Sunday, April 24, 2011


Unknown said...

Damn, it would be sooo cool if Drake could bring up the next big R&B legend while he's becoming he next big rap legend too.

Stay with the Weeknd Drizzy, it could be a great decision.

Anonymous said...

wshh is posting unsigned hype videos of some toronto kids.

nirvana opened the door for record labels into seattle

drake opening the doors for toronto artists


Anonymous said...

oliver, why are you up so early doing this post?!

Anonymous said...

i think i had a mild trip

ursula said...

where can i get this track?? lol i swear all their songs make me get up and dance...always gets me in the mudafukn zone!!! dont even gotta smoke. never fails. i love it! damn i wish i could be in one of the videos..would be like a dream come true :D
Heat on the dance floor i spark them hoes soba!

aj said...

some guy made a video of high for this. shit is actually dope.

Charlie said...

The Weeknd is SO going to be a collab on Take Care :)

Anonymous said...

Cursing with pleasure in my mind, but I do wish to allow my fingers to currupt this page. Simply stated, well done to all.
-Stacey Laine

Anonymous said...

*do not

Unknown said...

I dont like that remix, but THE WEEKEND will definately end up on some grammy stage.. I didnt know it was only one guy, that makes it that much better. I play the mixtape in my dorm loud so everybody can hear the future...
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wfs said...

I love R & B too. Perfect to hear for me.

Cosca Cannon said...

Yeah Drake Is Still Amazing Can't Lie When I Say He's Influential On My Career..Check Me Out

PJ said...

Is there any we can please get on your blogroll?! Stream and download the latest from Hip Hop to House & everything in between.

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

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XO till we overdose...

Anonymous said...

clearly this should have been the original version!!!


Ricochet [A] said...

D.O.E. said...

As an artist my self I like it...If you're looking for that same rnb hiphop style hit up my blog sometime and listen...

D said...

Agreed with "zacksullivan" that would be tariffic

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sexshop said...

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