Monday, June 27, 2011


Skyhigh Eagles Ltd said...

Youtube Search:
Vico - I'm On One (Freestyle)

He killed it and hes from Toronto too

ShaheedM604 said...

soooo liveeeee

A Princess said...

I love this remix, I wish I could sing in this remix..cuz im on one..

Lukevoice said...

Drizzy, Please Check out My dance freestyle to I'm On One, you wont be dissapointed.

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

i love drake && he looked sexcii tonight he seems so happy...i feel like IM the reason since itweet && write him alot :) last night i had a dream i was stripping at the king of diamonds && he was there && i was going around && around && around && around the pole && i was naked :) then i was alone with him in a room && ther was a bed that had a pole RIGHT thru iht lol :) Thats something i culd do JUGST 4 drake so we can have a good tiime 2gether id b really fun 2 watch<3333

Drizzy_Music_Luvva' said...

All this means is that DRAKE still stands for "Do Right and
Kill Everything"!

Pure FIYA :)

~Arlene~ said...

Loooooove loooooove loooooove!!! I'm still so addicted.... Patiently waiting 4 TAKE CARE 2drop.


Much love n respect! MuAhh!!

Arthuro_drakefan said...

Love this song! Drizzycats ALL DAY!

Drizzycats is a movement that support Drake and sound alike music. It's more than soul and smoother than RnB.

Anthony said...

this version is WAY better

Drake said...

^^ agreed!

A Princess said...

I just finish writing my girl version remix of Trust I'm just working on how I can translate my version into the instrumental. Ive never done anything like this before but I know how 2 workin on it :-)

A Princess said...
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K.P. said...

Even though this remix is not on Take Care, it is the best one I've heard thus far. I love how Drake & Abel's voices compliment each other over the clean erotic musical composition. There's something about the vibe of this song that draws out your sexy uninhibited side. Its very chill...

Anonymous said...

Trishul said...

damn real glad this happened.

Ghost Thoughts said...

Dope shit, i did up a little cover art to keep your itunes square...
cover art

Anonymous said...

... wwwwwwwwoooooowwwwwwww...


Just sayin'...

DJ Jakanadin said...

Went ahead and put my spin on Drake's Trust Issues. Anybody want to give it a listen, download from here Youtube: One Love, God bless. OVOXO

Anonymous said...

An uprising model,song writer, and hip hop artist, Lil Jordash
"This Plane"

Anonymous said...

An uprising teen Model, Song Writer, Hip hop artist and Star
Lil Jordash

Clarissa said...

Hot Remix! Love your performance on BET by the way.. but the remix is very hot... the more i hear, the better it gets... cant wait to hear Take Care!! <3

helloeternalyouth said...

ovoxo yo girl at my next show ayyee

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Ugh drake girls on twitter ALWAYS hate on me juhst bc im pretty && have a body they couldnt get UNLESS they got ass implants & boob implants.!!! Fat Ugly Dark skinned women ALWAYS talk shit to me juhst bc im a model type bitch that u like Lol.!!!!! They wish they had my face && my body && my shape buht they DONT.!!! Theyre so ENVIOUS buht we will 4eva be a couple that those BITCHES are jealous of.!!!!!

Drakkardnoir said...

All I care about is money and the ones that I love. Imma sip it till I feel it, Imma pop one & I'm gone..I don't really give a fuck & my excuse is that I'm drunk & I'm only gettin colderrr so somebody shoulda told ya I'm on one..

Keep doin your thang girl.

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

@Drakkardnoir youre NOT the real drake. he dont type like that.your the fake drake. he dm'd me && i follow hym, so i kno how he types.

Maliah Michel said...

Drake why dont you pik up the fone and why did you blok my number? what about the baby we have together smh youre a terrible person! oh your just gonna get me pregnant and dip? im suing you for child support and harassing you and your bitch ass fans all day everyday! Karmas a bitch, BITCH! i dont know why you got that dark hoe bria to call my phone and cuss me out after she broke your heart! You are GONNA be with me! IF YOU DONT WRITE ME BACK IN 3 WEEKS IM KILLING MYSELF! if i cant have you im overdosing on contraband and ending my life and it will all be your fault!

