Sunday, August 1, 2010



Chanz said...


Anonymous said...

LMFAOOOOOOO!!!!!! 2 FUNNY!!! 2nd time seeing it cuz of allthings-fresh but thx!!!!! lol Drake laughed A LOT!!!...... wait did ma man say that he used 2 jerk off 2 that.... lol still CANT believe that... =] thx again! =] x]

Anonymous said...

haha that was funny. drake ur the bomb!!!

Anonymous said...

I've seen this like 20 times already. Its just soo funny to watch and i just love drake && 40's reactions. definitely memorable and none other like this interview.

Marked Absent said...

Nobody does music like the .ca!

Mac Rockstar said...

Lol I can't wait for my Narduar interview, that was hella fresh man

Nisha said...

Hahah I was waiting for you to post this. I'm really glad 40 was in this interview too. Dude is a genius. Haha but a black trunk full of bras? ummm 0.o okay Drake lol he had such a serious face when he was talking about that.. And the part about Pam Grier saying he used to jerk off to her..umm, I didn't need to know that lol some things we keep to ourselves Drake. Haha Nardwuar is epic, man. Honestly, I didn't know who he was, but after this I had to look up some of his past interviews. The end was priceless. Drake and 40 were weak when he was in freeze frame. "Is it over?" Lol wow though, Beat Street seems like a really nice place to go if you're looking for records like that. And poor 40, Nardwuar didn't get a jacket for him. :-/ but anyway, this is deff one of my new favorite Drake interviews, glad you posted this Oliver! :)

P.S. (completely unrelated to this post btw lol) I went back to when you first started OVO and started reading the older posts. Its amazing how so much has changed for you all. Makes me wish I had started commenting when you first started the blog.

Unknown said...

The Interview Was Hilarious. Drake I Can't Wait To See You Today At The OVO Fest. I Hope I Can Meet You Again. xoxo.

Anonymous said...


Oliver slippin...

FraNcis James said...

lol @ nardwuar holding that pose at the end.

keedaj said...

iloveee you Drizzy Drake. see yu Nov.4th. ;)

Anonymous said...

lol idk why but I think drizzy high as


Unknown said...

1st saw this on Tumblr at

That tumblr is awesome btw! Props to the girl who created it. =]

But this is definitely one of my fave interviews of you Drake. You & 40's reactions every time Narduar would show y'all something was priceless. hahaha.

You can tell that you & 40's bond is really genuine.

& you look GOOD in a fuckin' red jacket w/ some zippers baby.

OWWWWW! hehehe ;D

xo Nicole

Brittney said...

drake and 40 were trippin so hard

ilhe1s said...

I have to give it up to Narduar for another monumental interview and to Drake for just being himself and having the connection he had with Narduar. "Good People"

Trilla said...

Yall check my blog out!!!

myeshia said...

love you

Anonymous said...

I love you Drake.You the best I never had.LOL

Anonymous said...

i would love a jacket like that lol

noelle said...

Hi boo. I made it to work today. Wanna see pictures from last night?

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

I Love Drake!! I cant wait to see him tonight at molson amp! its gonna be CRAZY!!!

Keep reppin ur city cause we backing you!!!!!


TAC said...

HAHA, OH shit, the bra bra is definitely on it :)

noelle said...

zzz..its hot.

Anonymous said...

It was smart to bring 40 along to buffer the awkwardness of a Narduar interview. OVO is pretty smart.

Felicia said...

That was probably one of the best interviews I've ever seen.

Unknown said...

I just got home from molson amp! I swear one of the best concerts I've seen! Jay z and eminem that was crazy. Drake killed it! So happy to see home!

PeterPaanIsFly-FlyIsForEver24 said...

Haha Look @ Kid Rocks HairCutt

Kelly said...

I think your laugh is better than mine

Anonymous said...

"all i needs a f***** red jacket with some zippers..." love drizzy!

Benjamin Beats said...


on separate note, I make beats. give me a shot bro.

navito said...

...cherokee...narduar does his research there is an interview where drake mentions cherokee as one of his top 5...

Anonymous said...

What the freak is that on Drake's shirt?

navito said...

I think its a crooks and castle t-shirt...

Claribel Taveras said...

This Is Funny & Cute ; You & 40 Are Too Cute .. You guys look so excited ! 40 Is AMAZING ! & Drake I LOVEEEEE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Was Gonna Go To Your Concert In New York , But I Moved So Im Definetly Going To The Miami One . SUPER EXCITED ! Te Amoooooo <3 :)

URBAN MOM said...

Funny stuff, lmao! That guy had a personality for real! Ya'll rocked the red jacket like none other! Ya'll are funny ;)

Anonymous said...

Ya boy zkelly dropping by. Man he hooked my boi drizzy up wit a lot of stuff. oan. My nig Drake is killn the rap game. Big ups brah

King Tut said...

This is Interview is the best interview ive seen nardwuar do even better than the pharrell interview which was pretty nice$$$TN$

Anonymous said...

LOL you have to wear the red jacket at a concert!

Anonymous said...

this whole town is working against me man i am like east of billings but i am still trying

Anonymous said...

lol too funny love drake you so real and down to earth its unbelieveable xx

CYJ said...

xThat was nothing short of amazing!! Wow, just wow!!!

Mindbender Supreme said...

I could not stop smiling for 30 minutes after I saw this :)
Thank you Drake for the extremely generous praise and respect. You deserve nothing less than the world, brother. And to Nardwuar, you are honestly the most committed and knowledgeable journalist I have ever known! The fact that you're also one of the funniest cats around is just an added bonus! Thanks to everyone who has supported Canadian hip hop since Maestro Fresh Wes and Michie Mee did it up, and thanks to 40 as well for making Drake's music sound so ILL!
Mindbender loves you all :)

Lazaro said...

who wouldn't laugh while being interviewed by Nardwuar haha, guy is too funny. I think 40 should have gotten a "fuckin red jacket wit some zippers" too haha

Shannon said...

omg I seriously just laughed my ass off... thanks for posting!

Sina said...


Lauren thrasher said...

Drake, your laugh makes me laugh, it's contagious.
Loveddd this interview!


Lyrikal Beauty said...

Drake had to be so proper lmao
& 40's face was so priceless when drake mentioned masturbation.. awkward lmao

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