Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Grammy Performance


Kaitlin said...

Amazing. You've come so far Drake. I can't wait for your album to come out. Thanks for the post Oliver.

starr:] said...

Drake KILLED it!! So did Em, it was just amazing over all.

This is why everyone tuned it last night. IM SO PROUD!! Lol.

Monica Femme said...

I was literally in my room in front of my tv dancing with my little sis like we were in the crowd or something, i was so proud and excited like the first time i went to his show.

Its not all about the wins, more about the gain.

and hes gained alot of respect, your bringing it home next time Drake believe me.

Bagadime said...

I waited all night for Drake's performance... It was monumental!!! LOVED IT!!! The best part was the look on Drizzy's face... he really took the moment in. I'm so excited to see how Drake is finally getting mainstream recognition!!! Can't wait for the album!!! And yes we are still excited :)

MegYuup said...

i was so hype during this! wow....this the performance everybody was waiting for....they clearly saved the best!!!i was mad they censored the whole thing....ughhh to childish....thought something was wrong with my tv...smh! but VERY good job to all of yalll!!!

LD said...

yuppp that was cute =)

Jai. said...

Just think, most of yall didnt know who the hell Drake was this time last year, and now he's closing the Grammys... #dreamscometrue

Follow me @vivalablackgirl

Anonymous said...

Drake, you have NOOO absolute idea how much you INSPIRE with your talent and creativity. I've been down with you since the beginning , ever since them come up mixtape days with Degrassi. It's great to see you reach that goal, on that road to success. I was completely HYPED when you, Wayne, & Eminem performed :D You ARE the mothafuckn man, best believe. "Thank Me Later comin' soon, first week I'm takin' all bets." Keep showin them how it's really done.


Much Love ,
Bria .

Unknown said...

The censors ruined what was a monumental is the uncensored version...

Anonymous said...

mad i missed this on tv!

tt said...

Im so excited!! Drake tore it down last nite at the grammy's! im so proud of you drizzy. i've been down with you since 2006!! you made it big have arrived!! can't wait for the album. Love you drizzy!!

The Heap said...

I don't know how they're able to do that. Having all them eyes looking at me would be so intimidating. I think we need to hold a round of applause just for them to get up on stage and perform. I wonder if Drake was nervous, since it was his first time performing at the Grammys.

Keyyuh said...

DRIZZY I FUCKIN LOVE YOU. SO FUCKIN AMAZING MAN. THE BEST. THE ENTIRE GRAMMYS SUCKED UNTIL YOU FUCKIN CAME ON. EM, WEEZY, ALL OF YOU GUYS KILLED THE SHIT. FUCKIN CRAZY. congrats man i cant say it enough you deserve this shit. i look at you now and your just a different person, your older, more mature, just straight up ballin. good luck man and keep doin your shit - Kiya

wSquared said...

check out what i had to say about this and the grammy's on my blog...

CheezyDoDo said...

Amazing classic moment

the energy was so ILL, Drake,Wayne and Em all killed it

I was so happy for yall, a great look for Hip Hop

Unknown said...

Why wasn't Kanye West there at the grammys he was nominated and could perform that masterpiece . ?

Fraley said...

ya'll shut it down, doing it big for hip hop, monumnetal moment

Jasmine said...

Best performance of the entire show.

That is all.

drewbreezzy said...

The censorship was TERRIBLE!

Anonymous said...

Censorship is an evil premise.. its was 11 pm there was no need for that nonsense
Regardless Drake you did the damn thing, YOU CLOSED THE GRAMMY'S.. Amazing!!

starr:] said...

I agree w/ bria, you really do inspire. From your clothing, 2 the symbolism of your music.
Me & the other #1 fans out there truly enjoyed this monumental moment.

Ehmm..I think Im more excited than Aubrey. Lol.

yung06chick said...

Drake you a beast!!! You seemed to be in aw(bet it was a great feeling to be up there performing with eminem and lil wayne), well i know you feel blessed to have come this far, and do what you doing!! I know you gonna continue to do great things. Keep doing what you doing(killing it!!), and we all waiting for your album!! Much love sent your way!!!

Anonymous said...

I only watched the Grammy's to see you!! It was an awesome performance. Well worth the wait.

KayC said...

"If you ain't been a part of it, at least you got to witness... b-tches!"

Yall killed it drizzy.

Michelle said...

