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Monday, January 25, 2010

Complex Feb/10


Brandon Dramatic said...

Drive! I've recorded with 40 before and I know What he can do for musician, even from Toronto.

Kola said...

The flow of what Drake does will answer the question.

kaity,please said...

im just sittin here smilin at my computer screen right now
love this
now i gotta go search the stores for this ish.

Shayla said...

I just love Drake...he's so cool, like my daddy in his prime or something...

starr:] said...

like kaity,please said: I'm staring @ the screen, just cheesin lol.
I have 2 get this. Shiiiddd, I might even make a scrapbook, lmao.

J$ said...


Roberttrebor said...

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Anonymous said...

I thought the video for Best I ever had was funny FWIW especially the "but Drake all you ever taught us how to do was stretch.." *cut to a scene of the two girls stretching* *cut back to Drake having a lame excuse about the stretching* lmao
I love reading a Drake interview because its always real without having to talk shit about someone else or be on some fake hyped up shit! <3

DJCH said...
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DJCH said...

Complex always dropping hot covers...

Tight interview!!!!

Yo Drake we waiting for that Thank Me Later...Tuning in from Costa Rica!!!

Mrelwood said...

My favorite MC and favorite magazine finally come together to take over the world.

I gotta have this issue.

Reena_Anala said...

i think ur awesome. all the way around. Great look for the cover. Alil salty u were in ATL and I missed that. oh well. there is always next time ;)

spareld said...

yep that's my baby

MegYuup said...

Great interview! i think you and J.Cole can shine together along with Cudi and Wale...i dont see why it has to be some big quest for that 1 top position it is possible to coexist! yall all have undeniable talent and produce great work! love you all...glad yall are in the new school bringing something new to the game...really excited for Thank Me Later like you could have no already tellin people to get ready! and more excited for the tour! ayeeeee! keep up the GOOD WORK :) Htown and around.

modest-goddess said...

RE: Best I Ever Had Video

if it was funny I would've laughed but it wasn't, nothing funny, creative, or original about breast bouncing in slow mo. Juvenile and middle school yes.

IslandChynaDoll said...

I liked the Best I Ever Had Video - I got it. I loved So Far Gone in general - I caught the wave after this album - then went back and got the older stuff... I like Drake's growth as an artist and as a man - much success to you - waiting patiently for Thank Me Later. Oh and how does one find out where Drake will be performing - and if it is in a city near me?

Unknown said...

drake, in music we move forward, not backwards, please dont release comeback season for free. i heard somewhere you were thinking about doing so. comeback season is great, but its not so far gone. thank me later

Kaitlin said...

Aubrey Drake Graham, every time I read an interview of yours, I smile the whole time. And when I see a video of you, I smile even harder. You're one of the most inspiring people in the world today.

Chanz said...

How the fuck didn't people like Best I Ever Had video.. it was genius and funny as hell. Especially but drake all you ever did was teach us how to stretch.. Stretching is an essential part of the game that's why I spend so much time on it... I watch it over and over and never once don't laugh. I've been a fan for quite some time now.. of your rap as well as lil Jimmy lol. and I'm so excited that people are finally realizing who the fuck you are !

*~Cliche*~ said...

I just want to say...I understand where Drake is coming from in this interview. He just don't want to make music but great music. I'm sure the hype around Drake will not be dying down anytime soon. Whether his album sell millions, or hundreds I will forever be there supporting Drizzy! I Love you BOO!

*~Amber Cliche*~

lovebug77 said...

great story...good interview...good job!
Keepin' it real!

Brittani said...

all this hype
you think he might
get caught up
trippin on the mic,
money, cars, clothes,
who knows
much besides get money-- fuck hoes.
mind in check
wont see him second guess-in
winnin' the worlds love and affect-ion
drizzy baby
always ready
goin' steady to the top
as long as the beat drops.

Vanda said...

Like everybody already said, I really need to get this.
I mean who doesn't like Drake, everybody would do anything to meet him.
All I can do about it is just hope :P
Since I am on the other side of the world --"

LiLMeXiCo said...

Wow, great cover story, a very long-azz cover story lol but lots of good stuff shared. U know Drizzy sho right bout the incident with him tearing his ACL, sumtimes you need to literally stop N take a breather N take things around you into prespective.. had sum similar in my life happen when I was involved in a car-accident, but thas just how I took it as well.. STOP N SIT YO AZZ DOWN SUMWHERE lol Oh, and I absolutely LOVE "my darling baby" just one of my all-time fav Drizzy/Weezy tracks :o) and I KNOW whatever track Drake N Wayne lay down on Thank me later will be a No.1 baby no doubt! Thx for sharing :o)

Anonymous said...


Art said...

rep for the abstract

Xavier said...

Drake's drive to create music that is captivating is what's giving him his hype. As long as his drive does not die out, then neither will his hype.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

interesting read.............

inva said...

drake i'm from S.A and u need to come out here, your favorite but i know your're not hearin none of that. holla back u killin it!

B-Citi said...

Drive Drive Drive!!!

You guys should also Check out this new song by Jori King called Love At First Sight @ its also on the front page of

yung06chick said...

Enjoyed reading your interview, and watching the vid. I like that you keep it real, that you are real. Anybody who really listens to your music, and understands it will see you. About the "Best i ever had" vid... There will always be haters. You can't please everyone. But hey you enjoyed it, and the majority enjoyed that's what counts right?! Well keep killing it!!
Much love sent your way!!

SimplyMJB said...

Always love me some drake... Smoothness at it's finest and I looooove it. Can't wait for thank me later and a tour to follow yeah I'm ahead of myself but drake my love you are simply irresistable to me =D

Beas said...

this cover is so dope, man it's crazy how you blew up, i guess that goes to show the world how talented you are, just being yourself. same with gaga. you guys inspire me, and millions of other individuals, hopefully ill get signed one day, and achieve my goals like you guys

Beas said...

this cover is so dope, man it's crazy how you blew up, i guess that goes to show the world how talented you are, just being yourself. same with gaga. you guys inspire me, and millions of other individuals, hopefully ill get signed one day, abd achieve my goals like you guys

Leon said...

The article is dope.
It's good how you express your true thoughts on your music for people to understand so it doesn't seem like you do it for the publicity or the fame or money, which are all great, but you'd rather have people understand were you're coming from and also have those records that people can relate to and really enjoy instead of just rapping about a whole bunch of shit that most people will never know about in there life.

It really catches peoples attention.

You're doing good.
keep it up.

Hunny_Tast-E said...

I love this man's focus! He sees his fame but recognizes at any moment it can be snatched...he recognizes "fans" that want him physically and FANS that will be ride or die... I love his humble attitude, his optimistic perceptions and his multi-faceted outlook. Do ya thang boo.

Fantastic article read.

rebeccanorberg said...

come to sweden drake
your the best!

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