Penned by Drake , Co-produced by 40.
Download here.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Unthinkable (I'm Ready)


JayC said...


Julian Matisse said...

Sounds like it could have been on So Far Gone! Damm Drizzy i hope Thank Me later sounds like this...

CheezyDoDo said...

Im guessing Drake wrote this cuz he most defiantly isnt even on this song...

Nteague1 said...

:o!!! Omg.I was searching high & low for this song.. :)

Nteague1 said...

Oh, he ain't Cheezy? Well.

Nteague1 said...

Then why doe sit say he on the hook.. :/

Nteague1 said...


But..why you hide this:

noneya said...

I was wondering who the male part was. Great touch!

Ariana said...

link not working. says its deleted, can you repost it?

tazzysmith said...

nice work noah and drake
40 is going in!

Alphabit said...

Beat , lyrics..Dope...u kno u got freinds in high places now when u can get a placement on Ms.Keys new album!! Check out my new track "PAINT A PICTURE"

Nteague1 said...

Drake, you do sound really faint, tho. Work them jaw muscles, like yooOOOoo.

Nteague1 said...

I mean, I'm not even a singer, what do I know?? smh.. That's all you boo, :)

Nteague1 said...

WAKE UP DRAKE. I'm tired of being a fairy. Plus, Gucci comes out on Tuesday. What you doin'?? Let us be whimsical leprechauns, tomorrow. Goodnight my Lord...*bows infectiously*

Nteague1 said...

Drake..did I say goodnight when it was CLEARLY after 12?? I'm so sorry, you know how SLOW I get after midnight. Looking all crazy in love, smh.

Nteague1 said...

Have a great morning.

The Heap said...

Not an Alicia Keys fan but listening to this song makes me wanna become one. I know the feeling will pass once the songs over. 40 plus Drake equals hotness. As I've said before, 40 can do no wrong in my eyes. I'm his (whispers) secret admirer. Shhh! I really hope Thank Me Later sounds similar to this. It's real nice.

The Heap said...

LMAO! It cracks me up when I read some of these people's comments. They leave comments like they really talking to Drake or like he really gonna respond. Sorry to burst y'alls bubbles but Drake is in the studio, going to have dinner with some beautiful model, or just chillin at the crib (don't know for sure just guessing). Regardless of what he's doing, he ain't on here reading your comments. But since there's nothing wrong with wishful thinking, keep doing what you do. It definitely brings me entertainment.

Roberttrebor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roberttrebor said...

Y'all holdin' it down.. Drake had his serious face on for this one huh? A. Keys album is bonkers..

Unknown said...


actually Drake did used to respond sometimes to post a while ago.I dont know if he still does though, but yeah some of these people are kinda... "psycho fans" with the comments lol nice song btw but so far Empire state of mind II is the best song ive heard from the CD

drewbreezzy said...

Sweet! Blowing up the game!

Unknown said...

...hes in the background vocals ... this is nice ... 40 production is all over it ... cant wait till thank me later comes...Feelin it

Anonymous said...

Beautiful song........

Anonymous said...

he is on it. he is sings in the back ground. he sings the male part

Fire Boosh said...

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-Check us out.

Nteague1 said...

So Drake, who was the dark haired fella in the video from behind the scenes at that show on BET the other day? He was behind Niko, or something..sippin' on some syrup. Na, lol. But..fa real.

Deeziejf89 said...

What's the format or layout of this blogspot? SOME body PLEASE Tell me. By the way Drizzy this is nice song. But um yall email me with a layout similar to Octobersveryown for my own blogspot

Krystal said...

beautiful song

Roberttrebor said...

Y'all need to check out Alicia's track "Like The Sea", it's amazing.. She is def. going to clean-up at next year's Grammys..

Hejhejhej said...

Alicia Keys, so damn beautiful!

Nteague1 said...

Um, it's been 2 days. Better come back with hot shit

FraNcis James said...

Dope! 40 surprises me with every track! Incredible team you guys got!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I understand being a fan and all, but some of yall are a little obsessed. I wouldn't respond to the comments either.

Nteague1 said...

Drake, I saw you helping the poor..YOU LOOKED CUTE OR SOMETHING BOO =D

High Post said...

my fave song on the album by far - nice work on vocal blending

Deja Vu said...

This was great...but i lost the part where Drake was posed to be in aint really fit into this site..but odee yo

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PBizzle for Primeminister said...

This track is beast!... Good job Drake! If you penned this 'Gawd Damn'!... This is very Sade-esq and I can see why you wanna put some Sade on the upcoming album...

vandreizthurmond said...

This is very dope.

Nteague1 said...

Um, I am about to be 30. What you need me to do?

Nteague1 said...

Drake are you excited about Say Something?? That album comes out tomorrow!!

Shayla said...

Okay, so I love me some Alicia Keys, I really like the older stuff better, more heartfelt, but I'm feeling it, I just hope that before December 15th Drake throws a verse in there (rap that is). I mean his singing is aight, but I'm a singer and not in love with his singing, but I am in love with his flows.

And for the record, I'M READY TOO!

The Heap said...


I'm glad to see somebody agrees with me lol. I didn't know Drake use to respond. That's surprising to hear. I suppose that was before he blew up. LMAO!

Sliver025 said...

I'm listening to the new Keyes; sure enough I get to this track, and i am digging it hard. Then i hear that melodic, smooth background vocals pour out. Drizzy done done it again. Good cut.

kaikai said...

I have been playing this on repeat i absolutly love it

B said...

I got an early copy of the album and I noticed you went by Aubrey Graham instead of Drake in the credits...nice.

great song.

*OctoberBaby*ScorpioLady* said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!! So smooth... I love the entire album, took it in this weekend. I would love to hear more A.Keys & A. Graham & 40. It works.. Great track.

Unknown said...

I loveeeeeeee this song

Unknown said... becoming an R&B fanatic....SMH

Alicia is amazingly talented.....but yet I still feel she should be gratefully/thank-me-later-ful for this to Drizzy
This would have been a great duet cut for Thank Me Later
But with things like this....TML is well on its way for great feedback

and on the other end.....anytime I start to feel myself as a producer, I listen to 40's production.....and then just sit back nd say......W.O.W
Being a guitar fanatic also....I hear the additives of guitar in there, speckled.....always a + anytime any track
Would been cool to hear a very subtle electic "cry" solo at the end/outro. :-(
But I can argue the other side of not having it also.

LiLMeXiCo said...

this track is addictive after only the first time listening to it... Luv it, put my friends on it, now they luv it too! lol my main ringtone baby! lol

jacquiwalks said...

This song makes me want to fall in love again...The feeling I get from this song that of being in love, falling in love and knowing it is worth all the BS and heartache we go through to be in love....Force me through the waves of sadness till i can walk on New Hopeful Dry Ground...

Sildenafil said...

Alicia Keys is one of the most beautiful black women I have seen and she is a great singer as well, thank you for this post, I liked it!

whit whit said...

I love this song and the music video!!

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