Friday, December 23, 2011

Take Care by Ruben Rivera


Mean with a Mouthpiece said...


Brittany said...

check this kid reminds me of a younger drake a lot weird!!!

martin said...

Fresh pics never wanted it to end

Anonymous said...

metal works.
well played.

Anonymous said...

@_AnilH_ said...

amazing work

charliepoll said...

Nice photos, Aubrey looking good in that sweater

Stacey (@virgosister) said...

These pics are just WOW! I'm happy life is good for you Drake. You deserve it. Can't wait to see ya in Vegas! Happy Holidays. Stay Blessed. Love You. Take Care. <3

Joyce said...

Beautiful Shots.

Sara Basma Boudemlij said...

love you drake you're so cool , you're my inspiration comme ton mtl i be there <3 love you xo

jess said...

check this kid out hes so ill

Heather said...

You the best drake take care is the bessst.

Gunther said...

Wow great pix oliver you guys worked so hard to make a masterpiece and enjoying life I wana ride in the jet with you!!

Anonymous said...

Check out my mans hush on them 1's and twos coolin it!

Anonymous said...

Baby drakey is so sexy in his collection of sweaters wat a hunk sexy beast!

ravi_sharma2 said...

Pictures are amazing. Didn't want them to stop.

Antonia Gil said...

The creativeness is evident in these photos! Continue to do what you do.

ravi_sharma2 said...

also, shoutout to Hush...people need to realise they need to give him prime time on tv. his tweets are too real!

Your Wife said...

aww these are old photos <3 u can tell cuz of drake's hair haha thx for sharing aubrey. i love you.

Wordup said...

Yo ovo u muhfuckas is doin yo muthrrfucken thing out here. Pix lookin good music sounding great weeknd mixtape is fiya. Motto video is off the fucken hinges I mean like wtf can't yall do on sum real shit much love to yal fareal

RellyRellz said...

This is the best batch of pictures ever posted on OVO thus far! crazy lol

Heather said...

Tottallyy agree with you ravi I love hushy

Dblock said...

Mannn these pix are dope u can really see how these are just regular hard working people enjoying eachothers company and doing what they love. All the haters can eat a dick and put a foot up their ass for fucks sake. The man's maken music for your enjoyment fuck outta here

Anonymous said...

40 40 killllllen it out here fuck wat u heard!

AKR said...

Best candids if i've ever seen 'em

Anonymous said...

Check out the pilot asken drizzy for directions lulz

_dopegrl_ said...

You guys should know I'm like so in love with Aubrey everything about him goshh I just cant.

Roofus said...

Fuck the beefs keep maken ur music fam numbers don't lie.

SDJ said...

Take Care is pretty much my favorite album ever! Bound to be a classic, and so amazing to seee the process and many, many hours of work that went into it!

But i really want to know, are we ever gonna see any of those songs that were cut? I'd love to know the process of chosing which songs go into the album! Some of them sound cool too!

Anonymous said...

I mean like I don't even see the purpose of even considering beefing with drake liiike umm wat..hol up?

Loui said...

Great pix great album great people

Anonymous said...

Wheres dat Birthday edition doe....

Anyways she pops dat pussy on a mondayyyyeeeeeee

Fireworks said...

Great set of pics...wonder if some were taken in
"Apt #1503"

Maritta said...

It doesn't even make sense to me these pix are crazy doe.

@brian_ovo said...

i've never seen anyone do it like you the love for your fans and to show us how you worked on take care man you are an inspiration you've changed the game as we know it keep goin hard #1fan #OVO #YMCMB. 1 thing mixtape brah call it #TOVONTO

Leana Marcus said...

WOW! great pics. love the grinder use ;) sooo excited for Vegas. will u be my date? im going alone..

Val said...

Absolutely love wat you do for us fans. I just wana go to ur concert and jump up and give u a big ole hug <3

ES said...

This was actually posted by Drake too<3 I love the smoking pictures, especially his, since we rarely see that and how he's just in his element and having fun. Favorite set of pictures so far.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what those tracks not on Take Care were.. and if we'll hear them

Anonymous said...

am i the only person happy that that crazy 'drizzyswife' girl isnt on here anymore? or........? you know that crazy stalker little girl who would always curse people out and write stories on the comments about how she knew drake, when she was lying.... maybe i shouldn't have said this, she might see this and come back.

