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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Drake ~ ChopCare {Take Care OG RON C Edition}


Fireworks said...

First!!! bring atf back

hk said...

For Drizzy graphics peep XO

Unknown said...

Ah, this is long overdue. The whole OVO sound and vibe syncs with that H-Town sound very well.

Anonymous said...


Bee Michelle said...

Been waiting on this!! Yes. Finally.

Akhil said...


OVOHadi said...


Unknown said...

The extraction didn't work. Is anyone else having this problem?

Anonymous said...

Link not working. Fix dat trinna sipp some, while slappin "ChopCare"

T-Mayne said...

Mayne Hol' Up! This shit chopped on point! Way better then swisha house shit! Mad props for O.G. Ron C, Hope he goes HAM on Echoes Of Silence for The Weeknd too!!!

Reezy2easy said...

oG ron created swisha house dickhead. -__-

elbee said...

after all that only 128 kbps?

RellyRellz said...

hold up, people actually listen to these chop versions of the album? I hate em.

kms said...

Fireworks said...

lol...People here in Tampa, FL love these chop versions...

I hate them too

screwhead07 said...

Won't extract for me either

Anonymous said...

Slim K's screwed and chopped version is a lot better I would say. OVOXO

Anonymous said...

Ron C's file names are way too long. Windows won't let me extract the files...

Anonymous said...

wow haha og ron c is n swisha house...

Anonymous said...

Yeah having trouble extracting files as well. Its Asking for a password, any guesses what it might be??

Anonymous said...

this mix is ok. kind of sloppy og ron and candlestick could have done alot better. this is coming from a screwhead. im not hating just speaking my opinion.

@razinbran said...

Man I been waitin for this right here....

T-Mayne said...

he did creat swisha house idiot but then he started wreckin' yard -___- then he went to chamilitary as the go dj but now he solo again.

Anonymous said...

You gonna have to do it the old fashion way.. Just copy and paste and slab it on the disc drive... But it takes a long ass time though but it's worth it... @ drake I got you bro no need to answer that

Take-Care said...

don't wait anymore, letzzzzzzzz download

WatUAspire2B said...

Thank you @OGRONC @djcandlestickem @Drizzy I kno universal choppd ur original album on sum bs, but in this business, politics as usual like crew love. Holla back cuzin' @WatUAspire2B U already know L. Blackson N Gizzle feat Voodo Child 100

WatUAspire2B said...

Thank you @OGRONC @djcandlestickem @Drizzy I kno universal choppd ur original album on sum bs, but in this business, politics as usual like crew love. Holla back cuzin' @WatUAspire2B U already know L. Blackson N Gizzle feat Voodo Child 100

@ravi_sharma2 said...

sounds like a brand new album.

Shoutout to OG RON C! Epic.

Anonymous said...

Yo if you can't extract, rename the folder inside the archive from "CHOPCARE - DRAKE "CHOPPED-UP NOT SLOPPED-UP BY @OGRONC @CANDLESTICKEM @CHOPSTARS" EXCKUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD FROM WWW.OCTOBERSVERYOWN.NET" to something shorter then it will work

Anonymous said...

Ummm no offense, but OG Ron can do MUCH BETTER....

Slim K's had cleaner chops in my opinion. Im just saying..

Anonymous said...

I can get the album majority of the album, but I have to skip Track 3 HYFR because the name is too long or something. Doesn't flow right when it's prepping for Hell Yeah F*cking Right at the end of Track 2 but it skips straight to Trak 4 instead.

Anonymous said...

ugh.. I tried changing the name and it still isnt working.

New Music said...

Dope! This is what I needed, chopped and screwed Drizzy!

Not Telling said...

THIS AINT ALL THAT, SOUNDS SLOPPY ON YOUTUBE!! NO DL. Sloppy filter usage. He didnt master or adjust the levels on the different tracks or something. So Far Gone Chopped n Screwed was better prepared. Slim K's version of headlines C & S was better. for yourself if you dont believe me. DONT HATE ON MY OPINION!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I was expecting more of it...

Anonymous said...

whats the password ? it keeps asking me for one when i extract it.

BonafideSexyG said...

I like the cover... It looks like a Claude Monet painting, abstract art. What can I say about ChopCare? I try to find something wrong with it, but OG Ron C and Drake nail it every time. :)

Unknown said...

i love u big daddy..xoxo misses emm

Anonymous said...

Slim K = 50 times better. OG RON C only spazzes out his shit is fucking garbage nowadays and he does way too much on the tracks. Let someone do it proper like Watts or Pollie Pop. OG RON C is hot trash and fell off extra hard!!!! HTOWN REPRESENTA IN THE BLDG.

Unknown said...

oooooohhhhhh adidas now

Anonymous said...

Wow honestly this Sounds Horrible, How are you going to Chop "look what you've done" there is a message don't over do it with Extra Crap. This sounds like if dark Vader is speaking well my youtube is "buffering"

Megan said...

Everybody! Check this new rapper!
Just click my name.

propr`one said...

Where's the .Flac?

Free Online Dating said...

Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

we do graphics, real fucking good graphics -

Anonymous said...

it keeps asking for a password...:L

Anonymous said...

If Drake Is Coming To Fresno On March 8th Is It Possible For Me To Open For Him? Im a Fresno Rapper. Im 16 & Would Really Appreciate It If I Can Get This Shot. Thanks

Anonymous said...

whats the password for the download?

Mike Lene STREET OPERA 325 said...

First of all, FUCK YOU IM FROM TEXAS!! & Second of all if youre fagit ass hates em so much, GET THE FUCK OFF THE BLOG!! Cock smoken fag.

Mike Lene STREET OPERA 325 said...

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