Chili Chil "Cold World"

Chase N. Cashe ft Kent Money - "Do That (Cashe Money)" - Produced by Boi1da

Surf Club "Ring The Bells" - Produced by Hit-Boy

Been down with this team since I was staying at the Oakwoods with 40 in LA. Me and Chase had some of the realest conversations ever in life.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Surf Club Generals


Anonymous said...

I follow Chase on Twitter he seems like a cool dude I like his music as well.. I'm coming to your show in Kansas City, tomorrow... Can't wait to see ya!

hustleGRL said...

Surf Club Gang.

Andrea said...

Happy for Chase's success, I wish him and Surf Club much more! He's putting on for the city, New Orleans is proud and supports him! 100


Anonymous said...

i feel like i heard drizzy say surf club general in one of his songs but cant memba which one!

Nteague1 said...

WHAT. Drizz Drag made a post

Anonymous said...

Please ask oliver to post some more fashion pics, dude's taste is dope like ur lyrics! *muahz*

nuff luv

Nteague1 said...

OLIVER, I'm so bored. Me and starr:] talked all night last night and all day today, then..*poof* .. I told I something my mom said, and..*crickets*

Nteague1 said...

her* not I*

Rubizzle said...


firefox said...

I see why ^_^ , some good music I say, thanks for the link Drake!

Anonymous said...

Okay I'm highly upset I haven't heard of this dude till His music is fresh, I'm going to have to look into him more in depth. Thanks Drake for sharing! I shrieked when I saw this post was from you. -Sincere Fan <3

Unknown said...

AND YALL BE SPENDIN MONEY ON THEM HOES AND WE DON'T DO THAT WE DON'T DO THAT! I hope chase and hit-boy got some tracks on TML..

Chantii said...

@ Anonymous (April 26th, 12:25AM) - he said that in his "A Milli" freestyle.

The beat for "Do That" is amazing! Boi 1da did it once again. Chase N. Cashe is nice, styll. I'ma look for more music by this guy.

Anonymous said...


living like a smart flower said...

They sound like nice boys that make their mummies feel pride. :)

Nteague1 said...

Oliver, it's all goodie fam, Princess Starr and me are conversating ..she just can't text after 8!!

Lyrikal Beauty said...

never heard his music, but i plan to listen..

Art said...


starr:] said...

I've heard of Chase, I just never listened to him. I guess I'll start now...I need to listen to Charles Hamilton's albums. & B.o.B'S ALBUM IS OUT TOMORROW!!!

starr:] said...

Haha, I like J.D.S's quote there.

About Mikella said...

Drake okay, I NEED TO interview you for ABC 2 News on MAY 5th in Baltimore, MD!!! A quick interview!!!! Twitter:

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Anonymous said...

The most valuable and memorable things in life are the deep conversations you have with people who care. It shows that you have a great heart and take care of your own. Its great that your supporting him by posting up something about him. Be will, Be safe, godspeed.

J. Tinsley said...

Surf Club. You already. Chase, Hit Boy, Chili, B. Carr, Stacey, Young Ry - like I said, great music but even better people.

Nteague1 said...

tommy said...

thanks for having my first concert drake in kansas city. shit was dope. shit...was a special night for sure.

Steffanie said...

I Love DRAKE<33 :D

Anonymous said...

Drake I hope or let me rephrase that. YOU NEED to come out with a RAP song.. A lyrical one where you talk about different shit. instead of the biddies and yourself. I losing hope man. I want that SO FAR GONE shit drizzy. Never mind that fact that J Cole just took shots at you. Better come with flames.

Concerned Listener

Valour said...

Hey whatup youll my name is valour an unsigned hiphop artist on the come up. can youll check out my remix to alicia keys and drakes unthinkable.

Anonymous said...

That's what it is, where's Sanzo though?

Chase N. Cashe said...

Thank you everyone.

B.R said...

They make banger beats all day.

Unknown said...

Sf lego

Anonymous said...


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