Director Anthony Mandler provides some dope insight on Drake and the Over video. Here.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mandler Talks 'Over' Video


Anonymous said...

I'm TOO excited for this sht ! This is the first video off of TML . That's somethan like a big deal , yeah ? (:
Drizzy, I heard you change it up a bit. Made the video concept about love & relationships ? I wouldve never guessed .
But one things forsure , I can't wait for this ! 2010 is your year, & you deserve it .

Much Love , OVO Mob :-*
- Bria ( @ayeMisszBria )

Ivy said...

I can't wait for this video to come out
This video will truly let us look into how Drake establishes himself and it's truly an exciting event

Unknown said...

haha fuck yes cant wait

starr:] said...

That was an interesting and attention-holding interview...I like the fact that you, Oliver, & Mandler are trying to accomplish the whole "road less travelled" situation. Its really illuminating & honorable to be able to witness your career & success.
This whole situation is making me speechless, Im just going to stop typing.

Shayla said...

Shout outs to Oliver! That was coo. I can't wait to see this video, I saw a clip of Drake talking about the video and the director...but even though I liked the Jay-Z "Run this town", didn't like Rihanna "Russian Roulette", I thought it could have been less literal, but maybe I'm slow and didn't get the video. Hoping to see the Drake I love, the one who is busy doing him...

Heather said...

Cant wait...its far from over

Bee Michelle said...

I love drake. Its kind of a sick, sad, obsession. i'm tried of watching old degrassi reruns. can't wait for the video.. I blog about you alot. Thats pretty sad too. Over is my ringtone.

I have the urge to walk into a random classroom on campus & start singing.. "There's just too many ppl here right now that I didn't know last year-- WHO DA FUCK ARE YALL?" then walk out.

thats pretty much it.

@BeeMichelle =]

Nteague1 said...

Reminds me of the "I'm so fly, I'm sky high" backdrop

Trillz said...

yo...look at this DRIZZY, OLIVER, OR 40! ....its the official remix to Over, at least around here it is. said...

Man the song is bananas but his follow up needs to be i get paper. thats a easy homerun for follow up single. and end it with i deserve this shit and its a wrap.

Trevon said...

NEW BLOG: Please join and follow my blog. PLEASE

R.Katja.W said...

Drake...Drizzy...can I call you, Aubrey? LOL! For real though Mr. Graham I am not even a big hip-hip (rap) fan, but after hearing your CD at a friend's my dismay it was a autographed copy (not one the ones you can get in the store, you push a lil' lever and the CD ejects) that was given to him by a cousin that is a cousin of nall I didn't take it, but I wanted to. I been amazed with all your work and constantly digging for matter whether you are rapping or singing you never go wrong with. Continue to be different and unique in your work. And f*&k them people talking. Hey they talked about Jesus. Can't wait to see your show when you hit Orlando in April 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SimplyMJB said...

got my orlando tickets to see you and maaaan I'm very excited. 2010 is yours to own Drake- and i'm loving every minute of it! Congrats!

SimplyMJB said...

got my orlando tickets to see you and maaaan I'm very excited. 2010 is yours to own Drake- and i'm loving every minute of it! Congrats!

Simba said...


starr:] said...

Heey, I love that song! "Im so fly, Im sky high, & I dare anybody try & cut my wings." That was one of the songs me & my bro had on replay in his car, lol.
IM SO ANGRY. I cant find ANY tickets. Teague, have you?

noelle said...

Boo, I meant "still", I'm "still" fly

noelle said...

Fa what, he ain't coming here girl!! One of those secret locations better be my bedroom, lMaO, but I am not playing!!

starr:] said...

I thought it was "so" lol...Alright, thats ONE mistake on my part, but I know the rest of the lyrical miracle. ;]
I figured you'd say something along those lines, lol. Well, Im gonna keep trying to find those tickets...

noelle said...

Girl, when I was vacuuming this morning, I was like...actually, last night/this morning in bed, I was like..oh shit, it's "still", but I'm tired, and my fingers are WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

starr:] said...

I know how you feel, lol. H&M OPENED AT CRABTREE!!! Im so trying to see what they have, I heard they're having mad sales. I think the one at Greenacres in NY will be better, though.

Krystal said...

I AM BEYOND exciteddddd!!! i can't wait!!!!

Nteague1 said...

Is that a mall or shopping centre starr:]..??? That reminded me of Crabtree & it a city, town, ..

YounG Prophet said...

This Is Nice..Drake Thaa MuSiq Yurr a Smart an Humble in This Game..

Stayy Humblee,
When i Come into thaa Game Remember Mi Name...


Unknown said...

mann drake is that nigga. i seen him outside a club one day in richmond va and i told him was gon b bigger than jay z. thas def gon happen. hes too sick with tha word play. drake is a fukin beast. cant wait for the video so ppl can c the genius behind the humbleness.

starr:] said...

Yeah, Crabtree is a mall. H&M made me so dissapointed yesterday. Absolutely NOTHING was left, I hate it when all the small girls get the good stuff. It erks me. :/

WES said...

amazing- by the way- could drake please make a full version of the leaked song "fall for your type" i know its prolly a reference song, but that joint is ridiculous and its only 2 minutes long. So Drake and oliver come on! make a full version for the fans- along with a full version of "something"!

Nteague1 said...

They are not cheap enough for me! I love them though, always find something cute and nice

starr:] said...

I know! I saw this really cute cream shaby/chic jacket for $60! I was like, um, no. The one in Greenacres in NY is smaller, but they have cheaper clothe.

Nteague1 said...

Um, no. Lol

starr:] said...

Um, no what?!

Nteague1 said...

Oh just quoting u!!

starr:] said...

Oh, LOL!! :D

Art said...
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Anonymous said...


LiLMeXiCo said...

R-E-A-D-Y Baby!! :o) love the song N I jus know Imma love the video too! looking forward to it!!

Leah said...

Is it crazy that I CANNOT wait for this video?!
Everything Drizzy BREATHES on becomes a masterpiece!
I've been a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan for absolute ages, and have followed this blog rather silently until now.
Drake, 2010 is YOUR year. You deserve EVERYTHING, and I can't wait for more!

Loadsa love,

Leah - @leleleah
P.S. Come to London, please!

HTD Couture said...

Yo i cant wait to see this video its going to be extra crazy.

check out for the hottest hand painted gear around.

C.Wil24(AustinTX) said...

I swear has been stuck in my head since I first heard it have to listen to it everyday... Or I think I'm just obsessed with any song with Drake in it lol.

for the record I never listened to this much rap until Drake came out!!!

Unknown said...

Have you seen David Garibaldi paint to Drake's music?? It's FIRE!

E$TEFER$ said...

Drake, =(
congrats on the sold out concert here in Dallas. Please come back soon becaause I wasn't lucky or fast enough to go get the tickets. Your doing an amazing job, keep up the good work! xoxo,
follow me at

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this video to come out! This is the best single I've heard in a very very long time, want to know why? Because it's Drake of -Sincere Fan <3

"One thing 'bout music, when it hits you feel no pain" I highly concur Aubrey ;)

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