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Thursday, March 4, 2010



Marie Simone said...

I LOVE IT!!! I feel the hook hard!! Yay!!

Charlie Hilton said...

Bo1-da you are a wild, wild man.

I'm inspired as a beat maker:

Anonymous said...


zn said...

new watches!!

Fire Boosh said...



redspyda said...


Yousef said...

Drake and 40 at it! I see you 40.. That's my dude.

Unknown said...


Birdie_Indigo said...

D o p e! Drizzy Did It Again!

SinfulLyo said...

the beat on this is crazy. i'm liking it.

p.s. don't forget fab's mixtape dropped today as well! loving it!

Descry said...

diggin this!

White Knight said...

good shit ovo, keep it coming. TML is gonna be a hit

RICKYY G. said...

this a mad hot song man! TML needs to drop quick!!!


Unknown said...


igotxx3 said...


Unknown said...

Epic that's tight

Dj Red said...

did u forget wayne was going to jail yet?

chidiboi said...

OOOOOOOOHHHWWWIIIIEEE! I Know Way Too Many People Here Right Now That I Didnt Know Last Year, Who The Fuck Are Yaaaallllll!!!!

Unknown said...

Shit sick man you just keep gettin better...cant wait for thank me later

Unknown said...

amazing drizzy just amazing man keep it up and shout out to OVO and Drizzy. you guys gave me hope for the rap game man. i thought it was gonna go to shit and then bamn you guys come in and put it on ectasy just incredible!

Anonymous said...

The beats hot. Thanks for the early release.

Unknown said...

As Drake gets better Boi-1da does...Funk Flex is bout to spazz out when he plays this on Hot97 lol

-Henock- said...

You too fine too be layin in your bed alone
I can teach you how to speak my language, Rosetta Stone
I swear this life is like the sweetest thing I've ever known.

Drizzy. Over is leaked already.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

yes. finally. wouldn't it suck if it was ur last day on earth n u didn't get to hear this.

Kiana F. said...

40 + boi1da = the producers of the year (and decade, for that matter).

Mrelwood said...

It's all OVER cuz. Get it!

Back to Sampling said...

not as good as i imagined, u can do better

Unknown said...

oh my fuck drizzy cant be better if he tried

Krystal said...


Unknown said...

in loveeee<3 keeepp it upp :)

Jillian Johnson said...

"I could teach you how to speak my language, Rosetta Stone" <3
Por favor, me enseƱa ;]

Anonymous said...

YESSSSSS ! OVO , the WHOLE Thank Me Later crew , we are H E R E ! Drizzay Baby , I fuckin love you <3 You honestly have no idea , how long I've been rockin w/ you & the REALNESS you spit .
This is on some monumental shit . "I'm Doin Me, I'm livin life right now .... But It's FAR from OVER." Damn , Hands Down to you, no one could ever do it better .

I can't wait for the video . Congratulations , Drake . You , We deserve this shit . I couldn't express it any further .

- Bria (a.k.a. Drake's OFFICIAL HYPEWOMAN) :D

Follow Me On Twitter if you love you some Drake ;)

Unknown said...

Going hella hard for the first single!! Can't wait to hear TML.
Mad props 40 & Drizzyy!!

Unknown said...

it is over with this track. Dope til the end!

MohamedElias said...

I'm a *HUGH Drake fan. I stay defendng this dude when "real hip hop" heads be comming at my dude's neck. I been online for almost 2weeks waiting for this single to drop.. and i gotta say: I'm disappointed.
Verses was weak. Punchlines was flat, flow sound forced, the best part was the h0ok (I'm do'n me) and even that wasnt even fire all like that. It's gonna be hard tryna defend Drake on this one. I'll definantly be in line for Thank Me Later, buh yu gotta come harder baby!! (pause)

DorothyMarie said...

okay, all i can say is
DAMN... this is HOT
this is the NEW #1 in my life I guess The Presentation will have to take 2nd place But Smile is a REALLY close 3rd... UGH I am in LOVE with your swag & your VOICE is just... (no words can describe the feeling!!)

MohamedElias said...

