Away From Home Tour rehearsal, Toronto.

Ludwig, Wolfgang and Johann Sebastian...

House party, Toronto.

Happy 27th 40!!

XXL Shoot, Toronto.

Slippery Rock.

Friday, April 9, 2010

BB Pics


Unknown said...

LOVE THE PICS....from the footage ive seen it seems as tho the concert is amazing and off to a great start!!! May 20th :) 67 days till TML......

MJ said...

Actually the album aint droppin till June 15th, but the concert was crazy!!! I went to the one in Illinois n his set was sick as hell!!! He did some main stream, but also mixed in some tracks from so far gone n underground stuff that only true fans would know!!! If i was front row like i was when he was at H.O.B. in Chicago, i might even say it was better n the H.O.B. concert is hands down the best concert i ever went to, n ive been to plenty including the Glow in The Dark Tour!!!

Anonymous said...

MJ I have not seen Drake live yet, but I don't know if anyone could ever top Kanye & the Glow in the Dark tour (for me personally). I just saw Jay-Z 2 weeks ago and even he couldn't do it.

Anonymous said...

Good start, pictures look awesome. When Drake does it, he does it big & when he goes, he goes So keep the concerts coming! Can't wait for the album to drop. From what's already leaked from the album, I know for a fact it's going to be ridicously insane. -Sincere Fan <3

Eylboh said...


Nteague1 said...

Damn I luh me a house party.

Shayla said...

OMG! So excited! Thanks for the pics Oliver! Can't wait to see him at UK on April 27th! (even though I'm highly upset about the outcome of the tournament)

This is truly exciting for me! But I'm still waiting for someone to come with the backstage/all access/VIP tickets for me...I already got my seats...just need some Drizzy access, know what I'm sayin!

Anyway, I know it will be great and can't wait!

starr:] said...

I love house/block parties. The pictures are great, it looks like you'll be using the whole stage instead of standing in the middle. :]

Leah said...

Love the BB Pics we get every now and then.
Great insight into the work that goes on behind the magic produced!
Drake, so happy you will be in London for the Wireless festival.
I can't wait to enjoy your performance in real life, not just on YouTube!

Nteague1 said...

I love house parties

Anonymous said...

somebody throw a house party for the syracuse show

Bombchell said...

lol when I hear bb all i wonder is bbpin. smh that's how u know an addict

Unknown said...

never said the album was dropping may 20th thats the day he comes to htown...67 days does not equate to may 20th....

yung06chick said...

Looks like ya'll having fun and doing your thing. Well congrats!!!! Keep doing your thing.

*much love sent your way*

Anonymous said...


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