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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Anonymous said...

oliverrr! when are these availbe bro? thanks man! ovoxo

- Gyula

charliepoll said...

Too nice, but I'm a student so can't afford that shit :(

But that OVO tour jacket though, if you bring that to a London store I'll queue up all day to get that

nicole said...


check this kid reminds me of a young drake


Anonymous said...

whaaaat, O got real fur?

Anonymous said...

now, this is actually worth 5K..

Anonymous said...

drake, i made swiss miss hot chocolate this morn, and it wasted about five times in the car . what if i had on that fur smh

Anonymous said...

it would ave been ruined


Anonymous said...

funny thing thats a guy. LOL

Anonymous said...

lmfao!!!n russell be knockin dudes out drake smh

Anonymous said...

russ stealing, ibaka fighting, maynor hitting 3s im hungry shit

Anonymous said...

drakke do you believe joakim will take a shot for me

Anonymous said...

sometimes, its hard to #thinkpositive

Anonymous said...

ur the best reassurer ,thanks bro

FraNcis James said...

The OVO brand keeps getting stronger. Salute.

Anonymous said...

Knew that this shit was for girls.



Alis volat propiis * said...

You guys are Really pushing these coats . Sheesh . It's cold now but it's not so cold that every day working people are gonna pay 5 G's for a Coat ____- That can go towards bills or college tuition . All I ask for is a OVO Sweater . I'm obviously Failing in finding a Legit place to buy one . >=[

Anonymous said...

Riight. I mean, that coat is bad ass though...i'll see can i just come across 5k to get one ;) i see ya'll, yall on some high fashion shit, do your thing


dnyx said...

I can be your boyfriend, be your nigga or a friend with perks ...
Drake u gotta go in that lfb shit!!!

Anonymous said...

Do it for the OG's
Stay Blue

dnyx said...

I'm a blood nigga but I'm kinda blue
What a fake bitch, hurt less get jump by crabs crew
Black nd white "panda" chew my bamboo
But ' member its made in Peru

juli said...

that jacket is maaaaad, why get such a unsatisfying model?

Anonymous said...

She got me here watching minutes pass by Wondering when to expect her

Anonymous said...


momillicopado said...

whatever the cost may be,
jacket looks sweet to me!!
OVOXO lifestyle...
love you Drizzy

Anonymous said...

For real thoe you cats is making serious scrilla over there an you gonna put out the same shit that ppl befor you put out stop fucking wit the animals make that shit eco friedly change sumthing for ur genration we know you guys do you an you proved that but now do sumthing for sumthing that has given you so much... the earth.. Asap is on that Veg wave you gotta do it from your food to your Herms Belt ya diggg

Anonymous said...

veggie burgers nigga - what!

Anonymous said...

fucking, tofu dogs nigga!

Anonymous said...

deluxe hot pockets, wit no cheese nigga!

Anonymous said...

dhal and roti nigga!!

Anonymous said...

fuck that, celery with dip nigga!

Anonymous said...

whole wheat bread bitch, with the crust! yea, crust issues nigga!

Anonymous said...

potato curry nigga! rice issues bitch!

Anonymous said...

chow mein nigga, cook up rice on the side!

Anonymous said...

fucking, basmati rice nigga! on sale n shit!

Anonymous said...

fuck that, dosa hut nigga!

Anonymous said...

fried plantains and soup nigga! get on dat!

Anonymous said...

veggi lifestylesss nigga, real shit! get on dat nigga! fucking around with beef pattys n shit, that shit aint cool nigga! unless its tofu nigga!

Anonymous said...

yeye, im out. walking by staring down ur lunch too nigga! ready to snatch the chicken out ur burgers n shit!! veggi bitchhhh

tazzysmith said...

the actually only thing that matters... "Made in Canada"

Anonymous said...

if u asked me u under charged caz if u charged 10,000 u would have sold jus as many but u would have proly made more listen " get ur money brah"

Anonymous said...

i can just FEEL peta all over this ish.
its nooooiccce tho. DFFINITELY outta my budget range.

juli said...

Before you had money you couldnt afford a 5k jacket with real gold on it, so the fact that ur selling such an expensive jacket to people who are your fans and REALLY want it but cant afford it is a shame. really tho 5k doesnt come my way everyday...

Anonymous said...

Nigga, We think your a joke
Shove you hope where it don't shine nigga!

*Peruvian cebiche is da shyt Niggaaaa!!

Anonymous said...

good brand is worth the investment......nba hardwood classics reversible jackets

shrimp and broccoli!

Anonymous said...

Ooohh I wish I can afford it :-)

Anonymous said...

co sign shrimps n broccoli son! what u know bout that nigga!!

Anonymous said...

Nigga Hahaha !!!
Ovoxo nigga! Wassup
Get into the Leche d' Tigre nigga!!
Also peruvian nigga

Anonymous said...

wtf did they kill a whole zoo to make that jack SMH DRIZZY

Anonymous said...

Ryan leslie- gibberish

Anonymous said...

Tacky with the white trim fur and printed lining. you could thought of something better boys

Anonymous said...

OVO jackets & etc are for big spenders. If your Canadian, you know how expensive ROOTS are.

6157887711 said...

Who is the drag queen modeling the last decade baby phat rip off? Boring and dated. Just like Drake.

Anonymous said...

Who is the A hole ^

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