I'm a *HUGH Drake fan. I stay defendng this dude when "real hip hop" heads be comming at my dude's neck. I been online for almost 2weeks waiting for this single to drop.. and i gotta say: I'm disappointed. Verses was weak. Punchlines was flat, flow sound forced, the best part was the h0ok (I'm do'n me) and even that wasnt even fire all like that. It's gonna be hard tryna defend Drake on this one. I'll definantly be in line for Thank Me Later, buh yu gotta come harder baby!! (pause)

Rosilda said...

You're amazing...but you already knew that. Keep doin you...

Aaron said...


jdrizzy said...

wow... sick track. These guys won't disappoint ya man. Drake and 40 and the whole OVO Team are beasts. i'm diggin it too much right now! "I swear this life is like the sweetest thing I've ever known"

jdrizzy said...

wow... sick track. These guys won't disappoint ya man. Drake and 40 and the whole OVO Team are beasts. i'm diggin it too much right now! "I swear this life is like the sweetest thing I've ever known"

DirtyMp said...

i thank you guys so much for this. MAD props to drizzy HE KIllED THIS

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shit goes hard lyrically Drizzy. It's a beat people are gunna have to get used to. It really makes you really listen to lyrics and it def speaks on where you are in your career. Honestly I like it so far...I don't love it. That said I felt the same way bout Money To Blow when I first heard it. And now I know all the lyrics. As a die hard Drizzy fan I still gotta warm up to it. Can't wait til TML!!!

starr:] said...

As always, you leave me speechless...
I literally have nothing to say, its amazing how you put me in this locality everytime, even if I've heard the song time & time again.
Its you, Drizzy, that I get my inspiration from...
(Im so proud of myself for not crying, Teague)

JessopBlogger said...

YO. Here's a way better link for this download. No wait, clean site.

Enjoy! :)

Unknown said...

RIDICULOUSLY, GENIUSLY, OUTRAGESLY and AMAZINGLY BANGIN SONG !!! Have heard the song bout 15 times back to back and that hook makes me go crazyyy !! DRAKE, U R GOD !!

Chantii said...

This joint has me singing the chorus all loud && shit at home, lool. It's amazing. I'll be bumping it for WEEKS && Flow 93.5 gon DESTROY this song, I know it.

The thing is...because we all have such HIGH expectations for Drake, anything that doesn't sound like SFG, CS or even RFI will be "garbage" to people; I can't lie...this song is AMAZING...I LOVE the chorus (I don't understand how some people don't?!) but I was expecting something that would make me go "OHHH SHIIIII--WOPAEORJADJAF" you know? && I think that's because I [we] expect SOOO freakin much from him.

I'm still buying TML && this shit still knocks, but I'm sayin...

Lashea said...

i really like this.
I appreciate your love of music.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed,I hope that something else is released before TML comes out because this doesn't have me interested in buying.. I miss your originality Drake this sounds like every other rapper out now with a good beat-- its weak for an introduction to one of the most anticipated albums of the year, I was expecting more.. I didn't want So Far Gone but I wanted something that sounded like growth from that, still love you Drake.. I just think you're a waaaaay better artist than this song is showing.

Unknown said...

" bout to go thriller mike jackson on these niggaz, all i needs a fuckin red jacket with some zippers " wow lmao keep doin u and u will continue to be "the hottest maufukahh in the game "

Anonymous said...

i don't know how the FUCK anyone can diss this song. this is the best beat i've heard well, ever. and the hook is perfect, along with the verses.

you're on another level, hombre. kids that say they're dissapointed must be expecting some jesus christ shit or something.

so fuckin' stoked for TML.
take it easy.

V said...


follow me @

Anonymous said...

Owwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! drake u r a PROBLEM!!!!!

Val said...

this goes hard as fuck

Anonymous said...

omg, omg, omg, omg, omg......... i am in tears of fckin joy and excitement.... this is epic

MohamedElias said...

shoulda been tha album's intro; definantly not yur 1st single. I fuck wit what yu sayn; but its not magic.

Unknown said...

daaaamn drizzy! sooo sick!!

Unknown said...

damn drizzy killed it i knew this shit would be fly dude your flow is so peanut butter

Anonymous said...

