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Monday, November 14, 2011


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Complex Can Wait till Dec 6.

listening to take care for the 14th time. and really in love with the lyrics and the beat selection. really drizzy in love with it. itS real and raw ITS you. TakeCare and tooo all the drizzy haters TAKE VERY GOOD FUCKING CARE. one other thing thank you drizzy for the OvO xo crew and music....see you on stage i know this tour is going to be CRAZY!!!!!!!!

P.S From Charmz t.o

Anonymous said...

Drake, Go on Ustream.

Anonymous said...

I Love this cover!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Lol He ALWAYS have a plastic cup! Red or Blue :p

Anonymous said...

Miles Davis

Anonymous said...

what is this?

jadelvalle13 said...

They wrote a really good article about you Drake. Keep reppin where you're from. That's real love. One day I hope I'll be as honest & sincere as you.

Anonymous said...

complex cover im thinkin... i will be buying this issue.

Anonymous said...

@ jade one day you hope to be honest ???!! lol ... how bout startin today.

Unknown said...


diamondgurlash said...

Perfect article <3 can't wait to get itt!

RellyRellz said...

Yo this was a really good article. Drake opened up a lot to all the adversity he's facing. He has such a valid point about people nit picking on bullshit.

meanwhile Lil B is making songs like "I got AIDS" and getting away with murder.

Hiphop has the worst fans in any genre of music.

Anonymous said...

Its Take Care Eve...

Anonymous said...

kinda dry..i couldve kept it in a lil longer!

Anonymous said...

How about dinner? i'm at home.

Yours Truly said...

Great article...I still have virgin ears to Take Care...I'm going tomorrow in support of one of the biggest innovators of music...your music will continue to fuel my me, my work will not dissapoint and it will continue to get better...look for me before the sun rises...

Yours Truly

Ashae said...

Gonna Go Get The Album Tomorrow

GiNA* said...

I adore how honest he is about himself. I don't understand how you can refuse to respect this man.

Anonymous said...
drake - the real her (chaniece thomas cover)

High Five! said...

going to buy Take Care in 4.5 hours :)

alicev said...

drakke I love you.

BonafideSexyG said...


Aubrey, I love the interview, and the pics, with different photographers, more real, and I like it better. The pictures had a different perspective, and the imperfection of it was beauty. I like the Range Rover, Hong Shing, AME, #1503, the Bridal Path, and your home. Toronto is beautiful city both day and night. I think you made the right choice switching photographers. You look handsome.

I was thinking that this is the day before Take Care comes out. It's the countdown. My last thought, I hope Billboard is ready for this. All those other artists are going to have to brace themselves for the impact. :) You worked hard hit or no hit, it's about having fun enjoying what you do.

The fashion faux pas are funny. Sweaters? I wear sweaters when it's cold. So what? Animal rights activists say you can't wear your leather letterman jacket because cows are killed to make it, while they wear their leather shoes, leather handbags and wallets and probably had a hamburger for lunch... lol!!! Don't sweat the small stuff. It's all good. :)

This is my favorite part of the interview, a moment of truth;

Heading home after a night on the town: “It’s a lonely life man. It belongs to the people, they go wherever they sell you. You travel according to however much money you want to make and who books you. And yeah, it definitely gets lonely even if you bring people along. It gets lonely two times for me: One, when I see people’s normal lives progressing, like falling in love, marriage, getting a job. When I catch glimpses of the life I could have had—not that I’d ever want to go back—but it does make you feel a bit like ‘Damn, I hope this is the right path.’ And then my apartment makes the weirdest noises at night. It’s super creepy and shit, so I hate sleeping alone.”

I'll buy you a night light and some ear plugz, honey, so you sleep right!!! :) My plans for tomorrow are to listen to Take Care alllll day long. ♥ Well, that's it. Sleep well tonight... Tomorrow is the big day. :)
Love ya,

The Official_Row said...

straight dope wit 4 pages of dah truth

Anonymous said...


Nov 12- I listen to COMEBACK SEASON and SO FAR GONE

Nov 13- I listen to SO FAR GONE

Nov 14- I listen to THANK ME LATER and SO FAR GONE

Tomorrow(NOV 15) I Listening to TAKE CARE and.......maybe SO FAR GONE.


Fireworks said...

Just a couple hours away...

Take Care!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. OVO crew. You guys impress me. The cover story for the photo shot done for Complex is unique. It shows that you guys care more about your country then fame and fortune. You guys have worked hard to succeed as individuals and with that share your success with others that are trying to rise as entrepreneurs. I am happy to see such genuine young men. = )

Much love,


Anonymous said...

I WANT THAT BLACK 'TAKE CARE' T-SHIRT..Oliver when is this gonna be available..much apprec

Anonymous said...

man drake i will make u a Damn sammih. I had a toast egg sammy for breakfast lmao! yo...u wildin 'bout sammiches

sophia said...

loving the story and the photos

Anonymous said...

Love the cover reminds me of dad

Anonymous said...

Drake won bonus points with me for this album cover with a blue cup!

I didn't know Drake was a Jazz fan or was it the people at Complex idea?

Anonymous said...

"Kinda Blue"...
Wayne's here: I mean, "Soo woo".


Anonymous said...

the shit u do is so childish i hope ur happy..asshole..marie

Anonymous said...

^^^ Who is this bitter crzy biatch?

yung06chick said...

Loved the article, you show us so much of yourself in your music, and this just rounds out the small part that we don't see in your music. You have so much support, and so many that love the opportunities you have created and the doors you seem to open!!! It said that for every 3 people that you applaud you, you have 1 person trying to shoot you down, so even still that support outweighs the hate that is shot your way!!!! Keeps striving to achieve all that you have set before yourself! You will accomplish your goals because you have a greatness that derives from deep within!! Almost as if you were destined to do great things!!!
*Much love sent your way*

Anonymous said...

@Drake Is the KING of TDOT but stan up 4 di Queen..@DESTINYCAMPBELL

Anonymous said...

Have faith

Anonymous said...

so sexii! nothing would make me happier than meeting him one day! but thats just a dream :/

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