Directed by Mikael Colombu.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Weeknd - The Knowing


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ikam said...

OVOXO...Echoes of Silence.

GG said...


Anonymous said...

Love this song so much

Anonymous said...

that's dope how Abel goes back to his Ethiopian roots!

Jason John said...

The Truth is No Lie

Alissar said...

Damn good. Love this song.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this is probably the coolest video i've ever seen..along with one of my favorite songs. so good.

thismexicankid said...

I think Im in love

ecamarillo76 said...

illuminati type shit !lol

Anonymous said...

fucking awesome and brilliant. i love how he shows off his intellectuial side instead of making an average video

brianna said...

unf. echoes of silence ! can't wait!

Anonymous said...

wow!absolutely unique! great song!!

Anonymous said...

Word to the illuminati.

Anonymous said...

very cool actually reminds me of damian marley feat nas - patience (sabali) check it out OVOXO

Anonymous said...

its ®ª♪™ yup

sophia said...

wow loveed the song. the clip makes it soo much better well done abel xo

Anonymous said...

horrible video. shit is trash but the weeknd has a music video out and that's a plus

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Since Drake's Crew Love, I cannot get enough of The Weekend

Anonymous said...

Track is okay, but the video is sick!
Great move on getting the weekend out!

Kelifa said...

Habesha dude representing us...carry on carry on..

Anonymous said...

Haile Selassie

Anonymous said...

illuminati want my mind soul and body

Amir said...

These are the types of artists who sell their soul for money and fame to Lucifer a fallen angel or a God. And you know the world is messed when the people we look up to go worship Moloch a demon in bohemian grove located in California. Yes the Illuminati is real and people will literally commit murder just for this type of materialism on earth.

Anonymous said...

Some dope shit right there

Anonymous said...

AMazing video - I wasn't expecting that at all. Very original and intense - just like his music. ovoxo 1<3T.O

Cam_xo said...


Anonymous said...

At 2:08 The video lost my attention and turned HOMO.

Anonymous said...

Working wit u is a strong dream

The Bear said...

I want to congratulate whoever the Illuminati is. Judging from comments throughout the web, apparently they make alot of good stuff. Unless of course Illuminati is as legit as hogzilla in which case there's alot of ignorant persons out there. BTW...Free Masons ftw. This video too

her. said...

do you know what I did?

Dante said...

shit was real

BonafideSexyG said...

The Knowing

I know... what you did*
I know
So I'ma let you... taste her
I ain't washing my sins
I ain't washing my sins
Now we're lying about the nights
Hiding it all behind the smiles
Take a look at what you did
You probably thought that you'd break my heart (Ooooohoooh)
You probably thought that you'd make me cry
But baby it's okay
I swear it's okay
Cuz I know everything
I know everything
I know everything
I know everything
I know everything
I know everything
I know everything
I know everything
Now these talks don't twist like they did before
It's hard to keep me up
And you are dry
But baby it don't hurt
Oh, like you thought it would
The more of you the merrier
Now we're lying about the nights
Hiding it all behind the smiles
Take a look at what you did
You probably thought that you'd break my heart
You probably thought that you'd make me cry
But baby it's okay
I swear it's okay
I know everything (Ayyyy, yeaaaah)
I know everything (Aaayyyyy)
I know everything
I know everything

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know why every time an Artist comes up with a Creative visual like this they are either considered as an Illuminati or a Freemason! WTf! Expand your Artistic Horizons! Just Because you cant simply figure it out it doesn't mean you have to jump in to conclusions! He just Combined his Ethiopian Ancestry History, The Axumite Civilization, The Emperor Hilesillasie's Rise and fall and how its connected to the conspiracy of Ethiopian old Civilization! P.s My Fav Part..When the lion refuses to eat the heart.."The lion won't eat the heart of its own kind!" #PROUDETHIOPIANS! Keep Up the Good WORk Abel! This is AMAZING!

Anonymous said...


BonafideSexyG said...

Abel Tesfaye,
How are you tonight? Happy Thanksgiving. This is a unique video and song. I have to listen to it at least three times in order to really get the feel of it, but I do that with all songs.

Somethings need improvement:
1. The video starts too slowly. Put a fire under that. :)

2. Sci-fi twist to it, a little hard to relate to, but videography was nice.

3. Too much of pagan imagery. I like real scenarios, real Ethiopians, real talk, real history, real problems. It depends on the person's preference. Stay on topic.