Maliah Michel said...

To all you fans who want him BACK OFF BITCH HES mine! And all he gonna DO is get yall preggers and forget about yall like he did me! your the father of this child Aubrey! im 3 months pregnant and you need to STOP ignoring my phone calls! If i kill myself our child will die too! Your first born will be dead! Your gonna be a father in 6 months!Im outside your house and im not leaving untill you at least tell me WHY you dont want me!

TheKillerTruth said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Maliah Michel said...

This Baby is Yours!!!!!!!!

Aubrey's rose said...

Ummm...Drizz, I actually liked reading comments on this blog but now things are just getting abit weird! :/

But I do like the remix....I think it's nice! Can't wait for for TAKE CARE ALBUM October 24th OVOXO

I think this album is gonna be ten times better than Thank me Later lol !

Oh yeah...I don't care what anybody says about you Drizz you are a young talented individual! Your gonna be bigger than what you are now! This is still the beginning for you! And I am absolutely proud to be a loyal fan and I will forever and always will kay

So yea just keep doin you boo
You already know what time it is....Drizz
Forever Byrd


Maliah Michel said...

Im gouging my eye balls out if you dont talk to me drske im carrying YOUR child!

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

How disturbing smh....i used to not like her buht NOW.....i juhst feel sorry 4 her :/ buht dont b comingg on here saying drakes a bad person boo he juhst doesnt want nuffin 2 do wit yhu...lying && saying yhu have hys baby && threatning suicide #IsNotGonnaMakeHimLikeYou ...leave my boyfriend alone -_-

Drizzy_Mistress16 said... gonna juhst be a sweetheart && NOT embarass her....AGAIN Lol. my older sister says guys like sweet gurls && not gurls that act psycho && go off on other gurls buht #IfIWasABoy id LOVE a woman that fights 4 her man.!!!! ok Drake ima work out (40min jog, butt squats) && i'll bbl.! #ImYourFutureStripper

Maliah Michel said...

@Drizzys teeny bopper
Girl Please he aint thinking about your young ass! He aint gona EVER have a relationship with you, he just gonna wait untill your 18 to break you in and leave yo ass, and you are crazy even drake said that! You think hes all in love with you, he doesnt give a fuck about you, you just another easy lay to him, you aint NOTHING special! All of twitter knows your a wackjob! You little bitch! and your ass is probably as flat as the rest of your body you prepubescent freak!

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

^^^^ *Giggles* im gonna juhst workout && deal with ur old uhgly turtle faced ass later.! buht i WILL give u one thing to think about when im gone:ihf drake REALLY didnt have a thing 4 me, WHY did he defend my honor && protect my pride by UNFOLLOWING && BLOCKING U over twitter AFTER WE ARGUED.? He Didnt HAVE 2 do that, he ddnt HAVE 2 do anything buht he did iht.? Why is that maliah.? 4 the same reason he shut lil kims ass down 4 nicki, its the exact same situation, ma.u kno wat fxck it im not excersizing today.u obviously have beef with me a, T E E N A G E R.!!!!!! So lets cook iht u fat bitch.! oh && im WAYYY developed, been like that since i was a Preteen.i'l just w/o 5days thys week, at the end of the week my body will still b better than yours.!you worked at which strip club.? NOT THE KING OF DIAMONDS, ur face didnt make the CUT. && i might b yung bitch buht T R U S T my bodies on ihts 22 year old swagg.! i have TWO huge round SOFT buns drake would LOVE to put hys stick in #RealTalkHoe!

Maliah Michel said...

