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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Billboard Cover


Anonymous said...

Platinum first week. yup

Anonymous said...

may i ask...what is your email for drake's beats i might have some beats for "thank me later"!!!

Anonymous said...

im loving the article <3 <3

Unknown said...

i love the cover + the cover story. i ordered my copy <3

Anonymous said...

drake is awesome <3

Anonymous said...

drake looks so good on the cover but hes looks good in general <3

Anonymous said...

i knew it all along!!!!!!! this guyy is a legend i love him

Anonymous said...

such a great, educated and talented man. the rap game has gotten soft and lost its' way and Drake is definitely bring back the meaning of REAL music and not that down south noise... June 15th, cant wait!!

Stephen Smith said...

Drake is dope and i cant for the album to drop but this story was pure trash. Such a fluff piece. Billboard should be ashamed.

Shoutout for gettin the cover though

@moogaxswagger said...

Drizzy, congrats on the billboard shit, good look man. Hope thank me later lives up and becomes all that it is supposed to be. "The mirror's revealin, if you aint got it you aint got it the theory is brilliant." You, got it.

If this is inappropriate then i'm sorry, but I know of this artist that has a flow that's similar to drake.Now im not saying that he's as good as drake, but his flow his similar. Check him out and let me know what you think


Jamaal-Beamer,Benz,Or Bentley's Freestyle

Again, if this is inapproriate, or considered spam then I am sincerly sorry. I really just felt that this guy's flow was similar to drake, who is the best artist in the game btw.

Much success in the future drizzy

Anonymous said... is for beats

GiGi said...

inlove wit drake!!!

Nteague1 said...

oh...buh look at trouble!!! Lol. you lok cute.

I sent you like 85,000 more

Bradley Holton said...

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The Witch said...

Ooohhh ... so totally going to get the issue! May have to get the brass knuckles out the get my way through traffic to get to the bookstore. lol.

You rock, Drake! <3

thebipolarjoint said...

Sounds like a case of make believe,
Really allergies?
You kno Drizzys in the tour bus smokin trees.
Ya dig..

"Backed by a five-piece band and DJ, and dressed in all black, Drake took the stage a little before 9 p.m.-20 minutes late due to a bad case of allergies-and commanded the attention of even those tailgating in the parking lot.."

Woof, woof.


Jessica said...

Gorgeous cover and great story. I am so excited for the album to drop!

Anonymous said...


Art said...


Nteague1 said...

LMAO theSM4you. Combat those dust mites..stay away from pollen LOL.

Anonymous said...

WOnderful story & very handsome front cover Drake. You're a gifted, talented & classy man, don't let anyone distort that. We LOVE you, keep up the great job. Call up your mom, tell her you love her & that you're very thankful for her making you the great man you are today. JUNE 15TH ;) -Sincere Fan <3

Jineane said...

outstanding. keep up the good work OVN.

Brittney said...

puppy dog eyes ;3

misselisak said...

Very nice, so fine. Damn. Congrats hun!

tt said...

very handsome cover. the article was very good. Im enjoying watching you progress and mature as an artist. its amazing!i love the line you gave about the only way you wil know your a legend is if the 15 year olds now go to college in a couple years and talk about how you performed there years prior and shut it down!!im so excited for Thank Me Later! June 15th!!!

viisi said...

Good shit fam!

Nteague1 said...

Damn boo I looked at your Austin pictures, hogging up the lens

Nteague1 said...

wearing old ass black everyday, smjh.

Nteague1 said...

is your eyeshadow yellow?

Nteague1 said...

Drake I just sewnt u pictures of my sister, bnut it's coming fdorm my mom's e-mail

e said...

we are a canadian producer who wants to work with you!

check out our beats

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Hoisher said...

goto to hear another true up and coming artist/producer. You wont be disappointed!!!! Leave a comment!!

Num12 said...

wow thats impressive;i've never heard of the term "passive rap fans", but i think thats me right there. passive.

Anonymous said...

Whats Drizzy's email? I wanna ask sum questions for him! He is never on formspring or twitter alota times.

Anonymous said...

Drizzy you are a sexy f***in rapper!!! Damn wish i could meet u in person! <3

Nteague1 said...

Boo this our new background

Ii was getting tired of this:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Ash said...

So thrilled that Drake got the cover. The article was pretty good. I was pleased on how they emphasized Drake's diverse sounds and his appeal to various artists. "Thank Me Later" comes out the day after my birthday and you better believe I will have that hoe at 12 am! Congrats to Drizzy and his accomplishments. I saw him live last week and Houston and the show was amazing. Can't wait till he comes back to the Lonestar State because I'll be sure to see him again.

beachbum=)** said...

Congrats on that cover... its looks greattt

Blueflameagent3 said...

Hey fellas! The new movie of Diddy's "Get Him to the Greek" have their pres-screening @ Loews 600 North Michigan 9, 600 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60611 this May 26, 2010. This is such a hilarious movie! Should watch this! In theaters June 4, 2010.

littjml said...

Drake rules the rapping now and forever!

yung06chick said...

Hey well just like your ready, we ready and waiting for you!!!! You said you feel like this is your last album, well i certainly hope not!!! I know you have so much more to offer, and give like you said you are still growing. Therefore as you grow, the other stuff should grow as well, as long as you want it to!! Well congrats on everything. Keep doing your thing, cause you do it well!!!!
*Much love sent your way*

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

"The new face of hip-hop"... word. lmao

Stacy said...

Drake, you da man.

Anonymous said...


Kit_Kat said...

Drake looks like Sylar here. lol good job on getting platinum drizzy! big fan right here.

Unknown said...


DanielMdv said...

Tell me how, i cant go meet Drake at the autograph signing because of work! HOW THE H**L AM I GONNA MEET THE MAN THEN? i got some flow thats almost tighter than a D**K in a butt.. But........

"Neeed a line get at me,
i design, im crafty.."


Lakeisha said...

damn you have some pretty eyes

Unknown said...

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mostsupportingfan said...

I'm fancy, a killa, all natural and got my own, I got you boi, you're no longer unlucky

lou21 said...

i seen u last nite in Birmingham UK, keep duin ya thing UK love ya xx

squeak said...


Anonymous said...

Love That Look in Your Eyes....OGDime.. Much Love and Peace.. I dig all yo shit

Unknown said...

hey Drake since you hang out with Cudi, Im jus curious, when are you gonna make a song with him?

Anonymous said...

all I can think of is "mmmmmmmmmmm" sorry... had to say it...

I feel like I have a teenage crush! wtf is with that!

Anonymous said...

ooh hot damn drake you looking fiiine on that cover ! if i saw it in a store i would for sure buy it i dont care how much it is worth it :D youre my role model man i love you.

Anonymous said...

I'm still fly I;m sky high!

Judy said...

freaking hot

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