Lenny said...

Fast or slow singing or rapping either way they're probably good enough to be on another CD

Anonymous said...


BonafideSexyG said...

OVO Team,
These pics ROCK. Please post more. Screw Rolling Stone. I say there should be an October's Very Own magazine. :)
Love yall,

Johnny said...

damnn that shit looks fire!! :D

Nat said...

congrats Drake to your much deserved success. Don't let them haters (Common) distract you from what your doing! We all love you! Great pictures, I love how you represent the great city of Toronto! You and 40 are looking real scrumptious lol lemme stop....

fan 4 life---Nat.

DhJ13 said...

These pictures lack meaning huhh.. I don't get it whats going on?

Anonymous said...

What are they saying..

Fireworks said...

@anonymus I think everyone is happy about that crazy girl not being on here...She prob got

JOANNA said...


Msmif said...

Great photography work I must say. You guys are absolutley wonderful.

Tim said...

Fuuuuuu you in the studio all the way up there dayymm eating full coarse buffets and wat not MAN OH MAN

Nancyblue said...

This is fucken disgusting like AMSTERDAM!

Anonymous said...

these photos are so badass! it's basically smoking weed and putting together a platinum album

VNitty12 said...

Wow just saw these pictures very very nice. Repeat on the pix hah

Anonymous said...

Awesome visuals!

Anonymous said...

drake stop trying to be like me. i post a few photos, then u wanna turn around and post a photo albbum

Anonymous said...

im buying nosebleed seats just because...stalker.

User_sixteen said...

The quality of the photos is just as good as the rest of their work. Incredible

Anonymous said...

imma walk IN THE MIDDLE of ur set.


imma be late doe

OVOMustafa said...

Damn! These pics are beautiful, show how it's all done behind the scenes. Can't wait for the YOLO mixtape and all your next features Aubrey.

kittykatie said...

the one with drizzy smoking over the soundboard <3 <3<3 they're all gems though, really.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Great seek peek of all the hard work and effort that was put into creating Take Care... The album was truly a masterpiece. Best Rap/ Hip Hop Album as a WHOLE... I am genuinely impressed that I never have to skip a track. The lyrics very meaningful and the music off the hook... very very well done.

RellyRellz said...

did anyone notice the amount of kush that they used? geez it was in like every other picture

Majidaah Osman said...

I LOVE It, <3 & I Love You as my Inspiration, & Favorite Artist, <3 Follow me On Twitter:) @UnderGrounQueen

Anonymous said...


brianna said...


till we O.D. Can never get enough of these boys.

The Official_Row said...

Woah TAKE CARE in the making!!! Now thats trill


Anonymous said...

why the FUCK isn't Oliver in ANY pictures, yet he is ALL OVER BEHIND THE SCENES!! Come out & play <3

Anonymous said...

I just wanna smoke with the crew lol cause I'm lovin the crew

Dawn said...

I use 2 smoke weed but my life changed & idk who I was & I stop for now & now I'm in high school now & I have 2 get serius & I can't do that anymore because school comes first but I'm going 2 be back on it when I'm 18 or 21 when I graduate from high school but you guys are hella lucky 2 you guys have the club card & everything but it helps you think when you writing the music but that's a good thing you guys not doing other drugs because that's between the life & death but I no you guys don't do that & I love the album take care & music keeps off our minds of things & I can't wait for March 10,2012 in San Jose if I'm going & see you there.

Anonymous said...

shout outs to 40.

PERTH CREW!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

drake finna go to an african party w/ the cuzzos. WANNA come??

Shirinxx said...
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Shirinxx said...

Love the shots. Abel <3

So.ill.Fu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rupy said...

<3. love. x

Anonymous said...

Takes a Beautiful song, to make a Beautiful song.
Can't Wait for You to Come to Arlington, UTA.

Take Care OVOXO

sophia said...

photos are amazing drizzy. keep them coming. its been a while since you posted anything on here. they're finally playing your music on the radio in Australia. come visit soon XO

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

u shoulda came. my hair is gone

Anonymous said...

trying2 fall asleep uyhjtgrfedws listening to Senorita by Justin Timberlake!nite.

