Monday, April 11, 2011


Kash said...


Anonymous said...

OvO update on my birthday, couldn't be any better bout' to hit up the coldside club.

Levi5001 said...

Ride around the city, plastic cup of henny

Nisha said...

*faints repeatedly* Drake looks sooooo good here. And I just about fell on the floor laughing when Drake was like "love me some head" in the video lmao with his hands together. AND CJ I seee himmmm he a videoooo star now with all the cameos he making. Niceee video.

Martian Love said...

Check Out The REMIXES to Drakes Songs....

Thank You

Facebook:Josh Love

Damn it Feels Good to be a Martian.....

Lus For Life.....

October 24th

Unknown said...

what kind of necklace is Drake wearing the gold one what is it called i want one...

Mr.Brown said...

Drake out here killin it, YMCMB all day. Get hip

TheFed's Files said...

I have that same CNC Surf Club shirt!!! it y'all go to my blog, you can get the link to get it from them

Unknown said...

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Lauren said...

sick video. i'm such a fan of drake's work. I'm actually trying to figure out the name of a song i heard recently on the radio..maybe from the so far gone mix tape?

Jaiden Ramgeet said...

‎"riding round the city, plastic cup of henny, find a nigga like me truth be told i don't know many"

rupy said...


Carmelle said...

Just came! ;) XOXO, Carmelle

ironBiscuit said...

so beautiful

ursula said...

HA! it was like sayn "oh u want sum new music"? pow! shut d fuck up bitch! :) jp
no aint no oda like you, but funny thing is this one dude looked just like you..wit a disguise on..d oda even looked like 40 too..lmao ;)
they took ma drank!! lol
but that's just crazy doe...rite...

Touche' said...

Damn...Drake look good in this clip. I liked Grizzly Drake mo' better, I think. Hot.

Loved his usual, his feature is the best on the track lol...same way thing w/All of the Lights remix!

You killin me, baaaby!!

Touche' said...

that should have read I "LIKE" in the present tense...meaning, please keep the beard, Drake. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Drake is one FWOINE piece of T.O. nigga...

Anonymous said...

whasup up drake its mookSTAR
aye u cld in this one .
younq mny maybach
im lyricallyy ill

~Arlene~ said...

"spending tomorrow's money, i call it manana" daaamn, luuv it! just wish i was that cup you were sippin' on, haha! this video came out just in time to pump me up for vegas this weekend ;). love the swag! cuz u do it how u do it! much love! xo

Anonymous said...

That grin.

Ethan Gibbs said...

Don't like the video/song at all in terms of Drake being on it

I guess I just prefer humbled Drake rather than cocky Drake.

Anonymous said...

^^Cocky? Humble? To me all that matters is if it works or not. Does he do it to death? Yeah, he did it to death on his verse...

Drake has different looks. There's a side that is humble & a side that's bold, horny etc. I understand that everyone has their faves but ya gotta mix it up & catch ppl slippin...that's what he's doing.

Anonymous said...


Tasha said...

Hi Drake, I'm a huge fan of your work, I had to get in contact, and I had to say what an inspiration you are to me. I admit I'm not a fan of your Young Money work as much, but I'm a fan of your mixtapes. I only started listening a while back when I was going through depression. Your music is like therapy to me, because it reveals another side to me (even though, I'm like only 15!) it shows my raw emotion and how I feel about what I've gone through in life, even though the songs are really emotional they give me a natural high. I know this sounds so weird,because I'm amazed myself how it gets to me. You know, going through something like depression it involves emotional things, listening to your raps and honesty in it, is therapy to me. It inspires me to be honest and real how i'm feeling, because i'm not the only one who is feeling it. It also inspires me that honesty is beautiful and when I grow up I want to be honest, and real like you are. I like how you let your raps become a doorway to who you are as person, that is pure art.
I love it because some songs get me completely how I'm feeling, some songs teach me something about life, some songs I just admire the emotion and honesty; how real it is. It's really therapeutic to me, it reveals another side to me, I can't actually explain it - but its like meditation? Hopefully you get what I'm saying. It reveals another side to me that's very deep, honest and a lot of deep emotion, I'm kinda observant of emotions, so it's nice to see someone who is like that as well, and feels like I get to know you as a very real person - not many people are real like that nowadays.

I really admire how few artists can reveal how they're feeling, all their emotions and make something beautiful of them. I really hope you go to making music again like that, I think that's what makes ur fans admire you the most - someone who is honest and open, and has a talent in rapping and lyrics. Not another rapper who is rapping about cars, women and fame.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how your music inspires me, and what it means to me. I'd love to meet you in person, just to get to know you as a person and a fan, you really inspire me and I admire you a lot more as a person than a artist. Come to London soon! :) XOXO

I'm real sorry, I'm probably annoying u that im putting this on a lot, but I just want to show what Drake's music means to me, but its something important and meaningful to share, you know?

Anonymous said...

Looking good DRIZZY!!!!!!!!!!
love this song!

Anonymous said...

sooo when drake came up with his verse he got my name messed up and kinda said Rihanna when really he meant to say Raana ;) [and if u were wonderin,that is my real name]

ArielTheBarbie said...

Oh so head is what my babii likes.? LMAOO well tha squareroot of 69 is ATE SOMETHING....maybe me *& drake can work something out.??? LOL ilove those sexci CUTE puppy dog eyez<3

Arly Marv said...

sick!! i see you on that layback flow!!

Anonymous said...

omg... drake till da day i die

Anonymous said...

Drake looks too fire in this video. REAL good looking dudes look flame with or without the scruff :D

jennifer said...

Please tell drake that if he ever in buffalo,ny and would like the company of a fine ass independant woman hit me up..te

BdotMet said...

"But Bitches tell me that I look just like a creole nigga" Drake been my favorite rapper but mentioning creole people in this hes that man. S/o Cane River Louisiana. Im here!

Anonymous said...

am bout r&b . your dfferent. your pretty much the only rapper i like ...plz dont turn like all others

viagra online said...

I love this video! I wonder where did you get it!

Unknown said...

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