@Drizzy Mistress
Hun, just from how you talk i KNOW hes not gonna take your dumb young psychotic ass serious! and working at the king of diamonds is nothing for me sweetheart, when youve been on the cover of ten magazines THEN you can brag about how 'good' your body is and how 'bad' you are! better yet why dont you just post a pic of your BODY, i bet your FLAT bitch! and them little PE class warm ups you doing aint gonna change shit! And you ARE a kid like you pointed out so why dont you stay in a child's place. Drake might wanna fuck you since he'll fuck anything with a vagina but youd just be getting dicked down by my leftovers ma. Lol go ahead and be a stripper ive been there and done that already but just remember who had drake first.....who was in his video first....AND who he kissed first. i bet you to all the punchlines, enjoy kissing the lips that ate me out.

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

*Nick Voice* Lol @Maliah Bitch I DONT GIVE A FUCK.COM BOUT A HASBEEN.! Drake liked u STRICTLY 4 YOUR ASS && UR THE ONE DATS FLAT CHESTED BITCH I HAVE DD CUPS && AN ASS BIGGER THAN YOURS!!!!! && IM SMALLER THAN YHU! MY BODY IS AMAZINGGGGGG X3.!! Buht when IM on magazine covers ppl wont juhst be saying 'oh she gotta fatass' they'll be saying im pretty too unlike you.!!!! Youre face is below average && im not a child hoe, ill be 17 in oct && 18 next oct i aint no 10 year old.!!!!! LOL You drakes old bitch that juhst used 2 suck his dick im his new bitch dat he does iht all with.!!! When im 18 yhu hoes better watch out bc Ariels gonna be killing the game.!!! i'll b the baddest bitch AND on drakes arm while ur bitter watching from the sidelines Lol, u side line chick.!!!!! Yhu were 2nd to nicki && 3rd 2 hys fans, too badd when eere 2gether i'll be hys #1 && evryone else will fall after.! Drake really cares about me bc he always stands up 4 me && it kills yhu u fugly slutt.! He was always taking uhp 4 me.!!

Maliah Michel said...

^^^ You are a child and it shows your immature! keep hating on me but ill keep grinding and making money! Im closer to drake then you'll ever get! and he just texted me saying baby lets make up so keep blogging MY man over this blog while we get it in tonight LITTLE girl :)

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

@Maliah Bitch he gna have yhu suck hys dyck and then leave yo ass feeling suicidal AGAIN.!!!!!! Drakes gonna be my man && ima bear ALL hys kids when im 25.!!! Hed NEVER make ME cry the way he does you HOE, drake loves me && he cares about me && he likes the way i look && he likes how i talk 2 hym && how i respect hys frends which u are NOT one of.!!!!!!!! Im his girlfriend && ihf he tells me dat yhu TRIED to eff him i will SLIT UR THROAT BITCH.!!!!! Lazy eyed old ass heffer.!!! Bitch u mad bc drake b sweating me over twitter bc hed rather see MY titz bounce around him than YOURZ.! Im a freak && im pretty bitch && im smart im the total package.!!!!!!! && That is MY man.!!!!!

AmyLovesWeezy said...

Ariel she just mad cos you took the SPOT!!!!!!

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

^^^^^^^ *Nicki voice* Word that bitch mad cos i took the spot.? well ihf she aint satisfying drake then get off his knob, i got sum guys in OKC that will OFF her TOP.! With her dusty ass Felis & levis, raggedy ann, holes in her KNEE HIGHS.! Drake calls the plays, && he told me to tackle that big bitch.!!!! Hes manning eli.! && i dont sympathize, cos shes a simple bitch.! I just pop up on that hoe with the purple shit, && put the iron 2 her face cos shes a wrinkled BITCH.! Fxck it me && Drizzy Drake getting married 2day, && she can catch a bouquet.!! thats why he kisses me right in front of her, he dont want none of he, even in the dark i b stunting her,!!! Fat Ugly Bitch Lol.! She used 2 be w. drake now shes gone--NAIR.!!!!!!!! && ihts all because of MOI.! #DaDundun...yep #DaDunDun...bc dat bitch juhst mad cos she run down.!!!!

Aubrey's rose said...

@Maliah Michel & Drizzy_mistress16

You guys please just calm down, things are not going to get better if you just keep going on and on....

Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Drizzy and I love that nigga to death but it's not good to fight over something that can be handled in a more respectful way.... yah know

hell I'm only 17 and I still have alot too
lmao "You guys have probably scared some of the fans away"! hahahahaha lol oohh shit that's funny ass fuckk lol hahahahahaha....

But yeah just chill....
@Maliah Michel umm..I don't think Drake looks at the blogs at all. I think he stays away from the blogs but then again you never know....Goodluck

Take care to the both of you.
Hopefully you guys can get along :)

Forever Byrd

Anonymous said...

I love this mash-up. I can't wait to hear the collaborations for the album!

Um, that is not Maliah. Probably another username Drizzy Mistress created to entertain herself. My girl Maliah is grown, living life and stacking dollars. She probably doesn't even know Drake has a blog. Stop the bullshit!! Drake plz block this girl, she is ruining your blog. Before she started polluting, it was pretty cool, artsy.


Anonymous said...

Lovin the sound of this remix

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

@Tash quit hating on me 1st of all.and that WAS maliah michel, who else could iht be.??? LOL Shes still mad because Drake blocked her over twitter.!!! && u need 2 quit hating on me, u BOTH are, @Aubreys Rose && me are probably the ONLY ones on here hes interested in so why would he block me.? You needa quit hating bc ur old as hell && ugly && wrinkled u CABBAGE PATCH DOLL Lol.!!!! Drake will 4eva love me && theres NOTHING you will do to stop him from putting iht in my sweet punani....#YouMad.? #StayMad.!

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Fat Ugly Old Bitches will Always Be Jealous Of What Me && Drizzy Have...its Instinct To Them<3

Anonymous said...

He's following Maliah on twitter right now. Maliah's met his mother and traveled around the US and Canada with him. What have you done besides stalk his blog and be annoying to his fans?? That's definitely not Maliah posting under that name. She doesn't act like that. You are clearly bored, making up things. Everyone can see that you are just trying to start drama. I'm not addressing you anymore but stop fucking up the OVO blog. I'm a fan and I don't appreciate it and I'm sure Drake, Oliver, Niko or 40 don't either! Tash

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

@Annonymous HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.!!! #IDIED Lol. He DID block her over twitter in 2010 though && 4 arguing with me, Lol BITCH i know what i saw.She was EXTREMELY jealous of the love we shared so she started stuff with me.! && they mightve had sexx buht ihf hes gonna blokk her 4 ME, he clearly doesnt give two shits about her.! How am I starting drama wen shes the 1 who brought her tranny ass to thys website ANYWAYS i said:old ass ugly fat tricks like yhu ALWAYS HATE ON ME.! Thats all im gonna say lmaoooo.! && stalking his blog.? i thought a stalker was an unwanted person of the said stalkee.? Im not a stalker bitch #DrakeLovesMe ......yall are the stalkers bc he doesnt want YALL.!!! Maliah will never have hym again && you'll never have him 2 begin with---in 4 years juhst expect 2 see me on hys arm.Im done.Not saying anything else bc i kno the truth && what u say r LIES---BTW Drake even said im very pretty & he appreciates me #Dadundun yep #Dadundun :D

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

&& i'll be traveling around the WORLD with drake when im older, im pretty && can get any guy i want.&& she acts like a creep, she even stalked my older sis 4 like two hours over twitter bc she went loco on the accnt that drake blogged her for my sisters little sister (me) .....Shes a creeper && u are too.I feel bad 4 yall :/

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

*Blocked her

Anonymous said...

love it it's hot

my fav. is "if yall what i created then i hate myself". omg legendary line for me i love it!

RichMahogany said...

That shit is sick! Drizzy you murdered that shit!!!

Anonymous said...

What a pleasant way to end my night. Thank you for this amazing mix.

Solely said...

Jaybeats for the win. Mad skillz.

Lol. KTT stand up

Dennis Graham said...


You Ruin This Blog Cutty!!!


A Princess said...