Anonymous said...

That's medicinal marijuana, right?

Anonymous said...

Ha. Gotta watch when you tell women to tatt your name on em (Free Spirit).

They may be crazy.

Enjoy all that weed.

Take care..."goofnugget"

Anonymous said...

Part II, The Odyssey
Episode 5, Lotus Eaters.


Anonymous said...

draaaaaaake..russell plays today!!n r u watching
is joakim playing?!

marissas going, ill have her wink @ him for me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

drake!!!! i dont seem to need em, but mom got me a couple bras ahahahaha ;)

i went up a cup size ahahahaha;)

Anonymous said...

bra size* lol, im lying, ooooops

Anonymous said...

Drake lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, from me and mine to you and yours.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Especially Abel blowing out his steam. Hot.

Anonymous said...

so wait wait wait... weeknd is from toronto? or montreal? :s

{OVO} said...

The Weeknd will be performing live
in concert at Barrymore’s Music Hall live in Ottawa on Friday, January 20th, 2012. Early bird tickets are already sold out and with the release of Echoes Of Silence, you can expect the venue to sell out real soon.

Doors open at 9PM and tickets are now available for $40 (Advance) since the $35 Early Bird tickets are now gone.

This is a 19+ event.

Anonymous said...

drake what we doin tonight bruh. im not trying to dance Lol, just chiiiiiill and vibe. :p

CIndy said...

OMG I have just fallen more in love with 40! Love that you gave us a sneak peek at how he works! 40 is definitely my favorite. Hope I can meet him someday :)

Susana C said...

The pics told the story.... great album <3

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas guys OvOXOxo have fun, YouTube Tom petty he's such a great singer .

xoloverrrrrrrrrrrrrxppp said...

o m geee!!!
o m geee!!
o m geeee!!!!

weeknd is gonna do AnoTHeR sHoW??!?

oooooooooo:):-):p immmmmmm sooo going!!!


SirayaWalker said...

Drake is a amazing rapping, and that includes YoungMoney too. I just got his albulm for christmas, its great! Keep up the amzing work Drake and YoungMoney too.

Fireworks said...

Check out Drake's new tatt...

also posted on my blog...

looking sexy without his shirt...

Anonymous said...

Drake-love and guns

Anonymous said...

Every time I sit on the patio I think of one last te by Drizzy lol

Anonymous said...

my sister drew this on the car window tonight. thought it was badass, drake take a look at it, I told her I would try to get it posted on your site :)

take care

Anonymous said...

One more* time

Anonymous said...

oops link didn't work ^^^^^

Felisha said...

Come to seattle!


Anonymous said...

drake me monique and tj are hanging out allll fucking day, so..please, no calls .

break break break breaaaaak ..awwww joakim won!! yay:)

Anonymous said...

tme to watch the thunder game so tired cause im full and shit lol

Anonymous said...

omfg how i miss those geico cavemen???-_-

ASH.B said...

PHOTOS ARE DOPE CHECK OUT dope blog real shit

Alice said...

It's unexplainable how much I love drake.

Anonymous said...

So the OVOXO crew smokes weed, niiiiiceeeee :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry. This thought is NOT coming from a hater, but a genuine fan. (Shout out OVOXO and heartfelt personal Congratulations on your success with "Take Care"! :) ) Seriously. Something I read earlier today, while listing to "Free Spirit" brought an insight...and I just had to post about it, I guess. It connects with the young woman who tatooed your name on her forehead. (Talk about devotion!) So...

"Tat my name on you so I know it's real
Tat my fu---n name on you so I know it's real
I know it hurts, but I ain't tryna hear it
Cause when I'm not around, I still be there in spirit
You'll still be mine, you'll still be mine
Tat my fu---n name on you when I go, you'll still be mine
You'll still be mine, I'll still be yours
Tat my fu---n name on you, let em know you love the boy, what's up."

Say, Drizzy. It seems to me that all that less-than-all-there girl did was take you up on your less-than-all-there offer. She tatted your name on her to "let them ni@@as know it's real." She did her part, as less-than-all-there as that may seem to the rest of us. She was basically giving herself to you by the act. I bet that's how she understood it.

