Saturday, May 7, 2011


hustleGRL said...

Fisherman Neeks.

Nisha said...

YES Karla bahaha ok Niko I see you with your fishing skills. SOMEONE'S eatin' good tonight lmaooooooo forreal that was a big fish though 0____o geez where were you fishing at..

Natalie said...


yazza said...


fishin is where it's at..
and i'm kinda turned on.
i used to fish with my pops back in the day in lake liberty.
when you ever come back to the H,
maybe we can show eachother some things.
clean it, and eat it!


Blase said...

Up and Comers, Colossal Scarab, More than just an option

Check out the blog

Little Girl Wonder said...

I want to learn to fly fish.

Me said...

Fishing skills...don't see that every day. That's cool - real talk!

Brandon said...

ne1 no how to get in contact with drake or ne member of the crew?? got some shit I wrote I wanna sell to someone.

Brandon said...

267-779-6196 or Drake n co.

Anonymous said...

This dude hasn't put up a post in like 2years and u put up a picture of some fish, come on now....and brandon give it up nobodies gonna call you.....let me think brandon or kayne....brandon or Swiss beats...brandon or jay-z ..... brandon or ja rule....going againt ja was ur best chance and you lost that one too...nice try tho .... oVo

Anonymous said...

kool pic

Anonymous said...

this rules! what do you usually fish for!?

Anonymous said...

dont know what to do with your cut , huh ?

Chantii said...

Is Niko fly-fishing? BOSS!!! lol

Anonymous said...

FreeUpz, the photographer who took this.

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mr215 said...

check out chizz i would love a beat from 40

Anonymous said...

Niko seem too damn cool! lol

@Anon 10:16 Dude that was rude as shit. A dream has to start somewhere.

Anonymous said...

(8)"..big, fat, fish.. fallin from de sky.."(8)

-wow, looks like guyana

Anonymous said...

Nice catch, look don't mean no harm or disrespect. Been on here geekin' to your boy and the whole damn world.. But really bout to get my school girl on right now by coming to you. Let him know he has a passionate young lady out here that is old fashion when it comes to relationships and roles. This girl is tired of supporting a man..
know you all out there doin your thang. But don't he want someone who waits and can hold the fort down while on the road? Or how about someone who will listen? Or someone to ride out with? What ever he's looking for,it can be handled. will leave it at that.

Leave it to the Philly boy to leaves his digits. Haha

P.S. If you really like to fish, got this private spot on my lot.. It's fresh water.

Thanks A lot,
Anonymous Blogger

viagra online pharmacy said...

Someday you will become a great fisher, I' completely sure about it!

John Edwards said...

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Anonymous said...

Omg i hope drake sees this because i love him

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