After So Far Gone your music has gone straight downhill. I have listened to probably 90% of Drake music since then and I've tried and tried again to love the music, but So Far, that's so far from the truth.
This song started with the chorus being sung completely off beat. I thought it was a flow within the beat, but it was just completely off. Lyrically, nothing was all... Drake has not said anything worth listening to in so long. The blending btwn chorus and verses are very off. I am very disappointed.
I know you Drake fanatics are riding this until someone famous completely destroys his career, or Drake just leaves, but this is bad music.
As a side note
Lil Wayne U THE MAN tho!

_wonderland said...

Please never forget that music is expression, and i feel that everyone is expecting a certain type of message and delivery, read deeper into the lyrics, he truly is telling you, "IM DOING ME," he is truly living the life right now and sometimes a message that simple is necessary. How many people can really say they are doing what they love primarily and solely?

Just cause a lot of rappers are saying it , doesn't mean its true.

Example: watch the "Say Something" video, Timbaland looks hype to be next to Drake even tho Drake is the new kid on the block.

I respect it & im bumpin it hard.
Keep doing you.

Natty said...
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Natty said...
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YancE said...

thanks... i been feinding...

oh that's rite, i guess I can just Thank You Later.

Natty said...

Well, Its no "Come Winter" haha, I expected some celebration Cancun Pouring Water on Your Titties type ish.. but you and Boi-1da put out for Hip-Hop on this joint, and i'm all about that. A Bold move indeed. Fresh and Unique.

I don't know if anyone notices, but I'm actually feeling this new flow, the bar structure is more complex and the delivery is much more varied now. The choice of beat was the most daring part about it, I can't even pinpoint if i've ever heard something like it and its not easy to spit on. Reminds me alot of what you would hear from a Nas joint, more "Streets Disciple" than anything.

I'm expecting mixed reactions from this, but i'm feeling it. A definite step forward.

billzinmepocket said...

drake im the biggest fan but this isnt what i was expecting. no hate but, the verses werent clever at all and the hook sounded mailed in. go harder on the lyrics & melodies!
i want to thank you later not be mad later.

billzinmepocket said...

anybody who's a drake fan can NOT be feeling this joint as a LEAD SINGLE to the ALBUM

...2 verses, cmon?

billzinmepocket said...

if the VIDEO is could be amazing and make me like the song a lot more

...just dont let kanye do it

EtanClan said...

was expecting much more....

the beat is sick and the hook isn't bad, but that's about it.

sorry these lyrics are just pointless and boring. and not even matching the beat!

EtanClan said...

to add to that....i really hope there's better to come off this album or the hype very well might be "over."

to do that, i really think the lyrics have to be meaningful, and do some singing man! give us another so far gone! give us what made you so popular in the first place

Unknown said...

the downloading of the dirty version isn't workin, weak

Unknown said...

killed it drizzy!never cease to amaze man.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

This song is da shit!!It goes hard!!

ATP Lifestyle & Entertainment Group said...

Drake is a BEAST!!! HOT SONG!!!
Thank Me Later this May can't wait!!!!

SHELLZ said...

Double Cup LuV, check

SHELLZ said...


onlyJKan said...

True story..I heard the song, and wanted to know if my reaction was I got my roommates to come to my room and I played the song from the start for them - as soon as the beat dropped with Drake saying "Alright, bottles on me..." all of us just went BANANAS of us walked out of the room cause it was THAT hype and need to make room for its awesomeness lol...anyways, just saying that the song is one of a kind (except the Dead Prez flow on the second verse)...CLAP CLAP, BRAVO!

Kristiebass said...

Great song. I've been listening to it all morning.

kennethyamat said...

Shoulda sang the hook rather rap. Beats amazing, coulda one better with the bars drizzy!! waiting for the whole album anyways.