Now, my question is simply this: Do you have be a man of your word...and do your part?

You belong to her, now. At least, symbolically. "...I'll still be yours..."

If your lyrics mean what they say they mean, then I guess you've chosen to have her belong to you now...and you to her. This may not be true...but it may be what she (or others) may actually believe.

Will you keep that in mind when you meet her?

I really don't think I'm wrong on this. We may all think it's less than wise...but she did it...because of that song. Watch. What's sad is how utterly predictable this was. No joke: when I first heard "Free Spirit" in September, I thought about Emotionally vulnerable/unstable girls thinking that they belong to Drake and all that and ACTUALLY believing that will link Drake to them EMOTIONALLY...because they went and got a tattoo of his name. A brief thought, nothing more. A couple of months later? Well...Reality is stranger than fiction, I guess.

Again, still a fan. But maybe a lesson can be learned from this for future songwriting, yes?

Be well...and "Take Care"!


Anonymous said...

Nice, glad you took pictures for us..I'm so proud of you really

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of all of you guys :-)

Anonymous said... bubbles

LOLOLOL said...

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Alis volat propiis * said...

I just want an OVO shirt tho =/
40's looking Healthy of course =D
Where's Oliver ..?

Lmaoo . Also on the way down I peeped the comment about that girl who tatted her name so Drake would know it was real. I remember when the picture was first going around Twitter. I really hope she meets Drake 'cause that's Real dedication . I'm not gonna lie . I was surprised when I found out that Drake spoke out about it . She wanted your attention so I guess she got it . Situations like these it may seem messed up to laugh at it but at the same time what else can be done ? She already got it tatted . The best that could be done too fix it is too help her get it removed . I just wonder what people are gonna do Next ... This might start a Movement ____O

If Drake , Oliver , etc do Read these comments Merry Christmas , though you may not celebrate .

Alis volat propiis * said...

his *

Ace Squad said...

Happy Holidays Enjoy!!!

l.tr3ndzorignal said...

Really digg the amount of work each and every one of yall put talented group,sounding good y.o.l.o so take care yall respect

DropxLife said...

Unfinished Drake Tracks from Take Care:

Faith Beat (..maybe Lord Knows?)
Whole Lifetime
Blue Bugatti
Drake You Beat
Nicki (..maybe Make Me Proud?)
Crew 3 (..maybe Motto?)

Can't help but wonder what these songs sound like, and/or why they didn't make the final cut. Especially since this album was suppose to include 20+ tracks.
Hope someone leaks these.


GOGOgeTTem said...

That's awesome how you captured it on film! Take care favorites, interesting to see what went on in the making!!! One love

BonafideSexyG said...

I have to say something about the girl that got a "DRAKE" face tattoo... Omg why would anyone do that?

So this is the tattoo artists story of what happened, and even though he is a total jerk off, I believe him btw.

Yeah, she was really psyched about it. She had the shitty font all picked out on her iPhone ready to go and was pretty adamant about putting it on her forehead. She didn’t say a word about what it meant to her. Some of the guys at the shop asked her, and she just kinda giggled at them. When I printed up the first image of the lettering, she wanted me to go bigger, so that it went pretty much from each side of her hairline to the other. I thought she shaved her eyebrows for the procedure, so when I put the stencil on the first time, it was right over her (missing) eyebrows, but she had me enlarge it a bit and push it up towards the hairline. But yeah, she acted as if she had planned it out for a while, but I’m not really sure how much extended coherent thought could actually go into getting such a stupid tattoo on your forehead.

I guess I feel bad that this dumbass got the name of the softest motherfucker in hip-hop tattooed on her forehead. But what makes that any less valid of a tattoo to her? I lost a little sleep over it that first night, wondering if I wanted to be known as the asshole who tattooed “DRAKE” on some crackhead’s forehead. None of the face tattoos I had done prior to this got any publicity, so I was a little surprised that this one took off like it did. LMAO.... WOW. What's there to understand? She's probably on drugs. She must have been high. Now she is going to be scarred for life and have to have the big DRAKE tattoo removed or hide it with the bangs because everyone is going to look at her face and know that she was the girl that tattooed DRAKE on her forehead. I really don't think the tattoo artist should have done it, but if he didn't then some other person would have... She would have gone from tattoo parlor to tattoo parlor trying to find someone to make this humongous tattoo of Drake. The tattoo artist was even trying to make a smaller version of it, and she declined it. She wanted it HUGE so it was all her.

