Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Anonymous said...

wtf is this?

Anonymous said...

OVO owl sweater <3 - True Fan (:

Fireworks said...

Finally new post...what is it?

Anonymous said...

Er...mmkay....what is this?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous I figured it was something to do with the OVO clothing b/c of the colors but there really is no explanation. Teaser maybe?

Anonymous said...

it's gold thread

Anonymous said...

It looks like part of the gold owl on the shirt.

ravi_sharma2 said...

Cold Winters. Gold Zipperssssss!

RellyRellz said...

I dont fucking get it.

charliepoll said...

Please sell this in London now, we've been patient

Alis volat propiis * said...

I'd appreciate this Random posting of what seems to be a portion of the Owl OVO shirt or sweater if I were able to get one ____-
What's a person gotta do to get a Shirt or to even get Drake to Providence .?!

Alis volat propiis * said...

I'm about to lose composure and tee off on this post .
Drake Needs to come to Providence .!!
I hope my efforts aren't in vain .
Also that these comments Are actually being read by Oliver, 40 or Who Ever =P

H Bear said...

Yeah, true. Like I said before...waving a burger in front of a starving child's face is kinda sadistic. It's not like we can buy the clothing being posted.

Encore said...

hopefully stuff will be for sale at the show in Vegas

Anthony said...

luckily we're not starving children. And if your hungry for clothes, buy a sweater, curve your appetite.

DBNYC said...

In case this is being read over by Drizzy and team.. I would like to say FUCK COMMON and that tired ass diss. He hasn't been relevant in hip hop since BE.. He's trying to boost sales, don't pay attention or respond to that shit. Keep moving positively.
.. Rant over..

Anonymous said...

It's a gold bracelet or jewelry of some sort

The Weeknd XO/The Host said...

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SignMeorTimeMe said...

they say second chances shouldnt be given...
but whoever said that never fucked up.... or been fucked up in a minute..
its funny how they wana attack when someones missing...
and aint it funny how when we want someone to talk they busy tryna listen...
im 21 years with the dreams of ten fold..
everybody wana make it big..
but forgot to try and get old..
experience is the best you should treat that shit like its gold..
and when you walk in the stip club dont you dare stop at the first pole..

The Weeknd XO/The Host said...

The Weeknd XO/The Host

Anonymous said...

sucks sweaty balls

Anonymous said...


Should put an owl on my birdie lol get it, birdie?! LOL

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


nicki minaj stupid hoe said...

I don't give a fuckk

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Anonymous said...

We must be in Love

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