Not sure if Drake really will ever read this... but if you do I just want to let you know that you are AMAZING. Remember the name because somehow we will meet one day.. I hope lol(never a groupie.. just an admirer ;]) Anywayss this was the BEST performance I've ever seen. I can tell you put your all in it. Good luck with your album. I know I'll be buying it.

BenzoBlog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

BenzoBlog said... 40 Drizzy Oliver NIKO Replace the one u got up there with this one its Uncensored

Anonymous said...

*LYK I SAID B4 IN AN EARLIER POST THEY SAVED THA BEST 4 LAST*-by the way does drake actuali read these msgs?

Unknown said...

Loved the performance, love your music---so much truth and storytelling. I've been down since the mixtape, cannnott wait until "thank me later" is out! You've really revolutionized hip-hop!!


Shayla said...

First of all, loved everybody up there. I'm extremely critical when it comes to how wack Jamie Foxx was...but this was classic perfection. Nothing blowing up, no girls shaking it, just the music, the mic, and the artists. My two most favorite rappers of all time Em and Drake. And let's not discount Travis Barker, the greatest drummer ever! (good looking Drizzy on putting him up there!)

Nteague1 said...

You didn't even look stout like on Degrassi. What you been eatin', *major sid e eye*. You have a..ahhh, nice sun-kissed tan. Lol

starr:] said...

Lmao, nteague is right-you do have a very nice tan there...ahem. ;)

I cant imagine how dope TML will be...

kidd517 said...

the performance was dopee..!!

tazzysmith said...

i think drake should have a crazy white dude introduce all his performances

DINA LOU said...

Yeah great performance. But what was up with that introduction? hahaha

lex said...

Great performance i must say dique drake had taylor swift bouncing her head!!

Anonymous said...

i have never been MORE excited for someone to perform then that!!! It was awesome to watch & you looked so happy! : )

Julie Adenuga said...

That performance is emotional.
Oh my daze!

Anonymous said...

you killed it... keep workin hard B

Greckz said...

WOW – There’s no words that can explain how amazing that moment was. Drake is a hometown hero to say the least! but really, he’s so much more than that. He’s a living legend. This year, at the Grammy’s, he made the IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE! 2 nominations, without an album out, plus a jaw-dropping performance. This was such a huge moment for us Torontonians. Personally, the Grammy’s was never a big thing for me, but this year, I had at least 20 other friends over, we organized a whole big Grammy night in front of the big screen, just to watch our boy Drizzy SHUT IT DOWN! It was truely an incredible moment. We were all so proud of Drake, and you should’ve seen the smiles and proud faces in the group while we were watching. Drake – you are truely amazing, and a living legend to me & everyone else in Toronto. We love you, and wish you nothing but continued success!

8th Wonder said...

people are saying that drake and trey songz are bisexual. is that true?

Anonymous said...

THIS BETTER NOT BE TRUE! Drake you can get so much better.

lovebug77 said...

I missed it! don't have DVR...really wish i saw u perform.

Yousef said...

OVO, use my link. Your is broken now.


Jonnie Hayward The IV said...

If you want to download this video just click the link in my name....

Anonymous said...

The Performance was definitely hot, but it was a slap in the face to not have Kanye include, unless he turn it down personally and in that case its a slap in the face to the fans.

torontosveryown said...

So that performance.... What can possibly be said about it other then it was amazing. You should be so proud of yourself for everything that you have accomplished. I don't think you realize that impact that you have not only on the people from Toronto, but people from all around the world. From seeing you in Degrassi to now being this worldwide star without even dropping a fucking album!? Unreal. To the all OVO crew, keep holding it down for us.
And Drake, Baby keep making us proud! <3

D-Rose said...
feedback is more than welcome...holler forth!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


John Tank said...

Drake you have outdone yourself!! Can't get it out of my head!!

John Tank
Ogio Stand Bag

errol said...

you heard me? i was in attendance that night. flew in from van to support. i was the one who yelled out "canada!" when tarantino was speaking.

The Heap said...

I just seen this performance yesterday, my sister recorded the Grammy's and I watch it with her at her house. I think the performance was awesome. It would've been better if they hadn't bleeped out everything. And I hate the way they bleep shit out, cause they don't even leave the background music. As soon as I got to rocking to the joint it'd go silent. Other than that the performance was great. Em and Wayne together is magical Libra power!

$h@ri said...

That had to be the most entertaining performance all night.

Dont forget to check out Flight Risks new video for "Dodge Them":

And the website:

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