Edited this one too..GIRL VERSION: TRUST ISSUES
All I care about is money and the ppl that I love. Imma sip it till I feel it, Imma pop one & I'm gone..I don't really give a fuck & my excuse is that I'm drunkk & I'm only gettin colderrr so somebody shoulda told ya I'm on one..Fuck it, I'm on one, Yeah, I said I'm on one..fuck it, I'm on one, a strong one..Got my water, got my drink, it could be clear, it could be pink..depending on how you sip that shit, yea you get fucked up off that shit..cuz im on one..fuck it im one..oh yea, oh yea..
You know what I like..oh yes, oh yea, oh yes, oh yea, oh yes, oh yea..You know what I'm sippin..& no I don't be trickin..and your the only one, cuz I don't trust these niggas. I don't, I don't trust these niggas. They might catch me your the only one, cuz I don't trust these niggas. I don't, I don't trust these niggas...They might, they might catch me slippin & put in somethin your the only one...Cuz I don't trust these niggas I don't, I don't trust these niggas. They might catch me slippin so your the only one..oh oooh trust issues..ooh ohh ooh trust issues..

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

@Dennis 1st off yhu ugly fat BITCH.!!!!!!!! Youre NOT a graham, ur not even a guy ur a gurl Lol.!!!!!!! Whos jealous of me bc im pretty with a nice BODT to match :D && ur homely looking and old, u gorilla silverback.!! Hating on a swan wont make you any less of a duck Ma.
You juhst look dumb.!!!

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Youre NOT dennis graham SMH....youre an obese 40 year old virgin whos homely looking...ur real name is Katie #BitchSitYoUglyAssDown.!

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Ape Looking Bitches ALWAYS Hate On Me.!

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

#AnyWayDoe Lol Drake fat ugly no life having bum BITCHES always hate on our relationship.!

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Hating on Drakes Mistress is gonna make him want yhu.! Its gonna mke him wanna #BanUrAss

Dennis Graham said...

The fuck?
Bitch i aint got time for you and your little rants about who i am or who i am not..CUTTY
look me up on facebook Dennis Drakes 17 year old cousin you fat fuck!

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Lol, im done.

Anyway though, Drake EVERYTIME i see the im on one video #IGetWet....u looked SEXCII in iht...yhu have the BEST hair && eyez... && the best tan :D Lol rozay WISHES he was yhu<3

Dennis Graham said...

Nicki's gotta better ass then you anyway! I'd still do you tho ..maybe that would calm you down a bit

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

YHU ARE NOT DRAKES NOR ARE YHU A GUY #AreYouSlowInTheHead.? i kno who ur fat asz is u weirdo.! U have ZERO relations to drake.&& u arent 17 ur 35.&& im in better shape than yhu, PRECIOUS.! Yhu ugly DOGGGGGG.woof woof u wide nose bitch. @BabyGham from twitter is hys cuzzo, you are NOT.! yhu disfigured alien.!!

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

LOL Right @Dennis bc youve seen my ass.? uhhhh NO you have not -_- && i KNO who u are yhu big burly bitch Lol.!!!! Quit stalking my life away.!!! Bitch me AND nicki both look 8743587535777+ times BETTER THAN U U SLUG FACEC hooker.! Thats why drake wants us so we dxnt have to parade around pretending 2 be hys FAM.!!! Wow Lol thys is sad.yhu have NO life outside the internet yhu big whore.youre the one thats angry to even come at me after i #ToreYoAssUp so many times.! U beluga whale...youre disturbed :/

A Princess said...

All I care about is money and the ppl that I love. Imma sip it till I feel it, Imma pop one & I'm gone..I don't really give a fuck & my excuse is that I'm drunkk & I'm only gettin colderrr so somebody shoulda told ya I'm on one..Fuck it, I'm on one, Yeah, I said I'm on one..fuck it, I'm on one, a strong one..Got my water, got my drink, it could be clear, it could be pink..depending on how you sip that shit, yea you get fucked up off that shit..cuz im on one..fuck it im one..oh yea, oh yea..
You know what I like..oh yes, oh yea, oh yes, oh yea, oh yes, oh yea..You know what I'm sippin..& no I don't be trickin..and your the only one, cuz I don't trust these niggas. I don't, I don't trust these niggas. They might catch me your the only one, cuz I don't trust these niggas. I don't, I don't trust these niggas...They might, they might catch me slippin & put in somethin your the only one...Cuz I don't trust these niggas I don't, I don't trust these niggas. They might catch me slippin so your the only one..oh oooh trust issues..ooh ohh ooh trust issues..