Nelle said...

ok so first thing's first...thank you all for being "on time" dis time wit giving us da thing 4 u people on here dats like oh dis da sickest song its someone who has been following drake 4 quite some time since like da end of '07 beginning of '08 dis song is just mediocre! da beat i admit is cold...40 and boi-1da yall did an excellent job!

i can def c dis song being on da album and its def radio friendly but lyrically it doesnt have much substance...i was expecting i guess sumthin dat was more of the "so far gone" i still love you drizzy im just hoping da album is more complex and more lyrically intizing (if dats how u spell! im a lil disappointed but i think da radio will like it! i just hope u give us fans more than "radio music" on dis album...i understand u got a new flow drizzy and i like it most of da time but just dont forget your roots man u can at least give us a lil of dat CBS SFG flow...dont let dis young money clique change u...u was always a rapper dat people can say "man he talkin bout sumthin" and i want u 2 remain dat way...just a lil constructive criticism dats all

buT Thank Me Later...comin sooonnnn...still cant wait!

_wonderland said...

Hov said it best "niggas want my old shit, buy my old album" in drake's case..mixtapes. lol.

LiLMeXiCo said...

I know that's right baby!! doing me! till it's ova! :o)

Bottle said...

lol @all the people who say this wasn't what they expected...don't you think that's the point. I admit the first listen i was like...huh? But then I gave it a few listens and its dope, and the hook is money. It's ok tho let it marinate and Thank him later

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I leave this comment well-aware of the fact that you titled your debut album "Thank Me Later" to account for all the criticisms you would receive by supposed "fans" and "critics" who would just dismiss you for not living up to the hype surrounding you.

Now, with that said, I still have to make some points:

I like the song, Drake, but I don't think it has enough mainstream/wide-audience appeal to really blow up. That says a lot about mainstream America and it's regrettable lack of taste, more so than your musical talent (or lack of talent in some people's eyes).

Some people just won't get it.

You can't expect Drake to put out another 'Best I Ever Had' as a single or a So Far Gone-esque album; artistic progression is something to be valued far more than marketability.

This happens to every rapper (entertainers in general) who puts out anything remotely successful in his or her career. People will say you haven't matured or developed if you still put out your "older" stuff; while the same people will say you need to go back to your "older" stuff, if you put out anything new.

I think the difficulty of the artist-that is to say, a successful artist-is to find that medium, a medium in which the content of your previous works is reflected, while still being presented to the audience in an entirely different form.

Regardless, 'Over' is a good song and deserving of a place in TML, but the point I wanted to make was that it is a poor choice for a lead single. It will make a great intro-track for the album, setting that victorious mood for the other pieces, but it's own unconventionality and uniqueness won't allow it to become a huge single that an album like TML deserves.

This is not to suggest that the lead single should have been another 'Best I Ever Had,' but the song is neither particularly catchy (except the "I'm doing me" part) nor particularly "hard" in lyrics; it's a great mood-setter, but it is lacking in mass-appeal.

Again, I can appreciate the song personally, but the collective mainstream audience has a far more different (or generic I should say) taste than any of your true followers and fans.

I, too, am from Canada, and it's great to see a Canadian artist doing so well. I hope you don't dismiss me as one of your critics who will be claiming that you failed to live up to your hype. I suppose that would be just as close-minded as these critics or fans.

Drake and the OVO team, if there is still time, I hope you guys would reconsider putting out 'Over' as the lead single. TML a million first week will be looking a bit farfetched, given this current track (again, this is not to say it's not a good song - it is). You will still do very well in sales, but if a million was your goal then you will need a more mainstream friendly single.

Anonymous said...

Co-signing on Christopher well put

its not that I expected something different as in I expected to hear So Far Gone again, I just wanted to hear something GOOD,AMAZING... I wanted to hear that "Drake" sound, this is Young Money, and even Young Money knows to put a catchy single out first to get people interested. Wayne put out one of the WORST songs ever "Lollipop" it was catchy, it was pop-y and people could sing along, it wasn't because it was the best song on the cd (and i'm hoping Over is not the best song) it was because it caught the cd buyers attention. This song is a bad move for lead in single. Its an unmemorable hook, metaphors and similes that have been done, it sounds like a mixtape song and for an artist that put out a mixtape full of cd quality song its dissappointing to hear something like this ... its just not FRESH and thats what I think of when I think Drake, a fresh sound something new...

Meezy said...

Ya'll gotta check out this poem I wrote ->

Unknown said...

OctobersVERyown. yee.