4. I feel like this video changed subjects too many times. It might have gone from a love interest, to history, to sci-fi, to death, to pagan imagery. Try to focus on one subject and run with it, not 5 different subjects and get no where.

5. I can't help sensing that the emotions were not fully expressed. Be more specific. What hurt? What happened? What are you thinking in that moment? How do you truly feel? You should let it out.

6. There was a wide variety of imagery, and not enough video of you, Abel. You are the star, and I think the history, the models and the other junk details detract from the real message. There is a real message to this, and it needs clarity.

Things I loved:
1. The bass... though it was slow, it had a mood. It's good. You should definitely have a tone to the songs which you do very well.

2. The sex scenes, keep every one of those.

3. The beautiful Ethiopian? voices in the background were vocally WoW. Keep that. Use them often ;)

4. Abel, with your falsetto, love songs are the direction for you, but you should channel it start deep and work your way up to that, build a climatic height to your song. Don't let the falsetto go until maybe 3/4 of the song. Hit it hard, and end it quick. You've got it vocally.

5. Stay positive and work hard which you are doing right now, keep up the good work. Write a high number of songs and keep asking others for their opinions what you could do better. You'll find a hit.

This is a beautiful work of art, not a master piece, you could still fix a few things, but well on the way. Stay positive and keep working. Congratulations.

MosleyAnimation said...

well I'll do what everyone should be doing along with commenting on the weeknd: Good job Mikael Columbo who shaped, cut and directed the whole damn thing ...smh I understand how important and overlooked directors are

BonafideSexyG said...

This is just a thought how I relate to "The Knowing"... My friend Holly loved this boy, John, but he didn't love her, didn't want a relationship, just wanted casual physical encounter. Holly was never happy with it, but she went along making John happy for awhile. John's best friend, Michael, took interest in Holly. One night Michael took Holly out, bought her drinks, danced with her, walked her home and kissed her. Right after that John immediately wanted a relationship with Holly. She denied ever having been with Michael which was a total lie. She didn't want to lose John so she denied everything. John knew the whole story. Michael told him everything. I knew the story because I was out with Holly when she got involved with Michael. When Holly finally fessed up her lie to John, he already knew.

That's "the knowing".

I'm not a relationship expert, but I do believe that when a woman cheats, it's almost instinctual that a man will know it. Men must have that kind of natural inborn radar to pick up on women's lies... Lol! Am I wrong? "The knowing" has a great message. The man knows, but he doesn't care. He wants what he wants. :) What do you think?

HHL said...

I'm republishing the weeknd's video, thanks OVO

julie valadez said...

I thought this was a well thought out expression of what the truth really is... & I do agree that tables can be reversed, there are good & bad people out there men & women who have made the decision to steal instead of heal lives... It all goes back to the begining of this world this catastorphy that hopefully soon will come to an end...A new BEGINING...I speak of the mindset of these self centered fools who continue the cycle of abuse & blasphemy... Religion has caused such chaos and confusion & people need to stop Beliveing in such lies... A Human Sacrifice being our reason to live? Okay I could understand if the person was evil and was hurting others... Through the blood of Barbaras... So we can be safe & live... But who are we to judge unless you see with your eyes, or they confess with thier lips to your face.... Who do you trust... Your kids!! LISTEN!!!! Protect yourself & your children by all means... But it's crazy how the lives of the innocent are taken and locked away when a case like this occurs & the guilty are set free because the judge accepted bribes for his life & the life of the guilty... Through the blood of BARBARAS NOT JESUS.... This body alone should not have been created... We should have never known evil... We should have lived, lived spelled backwards is devil, & devil spelled backwards is lived... We can turn this world around by teaching others to just look up, don't see religion see hearts, to see what's real... To look into eachothers eyes, not between eachothers thighs!!! To heal instead of steal lives... Stop making fun of, stop laughing at, and that one person all alone with his or her head hung low lift it up & bring a smile into thier lives... Do unto others as u would want done unto you... Even though a person may ridicule or speak down on you, lift him or her up anyway & see where it takes u... If they continue to ridicule or talk down, never let it define you, most importantly never let it allow you to react... That's just how they feel about themselves, so they want to take you there... Don't join in stand up and start new... Take a stand & Include everyone cuz u neva know what u could miss... Turn devil around to lived & lives not more... B BEAUTIFUL once again... Don't follow take the lead... Share the good news... It all starts with us there are no demon possesions!!!! So blame yourselves for the decisions you make.... There's always room for change.... Create for you and your family's a Beautiful mind & know that your destiny will be eternally Beautiful... Change is golden, but NO NEED TO MAKE MISTAKEs.... Time off for doin so... 2012 The New Begining... My vision... Jewels

Anonymous said...