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Lol Im Done :D #AnyWayDoe Drake im gonna watch that video TEN TIMES A DAY, EVERY day ;) ur a hottie.! Ovoxo<3

AmyKissTunechi said...

Lol EPIC FAIL at the fake drake cousin! Isnt Dennis his Dad @Drizzy_Mistress thats what google said! Lol shes that one fat lumpy black girl that we picked on the other day! LOL she still madddddd.

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

^^^ Im not worried about these #PreciousLookingBitches -_- i'll forever love drake && he'll 4ever love me.......&& they cant change that. Anyways im bored;text me.

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

Drake goodnight *muahhhhhhh* ily< 2marro im gonna tell an erotic tale thats 3 yrs into the futur.....when im 19, ur 27, && u went 2 watcvh me dance at the KING OF DIAMONDS.....we went 2 the private room...&& things got a little hot buht its softcore so no sex bc yhu dxnt do that at stripclubs yhu do that at bunny ranches.! Ovoxo<3

Dennis Graham said...

"Lol thys is sad.yhu have NO life outside the internet yhu big whore." -says the bitch who spreads her legs to drake 24/7 ON the internet. <------Oxymoron?

you murder yourself with your own comments :)

Haha funny tho.

Anonymous said...

"Lol thys is sad.yhu have NO life outside the internet yhu big whore." -says the bitch who spreads her legs to drake 24/7 ON the internet.

AmyKissTunechi said...

I finger myself before i go to sleep everynight for Drake..sometimes i pretend my dad is drake so i let him fuck me up the ass hard!
I had to get 23 stiches once it hurt!!

AmyLovesWeezy said...

Really? Me too but i pretended he was lil wayne bevause my dad is short :)

Dennis Graham said...

Damm yall are some sick witches huh? xD

Drizzy_Mistress16 said...

LOL wowwwwwwww. Amy was talking to the phone with ME && juhst got off, we were talking about your fat sloppy ass too. plus she thynks drakes ugly, && that ALL light skinned guys are.buht he is SEXXCI. 3rdly ALLL of these ppl were ur psychotic uhgly ass. && change ya name. UGHHHH you are NOT Drakes dad.! -_- i dont spread my legs 4 drake 24/7 bc im not on here 24/7 u dumb slutt.! Yhu spend L I F E stalking MINES away.!!! Fat BITCH.!!!! #LetMeLiveMyLife && Quit harassing me Lol.!!!

Luv yhu Aubrey :)

&& No bytch u are NOT drake.
so DONT reply 2 the 2nd prt of the paragraph.!

JONSIE said...


kevin said...


Ursula said...

Damn. I love it..really speaked to me :D so it deserves an answer. I think im in love :) yup i am. Damn i just wanna smoke and cruise to it (sigh) soo relaxing...just what i need been stressing lately thinkn bout moving out, things are wild and i feel i need well as its unhealthy living stressed..mite move in w a friend or juss me..hmm wull see.

Niaisms said...

I can't stop listening to this. It's amazing.

Detal said...

Nicest shit, check out my own remix to Best I Ever Had, best you've ever heard ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I'm not trying to sound rude but..this song sounds gay, literally :-/

Anonymous said...

I have 2 kinda jealous

Malik Melech Solomon said...

The Weeknd - Paula Patton (Loft Music Remix)



sophia said...

<3 this.

lots of love from Australiaa xx said...

I completely agree with the post.

xlpharmacy said...

Great! Definitely Drake it's one of my favorites singers. He's so creative on his lyrics and dress so cool. I would like to go to one of his concerts.

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that crazy

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Forevaeva21 said...
Love alwayz

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