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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paris Morton Music


DrizzyDre32 said...

Beautiful Bruh!!! No Homo

Kendall said...

Drizzy...this is why you've been my favorite rapper since 06..superb music lives on.

Nisha said...

I love this song :) Especially the beat, it kinda remineded me of Light Up in the beginning for some reason, idk why. Not once the song started though. And I love the chorus, I already have this song on replay lol. This is something I could listen to when Im relaxing and when Im driving around. Great song! :)

Nisha said...

I love this song :) Especially the beat, it kinda remineded me of Light Up in the beginning for some reason, idk why. Not once the song started though. And I love the chorus, I already have this song on replay lol. This is something I could listen to when Im relaxing and when Im driving around. Great song! :)

I defintely put the wrong link in my other comment lol oops.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This was flawless. Just beautiful, Drizzy.

Wild Girl said...

Beautiful song. Is this supposed to be like Aston Morton Music part 2? Lol Dope. Another great song.

Anonymous said...

I googled Paris Morton i see a model?

Futur3 said...

Nice like the kinda like miss me light up structure too bad the verse wasn't on Aston Martin Music. Like u slowing dwn the hooks. And killin the verses. Same producer or Boi-1da's help

Anonymous said...

rick ross got a hit with this track, drake murked it.

The Promising Prospect said...

As a 20 year old young woman, educated from the floor up I must commend you on your approachability. Very few people whether they may be an artist, doctor, international delegate, movie star, attorney, social worker, or even a politician can captivate an individual entity the way you have managed to. Words have vividly luscious meanings that are devoured by an audience. As an aspiring writer attending Berkeley, I have really admired you. As I sit some nights contemplating my future endeavors and thinking of my potential next three moves I found refuge in your music. Since ’07 I been having you on heavy rotation and a passionate man like yourself only deserves to keep surfacing. Somebody could scrub floors, wear down their battered knees, and wither away at their nimble fingers but keep scrubbing with pleasure because they are passionate about what they do. You speak from inside, you are not influenced by outside forces, or by ostentatious people. Thank you for the indulgence of your music and for being you…

Nteague1 said...

drake ur Twitter pic is diff., so did you start your diet? Staying away from carbs & Americans LMAO,jp

Chantii said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chantii said...

Always great to hear music from Drake, whether he’s singing or rapping or doing both. Love the beat for this song & the lyrics; reminds me very much of a continuation of So Far Gone & Thank Me Later but yet it’s different; not many people can do that.

Great song, Drizzy!

Jay said...

This is by far the best song i have ever heard of Drake, every flow, rhythm, and lyrics are all laid out on this track. Since I've heard your mixtapes, with the first song I heard I knew youd be who u are today. I've never lost hope in you, keep doing you. Hope all is going well with your mom.

Keyyuh said...

drake man i really hope your reading this when i tell you i fuckin love you man.. your back. you fuckin lost yourself a little but you found yourself. this is some deep shit this is amazing. thank you wow. i cant begin to explain to you how happy i am because this is fuckin amazing. never stop doin you man. this is amazing. DRIZZYYYSS BACKKK BABYYYY -Kiya

iwontusethisblogagain said...

Very typical Drake record. Don't get me wrong. I'll ride down the street to "Unforgettable" or "Light Up" all effin' day. But I was expecting some kinda risk on this one. Hopefully the next.

A.J. Crew

Anonymous said...

first time writing on here i just had to say man, the feel and vibe of this song is amazing. ive had it on repeat for the past 20 mintues. one of my favorites should have been on your album this is too good to be free music!

iwontusethisblogagain said...

Also, hope your mother is doing better than before. Much love and respect.

A.J. Crew

Nteague1 said...

so 4gt ur future musical dealings Drake, lol na.

Nteague1 said...

OMG Oli, our cd is on. Number 4!

Online HD said...

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AnotherFan said...

Love this song! You and these models (lol). This is a great track though. I could listen to this for hours. One of your best!

Also, have you heard this Find Your Love piano cover I saw on Youtube? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36P6dB3awWU

It's from an Toronto Int'l artist, so you probably have...but if not, you should check it out!

Bee Michelle said...

I ♥ it. I had to google Paris Morton though. I think its safe to say that Drizzy likes asses.

Double-0-Nawty said...


Chris said...

Still giving us free stuff..
Too much admiration for you man. So glad you did your own joint to that little sub-hook thing you did on the aston-martin song, keep up the good work :)
Can't wait for the r&b mixtape,
and LP #2.
Still bumping TML :D

Nteague1 said...

aubrey........wake me up before you leave!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing. More stuff like this!

1989sMaverick said...

Definitely better than good enough...

Susie said...