'For the record, I never cheated' to this day. I'm addicted to black cherry ice cream bars and french fries after 9pm on sundays. I can't help it I'm hooked, besides You.

Aprilsveryown said...

pretty sweet.
guys should check out my blog for some deep, dope shitt
take care.

RellyRellz said...

thats was some weird ass shit lol. I don't even get what exactly happened in that video. =l Might have to watch it again lol

Anonymous said...

Head over heals for that voice.

Anonymous said...

That ovo and that xo is all that you believe in

Rasta said...

Rastafari Mama Tafari ...Able an Aubrey if you see this peep that real real i see the movment an we doing us over here lets push these lames out an do it big for our genration aint no groupy joint we that real over here that Rasta from Mt timan to ithopia to this Iwa iani change it not

The Tafari said...

Rastafari !!! R.M.T365.24.7

A Princess said...

Wow thats a crazy interesting video. I wonder where you got the idea or what the meaning of the video is. I love how it's animated, very nice & creative :-)

A Princess said...

I truly know how you feel, thanks for expressing your feelings & showing us not just men are cheaters.

Sara said...

ohmygoosh his voice just makes you wanna cryy

Chris said...

that was fucking awesome.
best video i've seen in so long.. so original, weird as fuck but in a really good way.

Anonymous said...

um, why is there the 'institut du monde arabe' in the background at 5:50? There some secret sacrificial offerings being done there? Not that into the current trend of throwing together as many disparate symbols as you can into videos... I'm sure you realize you're only feeding the trolls, the illuminati/conspiracy wonks, but I can't figure out what you're hoping to gain from it... It only badgers on a really shitty meme.

Fireworks said...

Great song!
weird much going on

Rasta said...

Haha these cats Know Nothing About Tafari!!! An spirt beams..furthest thing from devil symbolism.. good over evil iani say...Rastafari livith...

Anonymous said...

O∇O✘O <3 <3 <3 <3

RellyRellz said...

For those of you who actually took the time to understand this video, Can you guys explain it to us?

Batya said...

Oh lawd @bonafide is at it again zzzz...

I must say that I can feel this music deep in my soul & it wouldn't matter if it was rock ,rap or punk. It touches me deeply.

Video is on that next level ish and visually tells many stories in one.I likes.

BonafideSexyG said...

I hate to throw politics and religion into this video because those are two topics people feel very strongly about. This video definitely hits on politics, and could be religion too? It depends how you interpret the words and visual. Everyone is finding different meaning.

I don't know anything about Ethiopian politics besides the obvious rumors of starvation. I don't think it's a big deal about pagan art. As far as religion goes, before Christianity, pagan art was the only art that existed. It started back with ancient art, some of the oldest likely from Egypt. Some cultures never evolved from pagan art. Not everyone accepted Christianity. In the Middle Ages Christian art was made popular with Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper (1498), but still there was critism. The Last Judgment fresco in the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo (1534-41) during Counter-Reformation came under attack for it's nudity and beardless Jesus. Just think what the Protestants did to the Catholic art. When the Protestant religion became a belief, they took the Catholic artwork and destroyed it. The faces were broken off a sculptors altar piece in St. Martin's Cathedral, Utrecht, attacked in the Protestant iconoclasm in 1572 during the Protestant-reformation.

Religion and politics are two subjects that I hate to touch with artwork. Whatever someone believes, is not likely to change. It's what their parents believed and their parents-parents, and their parents-parents-parents. Lol!

I didn't see the video for it's politics or religious values, but more a modernizing world. The part I tapped into about this song is that women, who are in modern times becoming more liberated, are becoming a lot like men with a "reputation". Women, whether they admit it or not, in love are becoming game players too. Women are educated now and have careers. Women live in their own home, drive their own car and pay their own bills. Women aren't dependent on men so women don't answer to men anymore.

Pagan or not? That's reality nowadays. Lol!

According to this Abel's song "the knowing", guys are okay with liberated women that play games:
But baby it's okay
I swear it's okay
I know everything.