Anonymous said...

this is good. i can see why its gettn mixed reviews tho. Drake haters are gonna come out the woodworks for this. sayin he is trash. i see it happen'n. personally i love it. beat is sick. hook is sick. verse go hard (although not as hard as usual, no homo)... its been on repeat for me all day. do ya thing boy...

Anonymous said...

drakes consistency to deliver great track after track is impeccable you get better wit every rhyme!!!!!

Shayla said...

Okay, look really people...LISTEN TO THE WORDS OF THE SONG...that's who he is...'I'm doing me, I'm living life right now...'. Come on, this is the first single (if it really is) for a reason. There's a point to be made, I'm doing me til it's over, hate it or love it, he's still puttin out him! Every artist wants their stuff to be received by the fans, but not at the expense of being who they are, so that's the point...nough said.

Anonymous said...

Straight Bananas :D

Man this shit is tha shit right here! It's like Todd ( said!

Unique shit :D Can't wait 4 TML

Natty said...

Thats what i'm saying Mr. C! You look through history and new artist who have longevity stick to there strengths and take risk accordingly. Its as if Drake was speaking to the individuals he wanted to disconnect through the song choice and lyrics itself.

Who remembers Kanye on College Dropout? I remember the reactions of certain individuals on first listens and they were negative towards the change of pace and the new sound. A few million records sold later and the rest is history.

I think it'll be a shame if mixed reviews effect the ultimate outcome of this album, but I know they'll get it right. Aubreys got a good team backing him.

4Toes815 said...

SICK!!! The haters can will "Thank [You] Later !!!

Brittney said...
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Brittney said...

"40 + boi1da = the producers of the year (and decade, for that matter)."

Fucking second that. Sick sample ! Reminds me of some shit from the 70's or thunder cats LOL, not sure where its from

Anonymous said...

i wasnt too sure when the song first started but midway through i loved it. cant wait to buy thank me later :)

Anonymous said...

I guarantee you there is going to be more people who like the song, then are "disappointed", at the end of the day it is a business,but for the people who say they are "drake Fans", need to realize this song is gonna get the buzz, he not going to hit you with some hard shit out the gate, thats like jumping in the puss to quick. gotta ease in that shit lol. whats going to happen is everyone who said they not feeling it now going to hear the song over and over and are going to be those people who look back and are like oh shit, that shit was hot,maybe i need to rethink my assessment. Man the creativity is there,this was a daring beat to spit on, the whole approach to the track diff. i def. don't have a prob with the track, it goes in. and for the person who said that it was he was off-beat spitting,did you ever think that maybe the shit was done on purpose and the flow just transcends your square ass thinking out of it.The album is gonna be nuts,I think people just need to be open and remember that this is art.Always going to be new way of attacking the music. Overall,OVO team keep bringing it, cause regardless of the negative the love outweighs it without doubt, bigups Drake,you in ya position for a reason. Blessings Onelove bredren

OriqSTARSKEE said...

ii Lovee Dhiss Sonq His Album is qunna beeh TOUGHHHH !!!

hoodieandscarf said...

I think the situation with the "Over" single is going through the same thing that "So Far Gone" went through. A lot of people were iffy about the mixtape when it first came out because there was too much singing, too dark-themed beats, and random collaborations with Lykke Li, Santogold, and Peter & Bjorn. A few months later it became the hottest mixtape out.

The thing about Drake is that he makes music that needs time to be marinated on. That's the whole theme behind the title "Thank Me Later". Sooner or later, "Over" will be the hottest single out. People who were on the fence about it will suddenly like it in a few weeks. It happened with "So Far Gone", it'll happen again with "Over" and "Thank Me Later", guaranteed.

Natty said...

Brittney said...
"40 + boi1da = the producers of the year (and decade, for that matter)."

Fucking second that. Sick sample ! Reminds me of some shit from the 70's or thunder cats LOL, not sure where its from

The craziest part about it is that it wasn't even a sample, I couldn't believe it when I found out for myself but looking at Boi-1das track record he usaully does it all from scratch.

Unknown said...

