Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Brandon said...

for some dope photography check out www.electricbrandon.com

Lets do some work sometime.

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Ooooh drake is so sexcii.!!!! Im sooo in luv with him, hes cute, tell him i said i wanna show him a goooooood tiiiiiiiime :) okayy well im about to go masterbate 2 hys songz because dats how i remember the lyrics OVOXO www.twitter.com/Drizzy_Mistress

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Ughh i fucking love drake ;)) icant wait till i go 2 one of hys shows && get backstage passes so we can kiss<3 but ihope sees that....cos if they do hes gne be in some troubleeeee :) (if they do hes gne be in some troubleeeee)

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

*ihope NOONE sees that imean, OVOXO

Jared B. said...

See good for your hard work.
Get it done.

tazzysmith said...

ovo definitly on one

Anonymous said...

you sexy man

Anonymous said...

got the world buzzin over you drake. october 2th. cant wait. ovoxo

Anonymous said...

cant wait for this album drake you're doing a great job...i put thank me later on in my house and just let it play. keep it up dude.

all freshness said...

OvOxO all the way from maryland!!!! check out my blog

SammiSweetheart said...

I would love to take drake out :)

Anonymous said...

So ready for your album to come out man.

Anonymous said...

I like Dreams Money Can Buy.

Anonymous said...

I like the suit drizzy


The life...

Dnyx said...

Yo Papi, im deff Chopp'nd nd Screw'nd this baby. . . nd ima name it
Jun 23th

Anonymous said...


Drake lookin like DMX in Never Die Alone :O


Anonymous said...

Anyone know where to get an OVO t-shirt from like that guy was wearing?

contactos madrid said...

I completely agree with the post.

forevaeva21 said...

Forevaeva21 said...
Love alwayz

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