now, just how to feel

A pretty bitch living in both worlds
Where do we go when all the roads are under
Where do we go, so many chances pass us by
Where do we go, what now when you say I am married, oh
But don't go
Don't go


Unknown said...
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RellyRellz said...

this joint is tough! Looks like people die every day in that hood though lol

Anonymous said...

fuck yea weeknd love your shit!

Cakes said...

Dat's the same pathway drake was in in find Your Love<3 Oh shiiitss:O ... He didnt die though LOL!!!!

Drizzy_mistress17 said...

Hey drake<3 ok so i was talking with my cousins today && i said you were the greatest rapper ever && how u were so good looking && how i love you, my guy cousin just shook his head they like u but just not like me he said i take things 2 another level but thats how it will always be you sexy beast, o drizzy wont you hit me with that three stroke from the back while you're singing marvins room to me.??? ;)

Anonymous said...

Yuh dun kno ahready! Gaza Meh Sey! Hot Skul Fry Yiy Boil Brainz!

Anonymous said...

I love how all you are just talking about sex while I just wanna meet him and see how he really is lol and don't forget maybe hit that

Anonymous said...

You can stop he's mine thankyouu VERY much <3 I love him since before he was a rapper I cried when he got shot on degrassi before I knew about sex I thought he was hot a.f he can be a damn bum on the street and I would still wanna hit that also I'm his number 1 I was born his number one I'll die his number one

Tosho said...

nice melody, smooth 2 listen 2... lovli vid compostion

Unknown said...
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tdot said...

@ Niko, why don't y'all never feature Toronto songtress Rochelle Jordan on this blog?

"I'm that guy that know them strippers by their real names/Rochelle, Jordan."

Anonymous said...

Drake is great...

but wow. all the sluts on here 0_o...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

yo gather everyone again...

i think i could shoot a better video with my ipod touch haha

nah just playing ...

video goes hard

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vanilla Latte

A Princess said...

I miss your face Drake :-)

A Princess said...

I know right

A Princess said...

Aaliyah- I Care 4 You <3

Anonymous said...

Going to see weeknd november 2 and 3rd... straight up amazing, paid a bundle but it was worth it.

Rumour is that he's going to release some of his new shit at the show, just like he did at the end of his mod club debut.

Toronto is going to be crazy, like just going to the show looking dapper is guaranteed to get me laid

Anonymous said...

It's really sad.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Stylez ft Messiah _ Sex & Drugs >>

Unknown said...
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BonafideSexyG said...

This is my most brutally honest opinion... if I were to just listen to a demo of The System, I would love this music. I love the Caribbean, and their accents are so unique. Unfortunately, this isn't a demo, this is a music video.

What's wrong with this video? They are in a run down neighborhood, high crime, and not scenic. I know there are plenty of more scenic areas on the island. The other part that is most definitely wrong with the video is that these guys have no sex appeal. They don't do anything to attract a woman.

The audio is good. The visual is bad. I mean, when when Drizzy's Mistress wants to trade in Drake and have sex with The System, that's when The System will have a major break through... Lol! :)

Honest, but brutal... Have a great day.
Love you all,

Sean A.K.A "DaMuthaFkkn_TatMan"/localRAPPER337 said...

Supp drake I just wanna c a million before I die holeup' lol real talk idk how often you check Octobers very own out but dees females talkin bout taking off panties and shyt pussy only pussy he said he get it when he need it damn lol can't take a hint I'm talking paper man what I gotta do to put mine on the table bro I've been free styling/ writing for 6'1/2 years done a lil music software dableing I know a lil something but I'm ambitious and got the heart to take it to the highest mountain top are at least until there isn't any more stairs left to climb just picture another shady just no chocking 8mile bs but Dat Boi a dawg tho he handle his just comin at you with it because I know branching off and investing into new possibible hip-hop artists with new material is something you'd be interested in considering due to your

SeanA.K.A"DaMuthaFkknTatMan"/localRAPPER said...

Past encounters which that being said you knowing how the bad side of life can be and how it feels to do wtf you want how you want when you want.... And not give a flying fukk shyt I wanna peice of that pie real talk go getter no quitter bro real talk I'm from Louisiana you feel me just a white cat that grew up in the pj's yuhhhh digg trying to get out the gutter and make a difference the only way that'll happen is if step up to the plate well someone let Sammy know I'm borrowing his name fuh a minute batter up TRUE NO LIE hmu man

Anonymous said...

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mission X ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Friday 24th 2012
Location State Line 340th St. by Lake Bella Near Bigelow MN. Invite Friends YOLO!!! Hope to see drizzy there!!!

Anonymous said...

i like the song and video it was nice

Anonymous said...

His name is popcaan and the song title is the system. A system is what Jamaicans call a ghetto or housing project, so to this particular song, the video is supposed to be like that. Just a FYI

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Anonymous said...

Ola amigos drake number #1

Anonymous said...

thanks for showing the caribbean love, when i saw this popcaan video i felt happy, we have plenty talent this side of the globe, we also embrace this team and the great music u make, i look forward to more postings, maybe some more popcaan, cartel, movado, :)

Anonymous said...

THE THIRST IS REAL, Take a seat boo!

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