~F o r e s t N a t i o n a l (Brussels, Belgium)~

We hit Brussels last night for Drake to play the Forest National. I took some time to walk around the loading docks and find some old bombs.

Ozzy Osbourne, No Rest for the Wicked Tour '89

Fab & Paul Cain, Street Fam '03

Night Ranger, Seven Wishes Tour '85

Elton John, The World Tour '89

Guns N' Roses

Warren Cuccurullo of Duran Duran '88

David Bowie, Sound+Vision World Tour '90

Monday, January 24, 2011


Lysa said...

Last night was so amazing, I never feel like that, Thank you so much Drake, come back to Belgium soon, we ♥ U !!!

Jessica Barbu-O'Connor said...

Drizzy, last night was sick! Thank you for coming to Brussels and please come again! There's no doubt, you're the best I ever had ;) Much love, peace!

TheGoodGirl said...

That looks amaazing! So many Legends, You know Drakes name has to be up there!! <3

Anonymous said...

I like that Fabolous left his name there. Where is Michael Bolton's graffiti!?! JK JK I like all of the names on there like David Bowie and Depache Mode.

CJP said...



The show was awesome! J.COLE and Drake KILLED IT. More about this on my blog later on the day!
The crowd was going insaaane!
Come Back soon!!


Looking at Graffiti really flicks my bean! It trips me out how the raunchiest of chicken scratch looks like a beautiful work of art once slapped on a slab! :)

Note to self: buy some cans of spray paint!

Leo said...

Cool pics

simoneKALIMA said...

fucking epic.

Jay said...


Anonymous said...

Check this video out! http://www.youtube.com/user/127infinty

Anonymous said...

ohmygawd haha

Beezy said...

Check out spaceverbs.blogspot.com, we are a local group from Orlando trying to get on

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