Thanks MTV.

Monday, December 14, 2009



LiLMeXiCo said...

Of course! wat u expect!!!! well deserved baby!!! Gotta luv it! CONGRATS on all of y'alls success!!! best of wishes to all of you!

Nteague1 said...

What is this?

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to fire Sway.

Unknown said...

Congrats mane! I see a grammy in your future. Near future. Continue to be an artist that I can relate to.

*Co-sign on firing Sway*

Ronnie B

kaikai said...

Congrats Baby !! :)

Bombchell said...

he's so talented!!!

Nteague1 said...

Oliver..I don't have time for you. Shit, gimme something to believe in like Maroon 5 said. You too hood!!

V said...

Drizzy Deserves it...hands down...he stayed on his Grind...I did a blog about top mixtapes of the year and no one was remotely even close to So Far Gone...He just needs to run to home base with Thank me Later.

yumidee said...

Happy Belated!!

Kiana F. said...

congratu-muthafuckin-lations, man.

Nteague1 said...

Drake can you cook? Because Kanye's hoe can't, and I want some creamy, chicken alfredo.. :(

KayC said...

Mann. I'm so proud of him. Congratulations to Drizzy & all of you guys that worked hard to make it happened. Seriously... "is only gonna get better"

Anonymous said...

I looooove Drizzy. Can't wait for "ThankMeLater" :)

P.S. Perhaps you all should consider a trip to Hawaiiiii (:

AndrewNMartinez said...

i have never been captured by an artist until drake came along i mean he sings and raps from the heart he aint like the other reappers that rap about getting dough and hoes and wherin big chains but he knows what he does where he is in life and what he has to do. thanks drizzy you made me feel hope for the rap and rnb game bro. kudos to you. ill be listening to sucessful for the rest of my life. thats all i want success...
drizzy! i was wonderin if you could take a look at my notes of lyrics and stuff like that im not asking for you to like pick me up and shit but if you could just tell me if they are good if you could. thanks for your time bro. make some more good music!

here is my blog:

thanks man for everything your doing!

Ovidio said...

Can't wait for 2010, Hopefully it will bring more success.

Leon said...

No disrespect to you at all!
But don't get too comfortable Drizzy Drake cuz I plan on making it known that I have a statement too.

But keep doing ya thang.
I'll see you some day.

Fiveteff. said...
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Fiveteff. said...

Congrats Drake.. I've been a fan since degrassi & seeing your music develop more track after track is awesome. Your music has helped me through such trialing times in my life & I've always said that you write what I could never express.. On another note, I know this is gonna be a pretty weird question to ask but I recently got Lust for Life tatted around my clavical area.. I feel my piece is unfinished because what would make it amazing is if I could somehow get the musical notes for the intro keys in Lust for Life. I know this may be a little far fetched but it doesn't hurt to ask. If you could please get back to me I'd greatly appreciate it..


Nteague1 said...

Day 4??? I lost count.

cash kid said...
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cash kid said...

wats good congrats on all yo success but check me out at or my stage name is cash kid and jus kno ive only gone to a studio once and wasnt there very long so my songs are not done they are jus rough drafts but check em out and hit me up

"Guppy" Honaker said...

Only on MTV, eh?
- David
10 Reasons to Drink Aloe Vera

Dredaymr2k said...

Not surprised, I don't expect anything less from drizzy, he on his grizzy right now... Drizzys on his Grizzy...


Nteague1 said...

Lmao..Sway neefds tutoring on his word enunciation..



Anonymous said...

another quality mtv show

Unknown said...

been trying like heck to get a hold of drake or drake's manager. im a producer in toronto... want drake to hear my sound. available 24/7... wanna make this happen... how can i send a contact??

Unknown said...

btw... congrats!! well deserved!! really proud of drake properly representing toronto! YES! we can do it like the US... music is music... and drake's damn good at it!

L said...

"it must be a curse or omen so tragic till they give me a grammy poof black magic"-DrizzY

Nteague1 said...

Sleep tight Princess Drake..and Princess Oliver..and Princess Niko. And 40..

Ashia said...
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Ashia said...

oh ma goodness. i swear i love it. its crazy cuz i remember the days when i was tryna put people on to to his early shit (like teach yu a lesson) and i kept gettin that drake is soft shit not look at where hes at. i'm soo proud. Congratsz boo your shine is long overdue.

Nteague1 said...

I'm bored Drake. Sam Sparro is on, lol. I just needed some H20

Us... said...

"Got critics givin up the recognition I D-serve"

This was hands down the best mixtape of '09, damn near of the decade.

And is Nteague1 a stalker or somethin? Ya'll might wanna check out that situation lmao.


Ernesto said...

Nteague1 said...

Blogger Us... said...

"Got critics givin up the recognition I D-serve"

This was hands down the best mixtape of '09, damn near of the decade.

And is Nteague1 a stalker or somethin? Ya'll might wanna check out that situation lmao.


I got t stan fo' my boo. I haven't seen any real love being shown yet by his so called "fans", so I am putting in double the effort.

The Heap said...
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The Heap said...

I would like to just sit back with Drake and hear how he feels about the whole situation. Like I know he feels so proud of himself but on the other hand I wonder if its nerve raking. Like knowing that people sitting on the edge of their seats waiting on you to come out with something hotter than your mixtape (which was the hottest shit you had done thus far) has to be putting a lot of pressure on him.

Plus, a lot of people sitting back just waiting to hate. Like if he came out with a single right now that was just okay, not great, not fab., people would be so quick to say he's one hit wonder status. So that means that everything dude does from this point on has to be calculated just right. Because one bad move and it's a wrap.

I do think he'd be able to recover but who knows how long it would take for him to recover. It might just take one hot track and it might take a couple hot tracks. Because one bad (or just okay) track will get the haters on it so hard they'll be turning the fans that was rocking with him with just one sentence like, "I told y'all he wasn't all that." It just all depends on timing and quality.

I wonder if dude has any doubts or if he's nervous at all. Really wish I could hear him go into depth on the topic. I'm sure it'd be a interesting conversation. Anyway, congrats to Drake. It's a wonderful thing and I hope he gets the time to actually enjoy his success at the end of the day.

P.S. Nteague1 be cracking me up. He/she (really hope it's a she) be on these responses so hard. I almost want Drizzy, 40, or somebody, hell anybody, to give that person attention cause they beggin for it lmao.


In my book you already the best rapper alive hands down. No diss to wayne.

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Anonymous said...

Drake's A beastt noo liee.hee deservedd everythingg thatt errbodyy saidd.ii lovee thatt kidd withh all myy heartt andd can't waitt ferr the album!.((:

Unknown said...

Wow he's doing AMAZING. Definitely a breathe of fresh air.Can't wait for 2010

Unknown said...

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