T. Marie said...

I'm glad I got to listen to the song despite me feelings of jealousy...Not true jealousy but envy. The music was smooth and took me to another place. Hopefully I will one day be someone's muse and have a song written about me! I have always been inspired by others and Drizzy, you inspire me!

Anonymous said...

holy crap. best drizzy song ever ? i think so. im kinda really in love with it :) like eff that was a GREAT song !

Anonymous said...

Hey Drizzy, could you post the joint in actual good quality?

loving it

Anonymous said...

I like the intro to the song and the beat. Lyrical hip hop!!

Anonymous said...

this song is incredibly heartfelt.
I admire your maturity

Rosilda said...

Amazing song, amazing artist.

Aug 1.. ;)

ELLE à Paris said...

what's the title of the song ?

Unknown said...

Drake UR AWESOME whatever ur doing dont stop. It's really hard for me to consider u my fav music artist cause my favs have been in this game longer than you but you've proven everyone that ur here to stay.

Anonymous said...

word to drizzy for giving me the dopest songs!

Anonymous said...

Love this song!!! Thank u for it... Drake u must really miss Someone...

Unknown said...

Farrr out! I'm loving this song...Thank you Drake xox

Brittany Auzenne said...

this beat is a gorgeous respectable young woman, educated sippin' on champagne in a New York black tie party.

i love you.

Shayla said...

Um....Did you forget me?

FraNcis James said...

Thanks again! This should speak to a lot of people!

Mr_Deuce said...

This song is the story of my life right now so I just had to create this:

NAE1031 said...



Anonymous said...

This shit is hot. PERIOD.

Pyro The Space Boy said...

This songs INCREDIBLE, i got a track I produced i really want drake to let his feelings out on, love to email it to you..check it out here myspace.com/pyrotracks

thanks and much love!

Email me at PyroThespaceboy@gmail.com

Nteague1 said...

Damn Aubs, you need to be in a spacious ass apt. with cherrywood floors and a giGANtic ass glass of red wine to listen to that. O, in the city. With high ass ceilings.

Kendall said...

If that was Mr. D-10 on the intro and outro....I really wanna hear him on the production side more often, "Sooner Than Later" is classic and D-10's skills are just outrageous!

Nteague1 said...

the dark cherry wood, and the dark wine. Not red in the least



Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE when you sing! My favorites are "Little Bit" and "Find Your Love." I'm definitely looking forward to your R&B mixtape, but you really should sell it as an album. You deserve it, and your fans are here for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and how could I forget "Still Fly" - love it!

Nteague1 said...

man, yea.. i love "A Little Bit"

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I love when Drake sings. his voice is AMAZING on this probably the best i've heard so far!

BreezyBBY0706 said...

Drake is by far my favorite artist, and Paris Morton Music, My favorite song yet <3

Anonymous said...

Wanted it the second it started (:

TYRELL151 said...

man this is dope af! keep up the goodwork!

Unknown said...

dope. simply.

Anonymous said...

drizzy drake! just saw you in concert te first time (tonight (ottawa stand up!)and it was mad dope. Performed a verse offa "paris morton music"; performance debut for this track? it was an honor man. keep making good music :)


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Check out a blog post by themindofa23yearold. She just started blogging but some real stuff indeed.

Anonymous said...

DRAKE is the best rapper alive. I going to be his fan from the beginning till the end.

Keilyn said...

You talked about how you want people to walk away from your music thinking "It's okay" or "It's pretty good"....I've just got to let you know that you have exceeded that by so much. I've been listening to your music since 2007 when I was starting seventh grade and it still hits me with the same effect as the first time I heard you on "Congratulations." Thank you so much. I love you for this music.

Anonymous said...

is this song called paris morton music ? whats the name ?

Kate said...

Escapes me how talented you are. Your intelligence is honest . Love you Aubrey

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Haven't felt so completely affirmed and understood and CONFIDED in by an artist since Jill Scott's 'Who is Jill Scott?' album and then your projects came along; like her, your music totally lays me bare.

Yeah, they are theoretically different genres but their similar at their core--it's all is brilliant work that tells our story ('our' is defined here as those that are any combo of young, smart, in love, earnest, scared, talented, 'on the verge' etc). It's uncomfortable to listen to in the most wonderful way.It's a super magnified mirror for some and a stolen page of someone's diary for others.

But I figure you knew that, lol.

Thanks for sharing--keep up the awesome work.

PS. Your singing sounds great--not that you didn't have natural talent, but you and the vocal teacher are clearly putting in work!


i love everything about you Drake. and this song just adds to the amazing talent that you possess. im so proud and happy and incredibly suupportive of you. we dont deserve all of this beautiful free music that you give to us but im thankful for it regardless. <3

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