Or do men want loyalty now that it's gone? Lol! :) Men don't care. Do your thing ladies... Lol! :)

JOnes said...

Drake - Doing It Wrong (House Remix)

JOnes said...

Drake - Doing It Wrong (House Remix)

Anonymous said...

oh dang they took the video down :(

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

they need jesus

MohamedElias said...

I wanna know why he's always wearing camo pants. whats the imagery in that..??

Anonymous said...

Luv the song.... luv he's in touch with his roots, all 4 creativity... but a lil too much. Less is more in this case. The song does everything....

Anonymous said...

That was cool. She was great on SNL last week.

Anonymous said...

^My bad. Wrong thread.

Anonymous said...

shit video but im loving the song

Skin In The City said...

Not everyone will understand this, Modern day mediocrity and lack of vision in a world clouded with noise, It will be looked at on so many different levels but few will see it as he wanted. I do you would have to understand what goes on on the inside to truly understand,but than again you would have to feel these things and understand how difficult it is to put the inside human beings perspective into cinematic form aka living from the inside out!

Unknown said...

ur the best out there....keepin it original...keep going dont quit..take care was a bid hit

Anonymous said...

video is insane get so lost in these songs

Jacque said...

i love you drake <3 great song!

Jacque said...

I love you drake! great song! OVOXO

Anonymous said...

its sad how some of ya really really don't understand the concept of the music video this is crazy some of ya know what i am talking about... smh

Jud said...

by far my favorite weeknd song. ovoxo

Five Fingers said...


BonafideSexyG said...

I want to take back some of my earlier comment about how women act in the modern world because it seemed too generalized. Not all independent women are game players. I think majority of independent women still want to be in a monogamist relationship with their significant other. It's not like the 1970s where people can have random sex. There are some STDs that are lifelong or fatal, and also women can become pregnant too. There are more consequences for a woman being unfaithful, than for a man, but birth control has eliminated that too. Men and women are almost even now.

I don't condone infidelity. I think, when in a relationship, people should be honest and faithful. It's unfortunate that impulse, opportunity have created more of world that thrives off of instant gratification. People need to treat other people with the same respect they would want to be treated.

Anonymous said...

Birth Control makes woman sick. Especially Plan B.

Mizzy said...

That was deep.....

Anonymous said...

a little different...but amazing song

The said...

This thread needs a word limit

BonafideSexyG said...

Plan B is not birth control; it is the morning after pill. Birth control is regular; Plan B is not for routine use. It's a back up contraceptive if your birth control fails... Lol!

Anonymous said...

The Woman Symbolizes Ethiopia & all the Evil Dictators who've misused & exploited "HER" after H.I.M. (Haile Selassie) (at 2:56, HER is written on HIS Throne). The "Horned" Character symbolizes the Devil (Evil Dictators) who only want to "SCREW" Ethiopia (at 3:06, see fornication in the background), but don't LOVE Ethiopia....despite the evil deeds of the Devil Rulers of Ethiopia, the HEART of Haile Selassie still beats for Ethiopia, which symbolizes his immortality and his undying love for HER......Thank you Abel and Mikael

OTH1968 said...

deep and insightful of what we know and supposing dont

Anonymous said...


BMProve ItSMLG said...

crazy concept!

D mack"nificant said...

very great...classic/original... i seen ah vision of this vid last monday but i see the real deal is way more den i thought...S/O XO label and the the director of this vid... "maacckk"

Unknown said...

Very creative, well thought over in lyrical concentration and content, truly Hoyte Certified!!

Anonymous said...

Great Vid be careful not to cross that line of illuminati I dont want you goin down that path!!!!

Anonymous said...

Decembers coldest, I'm the Man, season change, that's the plan, New levels. New devils. New jacket. New medals. More sins, cold weather, no wings, I'm better. Let a nigga join the Team for once let me catch your attention. OVOXO dayryzzle cabrera - facebook

nicole said...

everyone check this site this kid used to be friends with justin bieber back when he lived in stratford. he is a sick rapper check him out enjoy !!!!!!

gaurav chandela said...

okay, the weeknd huh. Man i'm in love with this man. The party and after party is quite fucking awesome. It's video deserves to be released. Btw, awesome video man.

