Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Anonymous said...

We need to stop F-ing around.

charliepoll said...

I'd love another song off It's Never Enough please O ;D

@_AnilH_ said...

always good to review on the old school hip hop, nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Maaaaaaaynn! This is Timbo's shitt!!
Im so happy right now:}

Unknown said...

great stuff, this music will live forever

DJ SMOKN said...

check out my blog www.djsmokn.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I can see myself smokin a spliff and chillin out to this. Which I'm almost positive you did yourself :) Glad to see something worthwhile on this nassasistic site of yours lol ;)

Anonymous said...

the way drake sings reminds me of the missy,timbo devante swing, static major and aaliyah era

Anonymous said...

Classic stuff indeed. Can't wait to here some new classics.

Anonymous said...


Destiny said...

Drakes coming to Tempe, AZ APRIL 19th! I am ecstatic! Words cant even express, but I am def hoping to smoke some boomb with him on 420 :) I'm definitely going to be manifesting that! Being able to smoke with one of my favorite artists! Ah pleaaase Universe! :)

Anonymous said...


just check it out

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1 again
you need to release new music.. show these hacks how to release an actual song

Natty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Natty said...


I thought of y'all when I saw this! Justice is too dope.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 againnnn ...
I know you heard the new dj drama song.. someone is trying to take your spot ;) sounds a lot like made by you.. don't lose your spot homeboy

Anonymous said...

Whoa that took me back! I haven't heard that stuff in a long time. LOL Thanks Oliver for the throwback greatly appreciated.

JayOne said...

nothing beats the 90s/early 2000 in Music, tv, movies, vid games, everything. Most of it was dope. the rat tails and neon colours could go though lol

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