I hope when Drake meets her that he talks some sense into her. Take it easy on those drugs or pay for her rehab and to get it removed if she changes her mind. It's a young, impulsive thing to do that if it is a mistake, it's a lifelong scar. That's very sad for someone who in their youth has beautiful skin and such a beautiful face to ruin it by being impulsive. She's young and naive. Everyone in comments keeps calling her "stupid". I just feel bad for her. I hope she finds a different way to get attention.

Good luck with the tattoo ordeal.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I live for Aubrey Graham

Alis volat propiis * said...

Lmaoo . Someone sent this to me xD
I just wanted to post it .
Hope Drake sees it .
I think it's funny .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

#FTEAM #DC @lilrapfteam

Timelesspk said...

<3 interesting Great work

Grays Vaughnroc said...

Ya'll stay with the green, huh? lol, I feel it

Duchess said...

i swear i love this guy..his passion man..enough said!


MsBlazeStill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MsBlazeStill said...


Anonymous said...

Follow the Photographer @ScorpioRuben

zach said...


URSULA said...

LMAO!i agree with anonymous chik das happy that one broad aint on here leaving comments. YOU AINT THE ONLY ONE MA!! OR DUDE!

Justine said...

Can Noah be my boyfriend though, he's too cute for real. Xo

~Arlene~ said...


Anonymous said...

all that bud looks so good! haha love the T.O picks too.

Anonymous said...

guess hyfr wasn't added until the end...

Erin said...

Epic! Absolutely amazing. I love how you can paint a picture with words and create a story with pictures. Looking so forward to the tour. Hoping to see you in Miami.


Anonymous said...

you'll still be miiiiiine, you'll still be miiiiiine...

Anonymous said...

Drake & The Weeknd crack the top 10 in the "Top 25 Records of 2011"

Jordy said...

These are amazing but I wish they photos were bigger.

fyanez said...

How does this blog stuff work. We just type comments but we don't get a response? If there are responses where do you find them? Maybe I need a blotting for dummies book!

Anonymous said...

Would love to be in there chillen n shit.. but must settle for a balcony section in the birth place of aviation.. You're big time now..


Drake said...

nice share

RaeRae said...

Can someone answer why the OVO on the sweathsirts is the Greek Letter "Omega" symbol? It doesnt translate to O. Just wondering

Anonymous said...

I am loving these pics! So badly wanna ride in the jet xx

Anonymous said...

Metal works !! SAUGA stand up

Anonymous said...

<3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where to get that Nollege shirt that Drizzy is wearing in the shot of him playing FIFA?

Original Lyrics said...

It doesn't even make sense to me these pix are crazy doe.

Anonymous said...

dear drake & team. gorgeous photos. take care always. mt.

Anonymous said...

Ay Drak and 40... I was just wonderin' how may I get in contact with you all 2 maybe work out future business inquiries. I am a hot producer who also writes, raps, and sings. I am sittin on 400 top 40 bangers that just dont have the proper mix on them. I currently am goin thru a ruff time where school is gettin hard to afford and about 2 give up on this music shit and just try and succeed in society as just an average person. But, this is where my heart is and I want it 2 stay there.. And it can only help with a helping hand from you all. U can contact me @:



And anyone else who reads this and is lookin' 4 the next hot producer I CAN BE UR INVESTMENT!

Peter A. said...

to drake: i dont blog often but my names pete from dover delaware and ive heard people including you constantly talk about the appreciation for music, the components of a good song and really connecting to the audience... Take Care.."Do It Wrong" was as direct as possible and just the fact that Stevie Wonder was featured on it made it better then it could ever be.. probably couldnt count how many fans you have but you just gained another so i appreciate what your doing for music and for the world right now and i thank you.

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Straight-P said...

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