Anonymous said...

for those of u who have been commenting that this has something to do with Illuminati-- I laugh at your ignorance( if you knew ANYTHING about African history, you would have recognized the image of HIM Haile Selassie in the video......thus recognized that this has NOTHING to do with Illuminati) and for non-Ethiopians that actually have a genuine interest in understanding what the video represents--hint: Ethiopian history, from different points of view ( religious, political etc....)
I know the song is about a cheating girlfriend....but the lyrics takes on a whole different meaning when in combination with this beautiful video ( like i said, only those who truly understood the symbolism in the video would know what I'm talking about)....
over all Abel has definitely made a fellow habesha PROUD!!!
<3 Abyssinia <3

Anonymous said...

I find the video very unique.
I'm not sure exactly what it means, but I think she wants to ruin him or take his manhood/ break his heart and cause him to not carry on in his life without her. Eventurally she achieves her goal of ruining the emperor or so she thinks.
He immediately retrieves his heart from the ground after she broke it and he was able to live again. This I believe is significant to the fact that sometimes with a broken heart it takes alot of life and love out of the individual. So eventually you pick up the love from the ground and move on with it. Being hateful never gets you anywhere in life, so he decided to allow love back in and save her regardless of how she treated him in the beginning. Message= Love conquers all. But there are defintely subliminal messages hidden or both obvious and hidden. The capacity to look beyond the visual could really bring out a deeper message in the song and video.

Anonymous said...

#LSRFKT (laser fucked)

Einstein said...

Love beyond describtion... Greatness

Shardai said...

wow, this style is so different form anything i've ever seen. The images speak as loud as what they represent. The culture and love and mixed emotions brought about a very interesting story line. Hands down this was dope <3TheWeekend

tiffy_xolove said...

Such an amazing!!! body of work Abel I loooove it I can't even describe how mind blowing it is I just cant stop playing it your a true artist sooo muuuch luv!

Michelle said...

Click my name! This guy is so sick!

meg said...

A journey of epic proportion...

Wouldn't have it any other way Abel..

Love you so much can't say it enough sweety

Kevin! said...

My mom always told me that if your not worshiping God your worshiping the devil...
and this only came to prove her theory...
Sad too see such a Talented guy do that with the talents he was born with... Like Abel went balls deep with all of the pagan symbolss... I hope you realize what your doing before is too late..
May the real and "only" God bless you :)

Take Care

Anonymous said...

Check out my remix of "The Zone" by "The Weeknd" Featuring "Drake"

Feed Back Is Cool!


Anonymous said...

amazing video, love the song, if it wasn't for crew love I may never of know the weeknd and I'm glad drake made a song with him.

Christelle Crazed said...

whats with you guys and the whole Illuminati crap the video if you must know ins't about all that if you watch it and actually pay attention you will understand. Bet non of yall know about Hailie Selasi who Abel is depicted as a reincarnation of

Denisha said...

I fuckin love this guy and his creativity is so unique and rare ovoxo made my life better and this song and video is perfect the way it is. I love how i can relate to his music

Randomly Came across this said...

Illuminati is not something that is made up. It is a factual Satanist group of people of high power and stature, whose goals are to receive "power" to become the rulers of this world and achieve "new world order."
They detest anything to do with God, and feel that they should be placed above him. The music industry is just one of the ways they spread what their about. Just think about it, why are certain music artists trying to place subliminal messages in their songs and videos. The songs that they make, that go insanely viral, are being repeated by fans. For those of you people who do not believe in the ONE and TRUE God, I honestly grieve for you. I am blessed to be born into a family that have strong faith in God. I am thankful not to be in your shoes. But back to the Illminati thing, Its goal is to get you off track of what your purpose in this life is... to chose your path to either Heaven or Hell, Some of you may laugh and ridicule this... but you will greatly regret it on that day when the rapture takes place. So If you ignore this and make mockery of it... I'm afraid your path is chosen, for the only way you can make it into Heaven is through Jesus Christ. Through out time Satan has been scheming to corrupt the minds of man and clearly over time, he has succeeded... Take Heed and Repent while you can... BTW I'm a 17 yr old male so don't think i'm some old person who is trying to persuade young people... If I didn't care for each and everyone for you all out there, I wouldn't have taken the time to type this... Thanx for reading

Music Quotes said...

very great...classic/original... i seen ah vision of this vid last monday but i see the real deal is way more den i thought...S/O XO label and the the director of this vid... "maacckk"

Noah said...

I hate when people preach that illuminati stuff on every controversial video involving religion, you do realize that their are other religions where this stuff is ok. No such thing as jesus or satan. But some other form of god.

Unknown said...


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