My brother forreally tho.

Click HERE for that pot of Gumbeaux

Saturday, May 21, 2011



Anonymous said...

I love CNC.... Funny dude... Good music... And cute like drake :) hahahaha ... Surf club nigga.. Team Drizzy fucks with it..

Nia said...

Good post!
I always liked him! He's a talent!

FrescoSereno said...

That's your brother from the Surf Club?

ZoeiB said...

Great share Drizzy, CNC got pretty hot skills,I can never get enough.. Ur influence is phenomenal..too real for the world!!! real recognizes real..everyone else don't matter!! xoxoxo

Stacey (@Virgosister) said...

Love CNC! Mr. Woodard is an amazing talent. I definitely bump Gumbeaux as part of my playlist. Hopefully your reminder will be the red pill. Thanks for sharing! <3

Sole4nyc said...

That's what I'm talking about !!! His flow is nice thanx drizzy

Anonymous said...

Hey.. must admit love when ever you make a post. Your such a great host. What a past few days, they would make anyone wanna change their ways. Despite that, switched some things up. Hope these thoughts catch your attention, know its not a great first impression.. Could there ever be a more personal chat? Bet there's plenty up to bat.. Look, really can't blab this time but Hope to catch you next time. hard to get off the mind. Think this Blogger's one one...

Truly Yours,
Anonymous Blogger

SDJ said...

flashback to 9am in Dallas, drizzy....

Nisha said...

CNCOVO. Clearly.
Haaaa I love Chase N. Cashe. He is the That is all.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Drake You that new generation nikka...

Explorers said...

This guy is totally awesome thanks for sharing.

K.P. said...

Nice! I'm channeling his style...

Unknown said...

CNC is definitely a pioneer in the game. I bump that Gumbeaux all day. PUT IT IN A SONG, S.O.E my shit!!!, GET CRAZY, all that. NEW ORLEANS BREED REAL NIGGA SINCE DAY ONE. " still a hot boy bitch i cant cool down" if you aint got that album go cop that real nigga shit. I'm a witness

Anonymous said...

CNC the truth i fucks with his music! Surfclub all day

Progress said...
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Anonymous said...

hey! is the ovo fest going down this caribana wknd?

Aisha said...

Hmm.. maybe just as good at reading my mind as you.... just maybe ;) but absoloutely feelin his talent.
xoxo Ash

diamondgurlash said...

Hmm.. maybe just as good at reading my mind as you.... just maybe ;) but absoloutely feelin his talent.
xoxo Ash
It was nice seeing you at San Manuel Casino. Thanks for the show.

RENERZ said...

well i found this post just in time- i needed something fresh. Super junior and kidz in the hall has been ruling my playlists

Anonymous said...

I went to this show it was nice.

Anonymous said...


Alexander said...

Whats up! I love that other chase n cashe song do that(cashe money)! Anyways, i added my own verse to the weeknd's song Love Through Her. take a listen if you can! thanks.

@stankyfinger said...

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Anonymous said...

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Drizzy_mistress16 said...

Drake i want u to make my big soft ass cheeks jiggle && gyrate.!!! && hes pretty good but hes not as sexci nor is he as talented....ur my babii && im gonna start holding u down on this blog everytime u post...&& on wednesdays i'll REALLY get u excited by telling a VERY erotic tale of me & you :) OR ill just do it everytime u blog u sexxci beast.!!! the 1st ones gonna b about us watching a scary movie as friends (since im 16) but then i get scared & jump in ur lap then u realize i have a young woman body & u like the way my titz feel...&& ur dick gets hard :)

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