No acapella's have been released yet, making this a challenging task. Its Dope for the most part, although I wish the talking was left to Drizzy. My favorites are Karaoke featuring 2Pac and Find Your Love with a Rick Ross verse and LL Cool J "Doin' It" blend.

Download here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cookin' Soul - Thank Us Later


Anonymous said...

ya the pac placement is dope...don cannon has had a few heavy projects come out in a row...big ups c!

D-Minus said...

Cookin soul + Drake Thank Me later =DOPE !!

LOUI said...

This is preety raw n the album is dope i luv karaoke, fancy, n ce ce iterlude

JDA said...

These Remixes is Hot, I dont think I want to listen to the normal versions. My Favs: Fancy and Westwood Freestyle.

Anonymous said...

this is sick but how did yall make the acapellas for it???

Marcus B. said...

This is sick...most of the tracks are better than the offense.

Art said...

I was front row centre,

Art said...

"..Feel free to sing along, if ya'll know the song.."

Kiefer said...

The remixes are great (though they mixed it a little too low in my opinion) but the talking before almost every track is really annonying.

Nic Abraham said...

the cover art to this is so the the remixes....Drake's definitely found my L O V E :)

Anonymous said...

Check out this site! They EXPLAIN all of Drake's songs!!

om3qa said...

good shit...coldest rapper alive...

Mario Luan said...

You guys gotta see this Drake parody for the Best I Ever Had Song.

It is very funny'

Kola said...

We all will see who can be thanked later, keep doing your thing!

AGain: The Path I Take

DrakeJUNKIEE said...


Dija said...

Love Thank Me Later, heres a review I did on the album. Check itout :-D

Art said...

The Information is an underrated album. With the exception of a few songs its Beck's best album.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, that westwood remix is fire!

OP said...

I was not impressed by the production on the original TML, so having this SAVES it for me. I can sho nuff listen to it now...though that nigga need to shut the hell up and play the damn tracks! LOL.

Anonymous said...

i know of a program's like a kareoke maker made by the makers of "REVERSE" it lets you grab acapella vocals from mostly any cd... it's a pretty sick song.. if i had the time i would probabbly get down..but i would really like drake to do work with "Sade" i think thtas drakes vibe .. listen to Sade - Soldier Of Love.. and tell me that "Sade" wouldn't make a clean hook for drizzy...REAL TALK - )2oMe

TAI said...

can some kinda person reply me, because i just found Drake is working with Jamie of The XX:

Really?? :O

Anonymous said...

love him

CandiGurl said...

Its really amazing to me the amount of music that is put on this blog for anyone to download without fees, As cocky as Drake makes himself sound in some of his rhymes, I now realize it's just confidence in himself and in his fans as well. It's artist like this that will last in this life. Keep it coming!

Riddim said...

this remix album sounds better than the original no bullshit!

Sealz the Artist said...

Check out my artwork for Drizzy!

Veck said...

I see Drake is friends with the Surf Club so I am surprised you guys haven not posted the Surf Club remix of Find Your Love which is dope.

Anonymous said...

favorites are over and fancy and light up. the album is still better imo

Anonymous said...

this is ohd this nigga on drakes dick mad hard niggas album hasnt even been out for a week damn let him at least get his fuckin paycheck b4 u make remix albums dawgs

AedioN said...

Oliver..i got a few ideas man..tell drake... he once said he would like to shake the hand thats lesser then him ... i'm that dude!!! *offers hand* nice to meet you !!! real talk get at me

Anonymous said...

Illuminati Scum. Bring back the old Drake!

Bre:) said...

Drizzy, you're rapping is amazing. I got the album and everytime I listen to Miss Me and The Resistance it makes me want to cry. You're an amazing rapper.

Art said...

It's my humble opinion that your next album be called "Good Values"

dJ eSenTRiK said...


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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NONAME said...

drake drizzy ?

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Anonymous said...

god damn, drizzy needs to hook up with cookin soul next go round.

.mANNY. said...

SOrRY DRIZZY,BUT I LIKE THIS VERSION BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL! favs.fancy w/jay,light-up w/big.find your love,ll beat w/ricky rozey! still SHUT IT DOWN tHO!!

Anonymous said...

se sale! cookin con drake =Ñ

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