Drake PLEASE KEEP YOUR STYLE. If you keep up with your Room for Improvement/Comeback Season/So Far Gone you will be a Top 5 rapper in a couple of years. PLEASE DON'T SELL OUT! Single's not bad I must say.


Anonymous said...

Hottest track out as of 3/4/2010.... Drake is a force... Philly's here n got u Drizz... when is this cd out???? we've BEEN WAITIN too long... Keep it comin...

Caramel Garcia. said...

i love your music, and i think is a good song, but you've deffenetly done better songs ...

Sterling[silver] said...

did anyone notice Drakes twitter update? "you cant constantly be looking OVER your shoulder if your trying to lead"

Everyone needs to think about that shit when you say its not like his old stuff..

He leaves hints everywhere about why he does what he does

Art said...

Rex said...

i swear this song is a fucking hit, especially for the true Drake fans who know the story behind him making it to where he is now. besides boi-1da absolutely doing something classic with the beat, the lyrics are probably the REALEST words written in existence about a success story. to the people who say they're "disappointed", just do your research, let the song ride a few times and you'll get it. no, its not a "Best I Ever Had" but believe me when i say this song is IT. cant wait to hear more from Drizzy, "Thank Me Later" is gonna be fuckin retarded good.


Stef said...

Im shocked... I have no idea why so many people don't like the song... I say fuck them.. Im buying that album the second it comes out. The whole OVO team does shit the way it should be done. The beat is the sickest I've ever heard and Drake is just a beast, period.

Alpha Complex said...

Fuck em Drake. Do the "real" you. Don't get caught up in all the bullshit.Dont think about benin the next Weezy or HOV.Go beyond that man be BIGGER, GREATER, TRANSCEND hip hop man, next level shit!SFG was GENIOUS! Stick wit 40 man, U guys r like the dynamic duo! PS quit jammin that J.Cole that shits gonna fuck ur head up too. Jam some Broken Social Scene instead.

judi said...

why are you guys all saying this is a radio song? isnt that the point? its his single (which is to be played on the radio)...drake did his thing let the man live he went in on that beat i give him mad props for everything he does. thank me later should be epic

Aaron said...

Why do Haters post on this

like this is a true hip-hop track... i dont c any other artists putting out "real hip-hop" tracks

and this does not sound like any "lil' Wayne" track... like common ppl, u just picking out things that arnt even tru because you're "expecting it"

dont expect So Far Goen from his album, he said its gona been straight HIP-HOP and thats what hes doin with this single!

Anonymous said...

Man I'm feelin "Over"
I just finished Choppin And Screwin it.
"Over Chopped And Screwed"

Johnny said...

This is the type of song that gets better every time you hear it.

Anonymous said...

i love drizzy and i must have downloaded every mixtape variation ever that hit the web, but the chorus is kinda whack. idk... i know there's gonna be hotter tracks on the album, but i feel like this track wouldnt have even made it to SoFarGone, ya digg? Stay up drizzy...

Moha said...

I love the song, but I have to admit, I'm not feeling the cover...

...the whole stretched font scares me, and is a big no no in typography.. (I know everyone else is criticizing the song, I'm fucking complaining about the cover :))

I know you're all musicians, but considering the fashion and high art I see on OVO, I except more lol.

I made a quick one in photoshop. The essence of the original is there, but with my interpretation of the song.

I hope to offend no one, this is just what I'll be using for my iphone cover! Feel Free to use it!

Song is great keep it up!

Unknown said...

I wish I couldve downloaded it from the link posted but anyways I had already heard it elsewhere. Don't get me wrong I will defend you to the death to any opinionated person who says your whack and overall I love the song but the chorus is sub-par. And that's not say I expect all your stuff to sound the same because I have all your mixtapes and I love the fact that you change and show different sides of you.

I just hope over the years you don't become commercial and cookie cutter because that's when you lose the Hip-Hop aspect.

billzinmepocket said...

Moha I LOVE your cover!

Chantii said...

@Moha - real talks; that's a GREEZY cover! I hope they use it! :)

Anonymous said...

I was expecting alot more... Unfortunately, the beat starts off solid but during the verses, alot of the instruments are too loud.. Furthermore, the lyrics were quite simple and dumbed down.. I hate to compare, but this track can't touch anything on So Far Gone?

Anonymous said...

the I've ever heard especially for what drake's going through. This is like the first time he's ACTUALLY coming out to the world officially. But honestly the last line of the hook for the end of the song "but it's far from over" I think is without a doubt the greatest ending to a song especially for a person in drake's position

Rohan said...

Check out the Drake minimix ft. Over:

Unknown said...

"can you see me, can you see me, get your visine on".... GOD DAMN!!!! "I'm really too young to be feeling this old"... this shit is bananas. My neck hurts.

Kid Icarus said...


Well, I don't think it's the best that will ever be made, but how else would you have clicked it, lol.

It's still good though.

This is Kid Icarus, and the song will be off my upcoming first mixtape "The Revolver Mixtape". Dropping March 19th. Add me on myspace and twitter to stay updated if you like.

(On a personal note, Drake, you owe it to yourself to listen to this. You know you could've come harder.)

Anonymous said...


Melli88 said...


felixyo said...


Anonymous said...

Oh man, this shit is tight.

I can feel so much emotion in this song, so much connection...


keep up the good work drizzy and be yourself. always.

Unknown said...

It's not bad. Definitely not what i was expecting. It grows on you though. I really just wish he would get that rfi/comeback season flow goin ya knowww?

Unknown said...

This track is tuff

Brittney said...


Ya i totally miss that RFI/Comback season flow, but drake was a bit younger and his sound has definitely matured since then. Would be nice to hear a city is mine like spit again though :D

Unknown said...

check out our remix to Over

masey f baby said...

hottest in the game right now drizzy, this track is fire. cant wait to hear Thank Me Later, it's going to be a classic

peejizz said...

you'll get addicted to this song if you keep listening. i cant stop. found this cover on youtube of it also, pretty dope:

lovebug77 said...

i can't upload it, so I can't hear them...i want to hear.

Anonymous said...

i heard the next single is gonna be with wayne and someone else but it won't be called Africa Boombatta

Anonymous said...

amazing. I've never been a fan of rap, but this is serious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Drizzy

I.Am.John. said...

This song is good, but I feel like it sounds like every other rap song out now, I originally became an uber fan of Drake because his stuff was DIFFERENT. I miss the So Far Gone Drake, not really diggin the radio Drake, but the song is solid, I'll still buy the album, I just hope the rest is different.

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Unknown said...

I'm sorry, I've waiting how long for this single. Told soooo many of my friends to look out for it, nd you give us this (crap). For your first single, you've gotta come harder than this dude. I'm a huge fan. I listen to you everyday. But if you drop some garbage like "over" again, I'm definitely going to just download the album. Step it up man.

Silodesigns said...

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Bobby G. said...

I tackled the beat on a 1 take...just wanted to be honest with what was said...check it out.

.under by Bobby

Anonymous said...

The link's broken?

Anonymous said...

not your best man i thought your first single off this album would be better. but keep it coming man you're doing great!

izzy said...

drizzy all this new shit that you're releasing sucks! please go back to the old you that's the artist that i fell in love with! your old songs were so much better than this. wtf is this new single "over"? it sounds like ever other rap song and every other artist..not the unique drizzy we all know! i hope the rest of your album is way better than this

Anonymous said...

its not good but atleast your not biting kayne again

Moonlight Drive Records said...

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Nari Nicole said...

Love this song & it gets alot of airplay here in Jamaica.It has nothing to do with Drake's recent visit.We love him long time yuh zeet!!!

TYRELL151 said...

Man this track is crazy tight.. I Been wating on thank me later 4 a while now.. When it drop im buying like 3 copies real shit... keep up the good work drizzy.

drewbreezzy said...


Unknown said...

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ADGLOVE. said...

Drake Is Just The Best In HipHop At The Moment.. IM LOVING IT ALL !!

Anonymous said...

OMG I luv yhu drake im young and yhu give me inspiration and a very good beat to bang in my car! I luv your song shut it down with the-dream I can't live without it.I watched your special Drake-better than good enough and i really lov yhu! Your music makes my heart beat and my body move so keep doing what yhu do Omg Its DRizzy Drake !!!!

Unknown said...



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